Mischeif Managed

Mischeif Managed

A group story made by FlyLikeItsQuidditch21 and rockymay.About another set of twins who fall for Gred and Forge.=)I'm sorry this is short but next one will be longer,promise!

Chapter 1

Start of a Beautiful friendship!

"Julie,Juliet!Get up!Time for Hogwarts!"our witch of a mother yelled."Coming,Mum!"I yelled."Julie!"i said after i was done.She rolled off the bed and hit the floor."I'm up."she said."You slept in your clothes?"I asked."I didn't wanna change so i slept in them."She said and walked into the bathroom."Are we bringing our animals?"I asked."Yep!Leave my Layla Lay in her cage she needs it."Julie said.I laughed and carried my stuff downstairs."Where's your bloody sister?"Mum asked."Right here!"julie said and set her stuff down.Dad came up."Hello,sweethearts!Let's go shall we?"He held his arms out and we took them holding onto our bags.We were at The Platform."The trains leaving!Go!"I yelled and jumped on the train."Come on Julie!"I said and held my hand out."Here!"someone else said.It was fred and george peeking out the window.Julie grabbed onto their hands and pulled herself into the window.
Juliana's P.O.V
"Oh.thanks guys."I said."No problem."Fred said and helped me up.Juliet came in and had our stuff."Thanks,Guys.Nice meeting you."She said and we left the compartment and got our own."6th year.Wow."My cat said.Yeah,i got a talking at.A hippogriff at Hagrids too.."Yeah,Our 6th year,Harry's 4th.Rumors are going around the train about some surprise they have for us."Juliet said."I have a taste for fries."I said randomly."Me too.But there will be fries there."She said and started reading.I layed down,and curled up then pressed shuffle on my ipod.I fell asleep fast.
Fred's P.O.V
"Hey,can we sit here?Slytherins messed up our compartment."George asked juliet."Yeah sure."She said not looking up from the book."You two are twins?"I asked when i sat."Yup.Juliet and Juliana Clearwater."She said."Fred and George Weasley."we said."Who's who?"I asked."I'm JUliet.That big lump over there is Juliana.Don't call her that though."She said.Julie turned and pushed her music player on the ground."Julie!candy Lady's coming."Juliet said and slapped her."I'm up!"she said and rubbed her eyes."Fred,and -" "George Wealsey.I know."She said."Anything off the trolley dears?"The lady asked."4 pumpkin pasties,1 bertie botts every flavor beans,and 7 chocolate frogs!"Julia said and payed her."Oh!My!God!Amzing!"She mumbled as she ate her chocolate frogs."I got Merlin!"She exclaimed after."Yay!Hello dance!"Juliet said.They got up and did some weird handshake,then bumped hips while singing,"I just came to say hello!Hello,Ooooh.I'm your darling tonight just enjoy the party don't get to excited 'cause that's all you get from me.Hey!Yeah,i think our cute,but really you should know...I just came to say Hello!"Then sat back down."I'm guessing your american?"George asked.They shook their heads and continued eating."How old are you?"I asked,"Is this 20 questions?"They asked together.I smiled at Julie and george was smiling at Juliet."Their 16 and starting 6th year."the cat said."Shut it Layla!"i said."Us too.Your cat talks?"I asked,"Yeah,bloody little menice.Dad charmed her.It's embarressing sometimes!"she said."Hey!I'm not that bad."Layla said."Yeah,whatever.Next question please."juliet said."do you hate the Malfoys?"george asked."With all of our hearts."Julie said.As if on cue,malfoy came in."hello,beautiful.Wanna come sit with me instead of these Blood-tratior weasels?"he asked."AS much as i want to..No.Your a Foul,evil little cockroach!"Julie said then slapped him."Fine.Blood traitor!"He said then walked away."Have fun on mars!"Julie and JUliet called down the hall."Mars?"I asked."Nevermind.Muggle stuff we learned.I knopw what a televion is now."Juliet said happily."Would you like to go for a broomstick ride sometime?That way we can snuggle?"George asked."No.I'm okay."Juliet said.She's playing hard to get with george.Wow."But will you go out with me,Clearwater?"He asked."No,Weasley."Juliet said.We watched them flirt back and froth for a couple minutes before harry came in and hugged us."Why did you hug us?"I asked,"Because!Lavender darred me to.Come on!"he said.We left our things in there n=and walked with harry to his compartment.Dean,Seamus,Lavender,Ron,Harry,Hermione,Ginny and neville were in there all cramped up."There's no room!"I said."Sit on the floor."ginny said."Ok."I said and sat down in between neville and ginny."So,wanna play Kiss,slap,hug,Truth or dare and Pin the glasses on the harry when we get to the common room?"I asked.

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