History is History,(A Zuko Love Story)

"I want people to understand me. To accept me, and never let go. Never leave me Alone."
Join Amaya as she struggles to find her self with in the havoc of a 100 year old war, the grief of the loss of her mother, and heartbreak. Share her pain, her tears, and her happiness as she learns to accept her world, and her heart.

Chapter 4


by: ATJudge
"Amaya, are you okay?"
"Ha, um, ya. Why wouldnt I be?"
I looked at Aang.
"Because you're holding on so tight that your hands are white, and your face is alittle green."
I looked down at my hands, which held on to Appa with all my strength.
"Well, you know. I'm not a real flier."
I let out a nervous (sp?) laugh.
"Relax, Appa's the best flying bison I know."
Sokka was messing around with his stick thingy.
"Sokka, Appa's the only flying bison you know."
I let out a laugh as Katara said this.

"Hey look! There it is! Omashu!"
I caught my breath. It was a huge, beautiful, city. And all land! No flying. As soon as Appa landed, I slid down his side, and onto the earth.
Oh sweet, sweet, ground!

"Let's go!"
Aang jumped down the ridge, and onto the side of the hill.
"Wait! You cant go looking like that!"
"Why cant I?" He turned to look at Katara.
"Becuase every person will be after you."
Sokka nodded his head.
"Well, what can I use to change?"
I looked around, and then noticed Appa. I smiled.
"I know!"

"This is itchy, and smells."
"Well, sorry Aang, it was the best I could do.Be happy you only had to cover your head! I'm dieing in this jacket."
He scratched his head, which was now covered in Appa hair, as was his upper lip. We walked along the road to Omashu. I wore Katara's water nation jacket over my Fire nation clothing just to be safe. We came close to the gate, and saw a man trying to get in. He had some sort of cabbage in his cart,
"The guards are so friendly here too!"
Just as Aang said that the guard Earthbended the cart off the road, and onto the side of the cliff
My eyes poped opened.
"Sure Aang, they seem very welcoming."
I swallowed.
As we came up to the gate we were stopped.

Katara and Sokka were talking, trying to get by. And failing, then Aang came in.
oh, I better get into this.

"Excuse me sir, this is our......dear........ old........ grandpappy."
"I'm Bonzu Pippinpaddle-Oppsokopolis the Third!"
"Yes, dear old grandpappy Bonzu Pippinpaddle-Oppsokopolis the Third. We're just trying to get him into Omashu to get some of the......wonderful..... Cabages we've heard you have. See, we live in a small village, and it's been dear old grandpappy's dream to see Omashu, and.....eat your lovely cabbage. May we please get by." I leaned up to the guard.
"He's not going to live forever you know."
The guard leaned away, and nodded his head.
"Okay, you may pass." The guard said something to Sokka and Katara
I smiled.
"Thank you!"
As the wall opened, and grabbed Aang.
"Come on Grandpappy, the cabbages await!"

The last part of the wall closed as we entered the city. Sokka, Katara, and I stared in awe.
"Come on I have to show you guys something."
Aang jumped, then he bent back down like an old man
"Oh ya, thank you dear old granddaughter for saving us, and getting us into the City. Cabbages, here I come!"

We all laughed as Aang took town the street, and we followed him.

"Aang, I'm not so sure about this."
"Dont worry, Bumi and I use to do this all the time."
I looked at him, then the cart.
"Still, remember, not a fan of flying. Or falling."
"Come on it'll be fun."
"I think Amaya has the right idea."
Sokka grabbed my arm, and I pushed him off.
"Come on!"
I bit my lip.
"Okay, but of any thing happens Aang-"

Next thing I know, Aang is pushing our cart with air.
"Aang, I changed my MIND!"
I screamed the last word as we slipped down. As I begun to enjoy myself, I neard something behind me, so I turned, and screamed.
Behind us was a cart of spears. My scream made the others turn, as I tucked my self down, hoping I wouldnt die. Then Aang tipped the cart off the rails, and we fell, my screams filling the air. We landed on a roof, and slid down.
"I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die." I hung onto Sokka, closing my eyes. The next time I opened them, all I saw was a Cart. We all screamed as we crashed into the cart.
I hung my upper half out of the cart, breathing heavy.
"Uh oh."
I looked up, and noticed we were being surrounded by guards.
oh great.

