History is History,(A Zuko Love Story)

"I want people to understand me. To accept me, and never let go. Never leave me Alone."
Join Amaya as she struggles to find her self with in the havoc of a 100 year old war, the grief of the loss of her mother, and heartbreak. Share her pain, her tears, and her happiness as she learns to accept her world, and her heart.

Chapter 1

He's Alive

by: ATJudge
" And that's how Avatar Kyoshi saved her people." I looked up at my mother's heart shape face, her hazel eyes, and her light brown hair pulled back.
"Momma, is the Avatar real?"
She smiled, and laughed. She made the small bun on my head, and wrapped a braid around the bun, and ponytail.
"Ofcourse he's real. Why would he be?"
"Because he's been gone for a long, long, long time."
She turned to me.
"You know your great great grand father knew the Avatar."
My eyes got big.
"Yes. The last Avatar was an Airbender, such as your grandfather. He help trained him. Then the Fire Nation attacked. They killed your grandfather, but not his wife or son, because they both were Earthbenders. His son passed the Airbending down to my mother, who could bend air. Then she passed it down to me."
"And you can bend Air and Fire."
Her smile fell alittle.
"Yes, but remember you must never tell anyone of our special gifts."
"Because then they would break us apart."
"Yes. And your father can bend water and earth. We are a special family, arent we?"
"Yes momma."
I stood up, and she fixed my red sleeve-less shirt, and check my skirt, which had two long slit, showing off my knee-long shorts. Also red. But there was gold, and black trim.
"I have one last thing before you go off, and play."
She pulled out her ankle, showing off her anklet. It was smiple leather strings, braided, with little white stones fron the Air Nation. She wrapped it around my left ankle.
"This had been passed though our families for hundreds of years. Now it's yours."
I smiled, as she withdrew her hands.
"Thank you momma."
"Your welcome. Now go play."
I smiled, and nodded.

I rushed out of our small house. We lived in a small Fire Nation Village, right on the border next to the Eath Nation. I ran though the town, and as I reached the fields, I slipped my little red shoes off, and skipped though the fields.

I was a top of a hill, my back facing out village, praticing my airbending when I saw them. I froze in place as I saw the small army making thier way down the dusty road.

Mouth still open, I took a couple of steps back, before closing my mouth, and turning. I ran down the hill, almost forgetting my shoes, as I rushed though the town.

"Fire Nation Army! The Army is coming!" I rushed it out as I ran though the town, and people begun to rush around.

I burst into our home, where my mother was making tea.
"Amaya, what is it?"
"They're coming momma!"
Her simi-tan skin went white.
"Where is Isoa?" She rushed around our home, hiding things, getting things out.
"I dont know where daddy is."
"I-ya! Close the door! And the Curtains!"
I did as I was told. She rushed me into thier bedroom, and pushed me into a small crawl space, and closed the curtain.

I bit my bottom lip in fear, as I held my breath. I heard a couple of bangs, and crashes. And a bunch of "Where is she!?" "We know she's here." "We'll burn your house down!"

I heard a bunch of crashes, and more bangs. Things being torn apart. Suddenly my curtain was torn open, and my mother was grabbing me. She held me in her arms screaming.
"You wont take her! You wont take her!"
She curled her body over mine, and I could feel them tearing her off of me. There were rough hands, and I opened my eyes to see a huge man tearing me from my mother.
She reached for me, but they grabbed her, and tied her up.
"Come on men, we have what we need."

As I was taken from my village, I saw homes, building on fire, and one of the last visons I had was of my home being set on fire. My mother still in side. I could still smell the smoke................

Evelen Years Later
My eyes poped opened, and a thing layer of smoke covered the kitchen.
Oh no!
I rushed over to the small wood stove where I had been cooking. There in the pot was a nice black hunk of chicken I had been cooking.
Darn it! Oh well, they'll just have it very well done.
I bit my lip as I removed the pot from the stove. I created a small ball of air, and pushed it out of the small port window.

I dusted off my long sleeve robe. Under the robe I wore a red top, that was skin tight, but covered my stomach, and back. My skirt had an arrow like point on both sides of my legs, stopping mid-thigh. It showed off my legs abit, but not too much. It was rare I ever took off my robe, any ways.

