History is History,(A Zuko Love Story)

"I want people to understand me. To accept me, and never let go. Never leave me Alone."
Join Amaya as she struggles to find her self with in the havoc of a 100 year old war, the grief of the loss of her mother, and heartbreak. Share her pain, her tears, and her happiness as she learns to accept her world, and her heart.

Chapter 2

What a Plan

by: ATJudge
The next couple of days went by quickly. Zuko was busy with trying to get the ship to go faster, Iroh tried to reason with him, and me, I dreamed. I dreamed of seeing the Avatar in real life, even if he would be really old. I had so many questions for him, about bending, the spirt world, why he allowed the Fire nation to attack.

But until then I busied my self with burning Zuko's food. (The first time was a mistake, and he didnt notice!) And working on my water bending, which was weak. Really weak. I had a scroll, and I wanted to make a whip. And I was failing.
I let the water drop, and I let out a little mad scream.
"Water bending is a horrible bend. I dont know who would want to learn it!."
Suddenly there was a big band, and something to my upper right lit up. I jumped at the sound, and nearly fell.

Suddenly I heard Zuko screaming to get the ship moving. I rolled my eyes, and walked to the edge of the tip of the ship. In the distance I saw a tiny black dot.

Southern Water Tribe?
I suddenly got a chill down my spine, and I wrapped my red and white long sleeve robe around myself tighter.


I couldnt help my self. I was out on the deck the second I heard we had made it to the water tribe. My happniess was soon turned sour. It was a dinky little tribe, with dumb little igloos, and one crazy teen boy dressed with funky make up on. A fighter. The only one by the looks of it.
I shook my head.
"You're got to be kidding me."
"No, the Avatar is here some where." Zuko pushed by me.
I let out a sigh, and rolled my eyes.
He's lost it.
I bit my bottom lip as I looked at the crowd. Zuko grabbed an old lady saying something, and letting her go.
Unless, this dinky little tribe is the prefect place to hide from the fire nation. Really it's prefect spot!
I smiled, and brigthened up. The Avatar was a smart man.

I was tossed from my train of thought as a kid came though the crowd claiming he was the Avatar. I bit my lip, half from laughter, the other half from rage. Suddenly Zuko was grabbing him, and a girl was screaming at the boy.
He must be joking.

I met up with Zuko as he bored the ship.
"Zuko, you cant be serious."
"I am, this is the Avatar."
I looked down at the kid. He looked to be about 11 or 12. He had a clean shaven head, with a blue arrow ontop of it. His clothing was nothing I'd ever seen before. I thought quickly. An airbender, they had monks.

This was the Avatar!
I have to stop Zuko!

"Zuko! Look at him! He's 12. The avatar is 112. He's a child! YOu have to let him go!"
"I dont have to do anything! This is the Avatar, and I'm sure of it! I plan to return to my father with him. I will get my crown back, my honor."
"Zuko -"
I closed my mouth as I watched him hand over the boy, and we slowly started off.


I quickly got hot under my robes, running though the halls. It had been years since I had been to the prison cells, and I was wearing my self out trying to reach them quickly.

As I rounded a coner, a flash ran past me.
The Avatar!
I looked up, breathing heavy, as I turned, and went chasing after the Avatar.

He found his way up into the deck, and was now fighting with the guards. I was out of breath, and unable to help. But he didnt have to fight for to long. Suddenly a shodow covered the ship as a huge animal landed beside the ship, rocking it hard.
I gasped at the sight of the huge animal. When i tried to speak, with eveyone around me freaking out, all that came out was :
With everyone rushing around, I noticed the Avatar running off, and using airbending to get ontop of the animal, and waiting for him was the girl, and the boy with the funny face paints on.

The boy screamed:
"Appa, Yip Yip." And the animal took flight.

I was dumb-founded.

"Take them down! Follow them at all cost! MOVE IT!"

I suddenly noticed Zuko, rushing around, as we chased after the flying animal.
I rolled my eyes.
What a plan.
I shook my head as I headed below deck.


