Given up to a stranger (A love/sad/scary story)

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Chapter 2

Meeting the man

by: AbbyDLove
"Wake up... Jenna.... Jenna, come on wake up." My brother was shaking me trying to get me up, I blinked once, then my sister kicked me in the side.

"Oww!" I said.

"Jenna! You're up. You've been out of it for hours." My brother said.

"Huh? What happened? Where's Mason?" My brother and sister exchanged sad looks.

"Many things happened last night Jenna. Two of the men are gone. Only one still wants the money... that one has Mason. You were knocked out cold. And.... we met a guy." My sister's eye got watery. "Get dressed, we need to go somewhere in an hour."

"Where?" I asked.

"Back." I asked why "We'll explain on the way there she said and she gave me a hug. My brother, let me adress him as Sam from now on, was sitting on a chair elbow on the table, lying his head on his hand. Something was wrong. My brother is near never upset. He barely shed a tear when my mom died. Though that was the most he had ever cried. And he broke his leg, arm, and collarbone.


I was ready in my favorite shirt and shorts, and I brushed my hair very nice. I didn't know what was going on but I wanted to look good for it! I figured maybe Mrs. Flowers had died or something. That though got me very sad, for Mason.

Anways we headed off into the night.

"So, where are we going?" I asked. My sister looked down sadly.

"Last night, a guy showed up and took pictures of the scene. He said some things, until eventually it came down to leaving you all alone with nothing.... or...."

"Or what?" I was shocked, scared, and curious at the same time.

"Or give you to him." He said quietly, suddenly it got much colder outside. My sister sniffled a few times.

"W-hy did you pick the second option?" He told me he though I'd like it more that way. I suppose he was correct. "Oh... why did he want me?"

"I don't know." I looked over at my sister she looked down at me.

"I-I have a feeling it's not th-th-that bad." She said, she was lying, she was just trying to comfort me. The shake and scare in her voice did not help.

Then I gave her a hug, and approched the door leading into the building. Sam opened it.

There was a guy whispering to another, much younger looking one in the corner. I couldn't tell how old he was sitting with a dark black hoodie on and the only light we had was a lit candle in the pitch black room.

"Ahh, so you have came. And the girl?" I was kind of hiding behind my brother, he stepped to the side. "I see, come over here." I walked slowly towards him, not looking back. He grabbed my arm gently and guestured to me like Vana White. The boy in the corner nodded slyly. "Perfect." He said. His voice we raspy and dark. "You my go home now." Everyone exited including the boy.

He told me to sit, I did. "Now, let me get one thing straight with you." he said pacing back and forth. "Tonight all you will do is sleep. Tommorrow you will meet that boy. You are his. You will do whatever he wants. Whenever he wants." I glared at him. The boy looked 11 to 13 from what I could tell. What did he want with me? And how did he know who I was or that I was here last night? I had so many questions. Though I could not ask.

"Come with me. We are going home."

Through out the whole about 30 minute walk back to "home" he only asked me one thing. If I reconized the boy. I said no and with his same voice he scarecly said "perfect." we approched the house. It was huge, it was seriously HUGE. It had a gated driveway, tennis court, outdoor bar, pool, basketball court. The house was like 3 of Eminem's house combined. Though brown. I was shocked and amazed, but still a little scared.

"Not to bad?" he asked. His voice sounded playful and joking. The huge gates opened. I though I was dreaming. He stepped in the place was even bigger, with a chandelier, glass floors, everything looked so.... movie like! I never thought this could be real.

"You'll see more tommorrow, for now come with me." He brought me into a room. It had a king sized pink bed in the corner, a white heart shaped mirror vanity with makeup scattered all over on the desk. There was a huge closet
too. There was also a nice clear glass desk on the side that looked like ice with a laptop on it, and a little nook with a window.

Under the window was a blocky thign with a comfy looking mat on it. There was also an AWESOME pink and white egg chair, a peace sign bulletin board, and a night stand with a lamp and clock on it. There was also a pil of magazinges on the floor, and so much more. There was a flat-screen TV mounted on the wall as well! The clock said it was 11:34. I didn't get how so much time could've passed. But I knew one thing. I sure was tired. (I basically just explained my room but I don't have a heart shaped vanity and my desk is wood"

"Go, you must be tired" he said and shut off the lights. I wanted to look in the closet and drawers, everything was empty but the closet was a HUGE walk in. I even had my own bathroom!

I didn't know what I was going to wear for how ever long I was here or what was going on. But I was to tired to think. I lay my head on the pillow and went to sleep.

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