History is History,(A Zuko Love Story)

"I want people to understand me. To accept me, and never let go. Never leave me Alone."
Join Amaya as she struggles to find her self with in the havoc of a 100 year old war, the grief of the loss of her mother, and heartbreak. Share her pain, her tears, and her happiness as she learns to accept her world, and her heart.

Chapter 3

Appa the Flying Bison

by: ATJudge
"Zuko, where are you taking us now?"

I was sick of seeing only sea. I was ready to step foot on land, get some pratice in. Since my earthbending was worse then my water bending. And my water bending was made up of three moves: drawing water out; making a wave; and holding water.

"We're following the Avatar."
I sighed. I leaned over the rail, and watched the moving water.
"Really Zuko?"
"Yes, Amaya! I need to catch him. You dont know what it's like to loose it all."
I raised and eyebrow, and turned to face him.
"Actaully Zuko, I do. But you wouldnt remember that now would you? So caught up in your own pitty."
"My own pitty?"
He came closer to me.
"Yes, I swear Zuko, sometimes you're so heartless!"
"I'm heartless? You're the most heartless person I've ever met!"
"Yes you! Always having an attitude!"
"Well atleast I'm not some dumb-banished insensitive was-been PRINCE!"
"Atleast I wasnt cursed, like you!"
I grabbed his ahirt, and we were an inch from each other.
"I'm not cursed, you are with that scar!"
I pushed him to the ground, and headed below deck.

"Yes child?"
"Am I strange?"
She made a face at me in the mirror. My heart shape was a msaller version of hers, only I had my father's Hazel-green eyes.
"No, you're not strange. Why would you think that?"
"Well, I dont know. It's just everyone I know who can bend, can only bend on element. And I can bend all four, am I the Avatar?"
She shook her head, and rested hers ontop of mine.
"No, you're not,"
She turned me to face her
"But that doesnt make you any less speical."
She twisted my hair up, and put a comb in it. It was a beautiful gold color comb with little pink cherry blossoms on it.
"Then why cant I tell people about my 'Speicalness'?"
He smile faded.
"Because then they would take you awy from me. You wouldnt want that, now would you?"
I shook my head.
"Amaya, you are my life. If I lost you I would die."
I hugged her, jumping into her lap.
"I promise to never leave you."
"And I promise to never leave you."

I looked at the comb in my hand. I pulled my hair free of the pony tail, and small braids. The little curls fell around my face, and I grabbed my hair, and twisted it up, and knotted it. I stuck the comb in, and looked at myself in the mirror.I saw my mother, speaking to me.
"/Look at you Amaya./ My little Maya. All grown up, and beautiful. "
I pulled the comb from my hair, pulling out a small clump of hair. I looked down, and then back at the mirror. I looked back up, and saw me. My flat brown hair, and dull hazel eyes. My plain small nose, and chin. Thin lips.

I came rushing into our yard, crying. My mother was hanging laundry on a line.
"Amaya, what happened?"
I rushed into her arms.
"I was playing in town, and a group of older boys were bending some rocks around."
She pushed the loose hair out of my face
"And I bended air, and pushed them all down!"
"I know shouldnt have momma."
"I-ya! What happened next!?"
" They bended rocks at me, while caliing me names, and laughing. So I came home."
"Amaya, you're 5 1/2, you know better!"
"I know momma. I'm sorry."
She sighed.
"As long as they dont tell anyone, and you're okay. That's all that matter."
She hugged me.
"No, I shouldnt be okay. I shouldnt be alive!"
She pulled me away.
"Maya! Dont speak like that!"
"Why shouldnt I!? It's true! Your life would be better with out me!"
"No, not it wouldnt. I love you, and I couldnt see my life with out you."
I Shook my head.
"Listen to me child."
She grabbed my chin so I would be force to look at her.
"You are smart, You are beautiful, and most important, You are important. Promise me you'll never forget that."
I nodded my head.
"I promise."

I stood up, and placed my box back into my hidden wall space. I looked back at myself in he mirror hanging on my wall. My voice was small, but it came out.
"I am smart, I am beautiful, I am important. I am not a curse."

As the days past, Zuko and I got back into our normal funk. Fights, yelling, triaing, and me burning his food, or putting to much spice into it.