We soon docked, seeing the Avatar had damage the ship pretty bad. I replayed the whole thing in my mind.
The Avatar was a kid,
Flying Bisons were still around, and
When he fought the guards, he only used air bending.

I came up onto the deck, and saw a battle. It was Zuko vs. General Zhao. I had no idea what they were fighting about, but everytime I saw fire shoot at Zuko my stomach dropped a bit. But soon it was all over. It didnt shock me when Zuko didnt kill Zhao, or when Zhao came back with a sneak attack. But I screamed to Zuko. Lucky Iroh was able to stop Zhao from killing Zuko, and I could feel my heart bouncing in my chest.

Zuko only had one major burn on his arm. I made his dinner, and was bringing it to him.

I opened Zuko's door. His room hadnt changed. Fire Nation banners everywhere, maps layed out on his table. He sat up in his bed, his arm wrapped up, a book on his lap.
I sat it down in front of him. I took a bowl of water off the tray, and got onto my knees beside him. I begun to unwrap his arm.
"What are you doing?" He asked after he finished chewing his food.
"Going to heal this wound."
I said not even looking away from the bloody wrap.
"You know, Amaya, you're weak some times."
I frozed, the last bit of the fabric in my hand. I was mad.
"Do not take my kindness as weakness. I'm not weak, you of all people should know that!"
I hadnt noticed the fire in the fire place grew as the anger in my words did.
"I dont have to heal you, I dont even have to cook good food. But I do."

He didnt say anything, just at his food. I bended the water onto his nasty burn, and rested my hands in the water. I closed my eyes, and relaxed myself.

I knew he was healed when the heat from the wound was gone.

With out saying anything, I put the water back in the bowl, grabbed it, and left.

I shook my head. How had it come to this?

"Amaya, you have two hours. But if you leave the grounds, you will be punished."
I nodded my head. It was the samething everyday. I got itchy, wanted to be able to see the sun, feel it on my face. But something was different. two hours? Why was my guard so happy?

My normal one hour of freedom is what kept me though my hell with the fire nation. But with two, it was unheard for.

It was a cool day, the grass was green, the flowers blooming, the animal singing. It was hard to belive such an evil man lived in such a beautiful place.

The gardens of the palace were wonderful. I smiled in the lake, but it was a fake smile, and I looked away. It was here when I was 9 that I had met Prince Zuko for the first time ever. We talked abit, and played until I had to go. We kept our small friendship alive though out the years, he never relizing what I was there for.

Now at 13, I had fire bending master, and the military was pushing hard for me to learn the other two bends. I heard offten of thier doubt in me, and I would get punished.
Seeing Iroh rushing by caught me. And I followed him. I relized what he was heading to, it was a Agni Kai. I was ready to turn, and head back outside when I saw who the figthers were. Fire Lord Ozai. I bit my bottom lip as I looked over at the peoples heads. Who ever dared changelle Ozai to a Agni Kai had lost the will to live. The other man, who was quite short looked more like a boy, turned. My mouth dropped open, as I saw it was Prince Zuko.

My eyes widen, as his did. Suddenly he was beggin his father to forgive him.
For what!?
But Ozai wouldnt hear it. He spoke to his son, and with smooth motions shot a stream of fire out of his hand out to his son who was on the ground.

I wanted to turn away, but my body wouldnt let me. His scream filled my ears, as my own pain filled my body. And my own tears filled my eyes. I covered my mouth, shock.

I looked around, at the quite crowd. Inoticed Iroh. I made my way over to his quickly.
"Iroh, you have to help him."
The older man looked down at me, we knew who each other were. Being on our histories with the military. He turned back to Zuko, and begun his way though the crowd.


That day was as frensh in my brain as the day I was taken. The pain he had felt that one time, I had felt so many times. I was not weak, not even close.

But Zuko, he changed. He hung on to the hope of finding the Avatar. He had never been the same really after his mother went missing, but after he was banished, he changed even more. For the Worse.

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