Unbelievable (A Justin Bieber love story)

My Justin Bieber Love Story.

Chapter 1

Something Unexpected

My name is Hillary Hempten, and I'm 16 years old. I have chocolate brown hair, styled in a scene/emo way, with deep brown eyes, and about 5'5 tall. I'm usually a straight A student in school which I think is very important. I have one younger brother that is 9, and his name is Drew. My mom and dad divorced when I was 11, exactly 5 years ago. I live with Drew and my mother, here in Florida.

I have two best friends, Lily and Emily. They're probably the best people I have ever known. We're all normal Justin Bieber fans.

One regular night, I was relaxing, scrolling through my News Feed on Facebook, when I felt my phone lightly vibrate. I looked at my phone, squnting, but didn't recognize the number. I checked the text, and it only said;

Hey, waz up?

I wasn't really bothered with it, since I do get a lot of texts and my number is a bit confusing. I get a lot of mistaken texts. But curiosity got the best of me and I replied.

'Sorry, who is this?'

By the time I got the reply I had nearly forgotten I was waiting for a text. It was plain, and it only said:

I rolled my eyes. Way to be specific. I knew a ton of Justins!

'Which Justin?' I replied then, and my eyes moved over to the laptop again. But then my phone vibrated, the text came a lot quicker.

'Srsly? Bieber.'
The text read. I couldn't believe my eyes and I even had to take a double glance. Justin Bieber? The Justin Bieber? Was texting me? Seriously? Was this some kind of joke? Though my excitment was building, I couldn't be sure.

After a careful moment of consideration, I replied.
'You probably have the wrong number.'

After a moment of anxious waiting, my phone buzzed, the same number. I fumbled with my hands to get it, and it just said.

'Oh, oops. Sorry!'

Did that mean he was going to stop texting me? I didn’t want Justin Bieber to stop texting me!

I quickly replied.
' No, it’s alright!'

I was glad, now, that I had been wrongly texted. I was texting Justin Bieber! The Justin Bieber!
His reply was short and sweet. 'So what’s your name'

'Hilary Lynn Hempten.' I replied immediately. I already knew who he was. I couldn’t ask for his name. That would be stupid.

'You have a very beautiful name, Hilary.' Was his reply. I blushed, grinning foolishly down at my phone.

'Thanks, Justin! How have you been?' I replied quickly, hoping he’d keep talking to me-this was unreal. Unbelievable.

'Great, how about yourself?'

'I’m great!' I replied truthfully.

His next text surprised me. 'Can I ask you something?'

What was he going to ask me? Was it going to be serious, or funny? Dread filled me, head to toe. Was he going to ask if I could stop texting him?

'Anything.' Was my small, scared reply.

'Could we talk tomorrow? I think I wanna get to know you.'

'Alright! Great! Cool! Talk to you tomorrow! Bye!' I sounded a lot more chill in my text. But I was freaking out.

No reply. I logged out of Facebook, jumped from my bed, changed, and called Lily and Emily. I didn’t tell them anything, except for them to meet me at the park-immediately.

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