As we traveled I noticed we stay simi-close to land. Zuko was standing on deck, the wind blowing his pony tail.

"We're close to land, Zuko. What are you planning?"
"The Avatar is in the Earth Nation, he's on Kyoshi Island."
"They're headed north. The Northern Water Tribe?"
"Most likely. But we must stop him. And we have to worry about Zhao."
"Good going. Now you have the whole Fire Nation Army on your butt."
"Hey! It wasnt my fault!"
I rolled my eyes as I stood next to him.
"Sure, it never is."
I crossed my arms
"What is that supose to mean?"
"Nothing Zuko."

The second we landed on Kyoshi Island, Zuko went crazy. Soilders rushed off the ship, and begun to battle the Kyoshi Warriors. They were so pretty, yet so deadly.
I wish I knew that.
I was so busy watching the Warriors, I hadnt noticed the buildings being burned down, and Zuko going nuts.
Fire! What do I do?
I looked around, and then I relized it:

I started to bend small streams of water, but it wasnt working fast enough. I bit my lip as I tried my hand at a small wave. Didnt work.

I turned, and rushed down to my room. I tore open my hidden wall pannel. I grabbed my small box, and tucked it into thin cloak. I grabbed a water bending scroll, and rushed back onto the deck.

I rushed onto the island, and begun to bend water onto the buildings. Only it was a little too much, and I couldnt make the waves smaller. Only bigger.

I rushed around the town, and ran into the boy who wore the funky make up, and he was in make up again. Only he looked like a Warrior.
"Hey! It's you! What is it with you and make up?"
"What? Who are you?"
"I'm Amaya. I'm looking for the Avatar. I can help him - watch out!"
I pushed him as a fire ball crashed right where he had been standing.
"Sure, now can you take me to the Avatar?"
"Yes, come on!"

He ran, and I followed him. He lead me to the statue of Kyoshi. There was the Flying Bison. Already on it was the girl, and the Avatar. They were sreaming
"Come on Sokka!"
He climbed up onto the back of the flying Bison. I stopped short. He stopped half way up.
"Come on!"
"It's a flying bison, and Im not so sure."
"Really Appa's not that bad."
"I nodded.
"Okay, if you say so."
I climbed up, and got into the saddel.
"Appa, Yip yip!"

As Appa took off, I grabbed ahold of the saddel.
"OH my! Oh my! We're flying. Oh, let me down!"
"Hey, hey, relax. I'm Katara."
" I'm Amaya, and I've never flown before!"
"Dont worry, you'll be fine. Not like you're going to fall out, which could happen."
"What!?" I looked at the boy, and hugged the saddel more.
"Sokka!" Katara turned back to me. " Dont worry, you wont fall out."
I wrapped my brown cloak around my self tighter, hoping I could hide my fire nation clothing.

"Aang, I should tell you guys why I'm here."
We all sat around a small fire, as I cooked a stew.
"Okay, go ahead Amaya."
"I'm here to help you. All my life I grew up hearing stories of the great Avatar. Once I knew you were alive, I knew I needed to help you learn your bending."
I gave everyone a bowl of stew.
"How can you help me?"
I stood, and as I spoke I took begun to until my cloak.
"I can teach you fire bending."
I let my cloak fall, relveiling my Fire Nation clothing. Sokka spit his stew out.
"She's from the Fire Nation!"
He stood, and helf his funny stick thingy.
"No please!"
Aang and Katara stood.
"Please, you have to trust me. I'm on your side! I can water bend, and earth bend! I can teach you fire bending! Look, I even have a water bending scroll!"
I reach for my cloak, and grabbed the scroll just as Sokka jumped at me. I fell back, and the scroll flew from my hand, and half of it into the fire.
"NO!" I pushed SOkka off of me, and he landed a few feet away in the dirt. I rolled over, and reached for the scroll before any more of it could be burned.
"No, oh, no,no, no,no no!"
I un rolled the half burned scroll. The bottom half of it was still there.
"No! This was the only water bending scroll I had! And now it's GONE! And it's all you fault!" I turned to Sokka, as the fire grew.
"Amaya! relax!"
I looked at the fire, and then at Aang,Katara, and then Sokka.
"Oh, I'm sorry. That's what happens when I get mad."
"It's okay." Katara hugged me, and it shocked me. But I hugged back.

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