I'm going to die. I'm going to die because the stupid kid Avatar had to go to Omashu to ride the dumb Mail system. So he could see his friend, Bumi. Who is most liekly dead.

"Sir what should thier punishment be?"
The old bag of a King looked at us. The guards were had pushed us to the floor, where we sat on our knees. Aang's hair had been pulled off, and Katara's jacket had been removed.
"Hm. Throw them....."
Oh here it comes!
"A feast!"
We all started at the king, my mouth was dropped opened.

Sokka piged out, which didnt surprise me. Since all he ever talked about was dang food! Though I must say it was a very good meal.

I was busy cutting my chicken, when suddenly a leg went flying though the air, and I was hit with a blast of air.
"Can we leave now?"
Aang was standing.
"No. Tomorrow you will face three deadly changllengs(sp). Pass them, and you'll be free. Guards take them to the Chambers."
"Um, sir which one? The good one or bad one?"
"Oh, I should have had those things numbered.Take them to the refurbished chamber that was once bad."
The guard nodded. As we left the room, Sokka was begging for one more bite. I rolled my eyes.

The Chamber was really nice. I barely noticed anything that was said, being there was a bed in the room. It had been days since I had last slept in a bed. I quickly fell into a deep sleep.

Something woke me up. I opened my eyes, and sat up, looking around. The room was almost fully dark, but for a sole light coming from a whole in the ceiling. I shook my head, and was about to lay back down when I felt a breeze brush my back.
I turned, and just as I did someone cover my mouth.

When I came to, I was standing, but was being held.
I looked around, and noticed Katara, and Sokka. They were trying to get free of soilders, I twisted my head to see I was being held too. So I started to wiggle, tring to get free.

"......Your friends will be set free when you finish."
"No, I demand you set them free now!"
"Guards, bring them here. I really didnt want to do this."
As he grabed each of thier hands, and put a funky ring thing on thier finger. Then he came over to me, and put the smae thing on, noly it was on my head, and fit around my head.
"Hey! Why do they get rings, and I get this thing?"
"We were all out of rings."
He smiled, and let out a small laugh.
Suddenly the rock started to grow, and the King explained it all. It was "creeping crystal," and only he knew how to stop it. If he didnt, it would cover our bodies, and we die. My rock ring was already growing down onto my forehead.

As Aang started the first challenge, the pinkish-red rock covered my eyes.
"Hey! I cant see! This isnt fair!" WItht he roar of the waterfall no one could really hear me.

The second challege was catching his pet. As the earth shaked I nearly fell. I grabbed the nearst thing, which I think was Sokka.
"Flopsie doesnt sound very nice at all."
Soon the rock covered my arms, and was working it's way to my feet.

As the last challenge took place, my feet were covered, as was the top of my head. The last part to be covered was my mouth.

The whole earth shook, Wind was blowing, and then suddenly it all stopped.
"What is my name?"
There was a pause.
"Oh Aang, you havent changed a bit, Literally."

The next thing I know the rock is being broken off of me. Bumi took a piece, and ate.
"See, it's rock candy!"
My Anger Flared.
"What! Are you telling me this whole time we've been in ROCK CANDY? And could have eaten our way out at anytime!?"
Bumi Smiled, and closed his eyes.
He turned to Aang.
"I want to wish you good luck with defeating the Fire Lord. I hope when you confront him you'll think like a mad genius."
"Well, now I have a challenge for you. To go sliding down the Omashu delivery system like the old days."

Safe on the ground, Katara, Sokka and I watched as Aang and Bumi rode down. But they de-railed, our eyes poped open. The thing I knew I heard a huge crash and

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