Child Star

Child Star

A sequel to ''Torn Between Two''
Hope you enjoy!

''Note: The image for the story title will change as the story progresses''

Chapter 1

Crazy Paparazzi

''March 25, 1983''

''Michael's P.O.V.''

As my driver drove Rosie and I toward ''Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever'', I stared at the last picture of my high school sweetheart: Rosalina Edward. I still remember that horrific night where Wylie and I were fighting for her, each of us accidently piercing her torso with a pocket knife.
Our little bundle of joy that Rosalina and I created together was only thing that brighten up the nightmare. Rosie had my cheekbones and lips but she had her mother's eyes, ears, and nose.
Rosie was a handful to take care of at first. My brothers considered I give her up for adoption but I had already made up my mind. Once my mother taught me all the basics and gave me helpful tips, I was like a baby expert.
"''Billie Jean is not my lover''." Rosie sung to herself.
I smiled at my little girl. For a four year old, she was incredibly bright. Every song on my new album, Rosie knew by heart. Once she knew all the basics of her education, she focused on art and music daily.
"Are you excited tonight?" I asked her and she nodded in response, flashing me her million dollar smile.
I lifted her up into my lap and craddled her; stroking her black, silk, curly hair. I heard her sigh deepily as the limo pulled up toward the the backstage door.
"What's wrong?" I asked her as I helped her adjust her black fedora on her head and open the door.
"Why isn't mommy here?" she asked as I got out the car behind her.
I sighed. "She wants to be here but she can't come."
"Why not?"
I bit my lip. "Look, it's Aunt Janet!" I exclaimed, taking her mind off the heart-wrenching subject.
"Janet!" she called running up the steps and into my sister's arms.
"Mini Michael!" she smiled as she hugged Rosie tightly. As I neared her presence, she pulled me into a tight embrace and stepped aside for me to enter the doorway.
My brothers were doing final touch ups and practicing their vocals while my father watched them. My mother and sisters watched as other performances went on the stage.
Jermaine turned and pulled me into a tighter embrace.
"Can't... breathe... Jermaine," I gasped.
He chuckled. "Sorry, bro,"
Rosie jumped from Janet's grasp and skipped over to Jermaine.
"My favorite niece!" he exclaimed as he scooped her up.
"Your only neice," I reminded and he stuck his tongue out.
"Aw, look at you. The glittering jacket, penny loafers, and fedora - yep, you're Mini Michael alright." Rosie giggled at Jermaine as she kissed his cheek.
"Are you going to dance, too?" she asked him.
"Yep, all your uncles are."
Marlon walked over and leaned against me. "I thought you weren't coming at all."
I shrugged. "I didn't really want to but Rosie begged me and Berry agreed to allow me a solo part. So, here I am."
"My favorite neice is going to perform with you?" he asked as he took Rosie from Jermaine's arms.
"She's your ''only'' neice." I replied.
"Oh, shut up, Mike,"

''Rosie's P.O.V.''

A booming voice shot through the speakers backstage, calling for my daddy. Uncle Marlon put me down as my dad leaned down and whispered into my ear, "When I get in the position to do the moonwalk, you come out, okay?"
I nodded. He quickly fixed my mic before kissing my forehead and going out onto the stage.
My family, the audience, and I watched in amazement as my dad performed ''Billie Jean''. When I get older, I just want be just like him.
"''Billie Jean is not my lover. She's just a girl who claims that I am the one, but the kid is not my son. She says I am the one, but the kid is not my son. Hee, hee, hee,''"
As he was getting into the position for the moonwalk, I quickly re-adjusted my hat and moonwalked my way out onto the stage at the same time as my father.
The crowd went wild as my dad and I danced in sync. I made sure the fedora hid my face though because my dad warned me of the cameras.
He winked at me and I grinned. I did a quick spin and did the tip-toe stand he taught me. I saw him smile as I gracefully glided out of the spotlight and into the darkness.
"I'm so proud of you!" Janet exclaimed as she scooped me up once again and I giggled in response.
I got a bear hug from each of my family members and my grandma saved the biggest hug for me.

After the spectacular performance, my uncles and my dad blew the night away as they danced and sung together. After the show, we went back out the backstage door and paparazzi immediately swarmed us.
I was holding onto my dad's hand as if my life depended on it but somehow I lost grip and was dragged away from him.
"Where's Rosie?" I heard him ask frantically.
I struggled my way out of paparazzi and was face to face with a dark alley. I turned and the reporters were bombarding my family with questions and cameras flashed.
"Daddy!" I yelled and suddenly, I was surrounded by reporters.
One of them snatched my fedora off and I covered my face to keep them from indentifying me.
"Daddy!" I continued to scream.
"How does it feel to be Michael Jackson's daughter?" one of them asked.
"Is Michael Jackson a good father?" another asked.
They were even trying to snatch off my jacket and one of them yanked my hair.
"Get away from her!" I heard my dad yell as he forced his way through. He quickly picked me up and ran for the limo.
"My fedora!" I yelled.
"We'll get you another one." he softly told me as we slid into the limo. He removed my hands from my face and craddled me close.
"Are you okay?"
I slightly sniffed and nodded. "But they took my fedora and pulled at my hair."
Anger flared in his eyes. "They pulled your hair?"
I nodded.
"Son of a..." he trailed off, pinching the bridge of his nose. He deeply exhaled and stroked my hair.
"I ''promise'' they won't hurt you again. I won't let them."
"Okay," My voice was barely audible as I snuggled close to him and immediately fell asleep, feeling safe in his strong arms and presence.


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