I heard coughing, and then
"What is that smell?"
I rolled my eyes, and turned as Zuko came into the door way.
"Maya, what are you cooking!?"
"Your dinner." And I gave him look.
"It smells like you're trying to burn the whole ship down."
I curled my upper lip.
"Oh, 'ha ha ha'. Soooo funny."
"Dont start with me Amaya. Not in the mood."
"You're never in the mood for anything." I drew out a couple of words.
"Like you are."
That was it. I was mad. I picked up the cooling black chicken, and thursted it at his head. He shot out a fire ball, and it burt the thing to a crip. My mouth dropped open.
"That was your dinner!"
"Then make another one!"
"I'm gonna do that! You just burt your one meal. You want another one made?" I picked up the pot, and walked over to him.
"Then YOU cook it!" I dumped the pan ontop of his head, pouring alittle bit of water on him.
I walked past him, and nodded to Iroh.
"If you need me, I'll be in my room." And walked down the hall.


I netered my small room, and closed my door. The wall made of metal once had Fire Nation Banners hanging, had been torn down. I hated the Fire Nation. My walls were bare, and I was fine with that. I had a small bed, small desk, a port hole, and a small fire place. In my hidden wall space, was my clothing, and my wash tub.

I pulled out my wash tub. The small faucet was a nice pleasure to have in my room. Being I was the only female on the ship. I easily pulled the water out of the faucet, and into the tub. I surrounded the tub with warm coals, and lit them a bit.

Traveling around, I was able to get books, and scrolls on Earth, and Water. Fire was the first bend I had master when I was six. I had been working on air, earth, and water when I had been taken. The Military also tried very hard to get me to learn my bends, but I wouldnt. And when I wouldnt, I would get in trouble. Then Zuko got banished, and I was sent along with him. Seen as a worthless piece of junk. My life ruined for nothing.


I climbed into the warm bath water ( after the coals were put out ), and let the water suround me. I bended the water into the tub, and let it swirl around me. I could fell my body relaxing.

As I was drying off, there was a knock at my door. I let out a grunt. I wrapped a towel around my brown hair, and tied my robe around me. I opened my door, and there was Iroh.
"Yes, Iroh?"
"Prince Zuko would like to dual you."
"Uh, are you kidding me? Again? I just took a bath, and this will be the thrid time this month!"
He said nothing.
"I'll be ready in ten minutes."
"I will tell him."
We bowed to each other, and I closed my door. I quickly bended the water out of my small window, and out into the ocean. I changed into my clean cloths, and fixed my hair. I wore a pony tail, high, with small braids going though out my hair. I also wrapped a small braid around the base of my pony tail. I slipped on my shoes, and left my room.

The only thing I added to my outfit were some shorts under my skirt. I came up onto the deck of the ship, where Zuko was waiting. He was shirtless, his hair in it's normal state. A funky ponytail with a bald head. I let my robe fall, showing off my outfit.
"Ready?" I asked taking my stance.
"Ofcourse." He thre a stream of fire at me. I bent, and it missed me.
I TSKed at him.
"Zuko, it's ladies-first!" I punched my fist out and a large stream of fire came out of my closed hand, and at him. He barely missed it.

We went on, fighting as the air around us got colder. I was facing the front of the boat, when i got a strange feeling. I let my guard down, and was hit with a wave of fire at my stomach. I quickly bened some water over my hot burt stomach.
He smirked at me, as he put his armor back on. I quickly grabbed my robe, and cover my stomach.
"What was up with that!?"
"You're the one who didnt move."
"Oh haha. You didnt have to to it to my stomach of all places."
"I think I did."
"Then I have to do this."
I moved my body, and bended a huge wave. It crashed ontop of him, and he started to yell at me. I smiled, but just as we came closer, yelling at each othere, there was a flash of light.

And this was a big stream of light coming out of the ocean. Zuko started calling to Iroh. I didnt really hear them. I started at the light, and watched it die. I did pick up.
I bit my lip. Could it be true? Could this truely been the Avatar I'd been hoping for my whole life? Had he finally been found!? I let out a small smile of hope. Then I rememebered where I was. On a Ship with Zuko, to kill the Avatar.

The Avatar who was alive, who would save us all!
I have to help him!

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