Given up to a stranger (A love/sad/scary story)

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Chapter 3

The reveal

by: AbbyDLove
I woke up that day at 10 pm. It's not like I was just going to get up and go wander around cluelessly in a random house. So I reached for one of the magazines and read about a bunch of people I had only heard about from school or reading the magazines at walmart until the people say if I don't buy them I have to leave. Yeah, I go to the mall alot with nothing in my pockets.

Selena Gomez is dating Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga is favorited over Katy Perry according to a poll, The new trend is Pink. Blah blah blah. Ooh horescope!

Love: You will fall in love with the person you least expect to this month.
"What the guy who has Mason?" I thought "As if."
Friends: You will talk and make friends with someone you have known a long time.
Lucky numbers: 43, 12, 67.

Hmmm, cool. I was in the middle of a column titled "M's It List" it was quite good, when the door opened. No knock or anything, though I wasn't surprised this was like the last place I'd expect a knock.

"Oh... uhh. You're up." It was that boy from yesterday in the same thing. He ws obviously trying to hide his voice. Though I hadn't heard him speak yesterday there was no way the voice he used was legit "Uhhh... well are you hungry?"
He was obviously uncomfortable, probably more than I was. I just shrugged.

"Well, get ready and follow me" he said and he threw me some clothes.

There wasn't much but it was enough to choose from. there was 3 tank tops. Pink, blue, and white, for selection I suppose. Then they're was a purple aero shirt with blue lettering on the side going down. Then some white really short shorts. I threw on the shirt and pants, I chose the white tank by the way.

I went into the bathroom to find empty everything. Except a blowdryer, flat iron, curler, and like 3 brushes on the counter top. I straigthened my hair and threw some of it into the front, I pushed my bangs gently to the side.

I went over to the awesome vanity viweing all the makeup. I but on some lipstick and a little but of concealer. I was not very makeup experienced.


I stepped out of the room, but I didn't know where he was.

"Hello?" I said a little loud."

"Over here" he yelled back really loud with that same fake voice. He was sitting in a, from what I was guessing, lving room. It was gorgeous. A warm brick fireplace in the corner, a velvety red couch. You know one of those really long cool ones? Those. A really big flat screen TV and a glass cofee table.

I peeked over, he was watching some TV show. I had no idea but there was lots of swearing and a bunch of people who were really tan yelling at some house.

"Uh, hey!" He said sounding really stupid. "Just follow me."


He had led me outside. It was such a gorgeous place. We approched the smoothie bar and he sat down on one of the seats.

"Jacob!" he said then a short guy came out from behind "Two triple berry blasts please."

"Lil mon!" He said in this crazy screwed up jamacin ish scandnavian, norwegian, I DON'T KNOW accent "Is zis ze goyle you be telling me bout?" He passed us the smoothies, " Vat are ya doin in zat heavy coot? Eats summa!"

The boy, god I hate reffering to people as the boy/girl, picked up his smoothie and guestured me to take mine. I pulled it towards me.

"So, are you ready for the house tour?" he said.

"Okay, please just stop talking in that fake voice! If your trying to hide who you are I can't tell by a voice." I blurted, then I felt kind of embarrassed.

"Fine. Are you ready for the house tour?" His voice was relaxing, it almost made me feel tired. I just nodded.


I wouldn't dare tell you guys all about the house tour it would take a whole other story. Let's just say it was pretty much like 7 castles combined. All the rooms were beautiful with nice decorations.

Though when he took me outside things started getting weird. First off when he showed me the tennis court his brother and his friends were playing.

"Who's that?" asked a guy.

"Just his girlyfriend." said his brother, he sempt really fun and nice now.

"So a-" one boy started to sing the stupid little girlfriend song.

"Shhh, don't say his name." his brother said. I was getting so po'd that he wouldn't tell me his name!

"Okay.... but why the hill is he in a black hoodie?" said another dude

"He doesn't want her to see who he is." his brother said.

Then the pool, bar, basketball court, and much more. That concluded that. He went inside. That's when things got really awkward.


We were both sitting oon couches waiting for the other to say something. Eventually what felt like hours later, I spoke up.

"Okay, seriously, just take that hoodie off!" I screamed stupidly.

He looked up in what I assumed to be shock "I... I don't think you'll like me once you see who I am."

"You know what, I don't care if you don't even have a head just take it off!" I was like really curious and upset.

He breathed heavily and pulled it up slowly. I saw a navy blue shirt peek out from under it as he pulled it. Up.... up.... at his neck. Then he pulled it off.
I stood there for a minute in utter shock. It was the boy I got married to! Okay, I know what you are thinking. It wasn't a real marriage but in 2nd grade at our school everyone was getting married and... well he asked me.

I could barely open my mouth "A-alex?" I mean, I have had a huge crush on him since 1st grade! I can't believe he was afraid to show his face after we had gotten married. Alex is also like a best friend of mine, he is so funny, like seriously. Once in school me him and Jack were in a group. ALWAYS laughing. Those two are the class clowns of the world. Plus, we all had crazy dirty minds in 4th grade.

He just kind of bit his lip. "I know it's not what you were expecting, but..."

"No, actually I'm kind of relieved" then I thought a moment "Wait.... why did you want me here?"

"Well, I kind of new you were.... not doing so well, and I thought you might like a change.... and.... ummm, I kind of well.... I still kind of.... like you." He took like 10 minutes to say that all.

I smiled "Well, I guess this is pretty cool. But what am I supposed to do here?"

"Everything." He said "Wherever you want to go feel free. I really don't care."

"Well, can I ask another question? How can you afford this nice of a crib?"

"My dad's in the buisness industry BIG TIME, and my mom is a lawyer and doctor. But, they are usually only home for christmas and thanksgiving." He sounded sad.

"It's okay, I mean at least you still have parents." I put my arm around him. And just when you think it's all smooth sailing

I farted. I'm not kidding. I seriously farted. It was not a little toot it was a huge nasty blowout.

What a way to ruin the moment. He basically burst out laughing and I was just sitting there like oh crap. Like who was I supposed to blame it on? Him? No. About 20 long minutes of his laughter later, he looked at me with a serious face.

"So... I was wondering. Would you like to go to Olive Garden tonight? You know, for supper." I looked at him in shock, I mean he just asked me out. I think. After a major nasty fart. I mean he was still plugging his nose! "You can just go get ready if you want.... I'll get ready to." He said, he threw me the most gorgeous blue dress! It was knee length and I knew it would look awesome with my tan skin and blonde hair.

I looked at him, smiled and nodded. I was going on my first date in minutes.

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