Given up to a stranger (A love/sad/scary story)

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Chapter 1


by: AbbyDLove
I don't really want to tell you about me. It's not something I tell people.

Well..... I'm Jenna and I'm 12 years old.Though my life is kind of a modern day boxcar children story. I live in a little kind of scary shed we found in the woods while my family was running from my dad. My sister was carrying my baby brother while I was on my older brothers back.

The 4 of us live there now, we have to keep that on the down low. We really don't want to have to be put into a foster home, possibbly not even together.
Since we no longer had any parents, we somehow got the money from our sold house. So we can currently afford clothes, sleeping things, and food. Occasionally like for birthdays we can afford things as well. Everyone in our family has a job. Even my little brother, Mason, goes to help our old neighbor Mrs. Flowers (ironic, huh?) garden. I believe he goes every other day and gets paid $1.50.

Anyways, my brother is in college but he can't afford a dorm or anything and he is there full athletic scholarship. The reason I was on his back when we ran was because I was 8 and slow and he was 17 and insanely fast. My sister was 12 so she carried Mason who was 1.... I believe!

I go to school and my sister does to. Mason probably won't. By that time my older brother, Sam, should be out of college and teaching him aside his job.

Anyways, that's enough of that correct? If you need no anything else ask in the comments I'll gladly awnser.

Today as I rushed home from school I was ready to plop down and take a good long nap. Our floor has a nice rug on it so bugs aren't much of a problem. Though when I got home, no one was there. I opened the door and I saw it. The one thing we had been trying to avoid for years. The men had found us.... they wanted there money.

Now, this is a very long story that I could turn into a story on it's own. Basically, we owe 3 men money, A LOT of money. If we don't get it to them there are consequences. The worst consequences you can imagine. There vain and sick. Today they found us. My siblings listened to what the note said.

I read it over crumpled it up into my pocket and ran to the alley.
I got into a spot where I could just hear them without being seen. I turned to look.... they went into a long grey building. I stepped in minutes after them. There were many staircases. I crept up to the top. Big mistake. One of the men screamed to the others

"JENNA CAME" He yelled it not as if he was scared, but as if he was happy. My sister yelled up

"JENNA NO!" She sounded scared. They wanted me to come. I heard faint threats to my sister and brother then all went black. He had thrown me down the flight of stairs and I had lost consciousness. Though went felt like hours later I a way. I was still unconscious but I could hear and see all that was going on.

Two of the men where dead on the floor and my brother held a gun in his hand. He had killed them. Then suddenly a started to see more and my sister was crying hand in hand with my brother. A man I had never seen before, he looked about 19, was talking to them in a corner and he had taken pictures. He was threatining to send the pictures to the police. I could tell. Then I started to hear clearly and tuned into there conversation.

"What do you want?" My brother asked scared and weak.
"Why do you asume I want something?" The man replied calm as day.
"Hasn't that been made obvious?" My brother shot back. There was a long pause as alI heard were sniffles from my sister.
"The girl." The man said slowly and a little more shivery. My brother took a long look at my sister, she stepped foward with her head still down.
"No" he replied and took a big breath "the other girl" he whispered it... I think we was embarrased. My brother looked up slowly as my sister stepped back head up.
"N-n-no, anything else. Anything." My brother said very shivery and in disgust. The man just shook is head and repeated himself
"The girl." he said. He seemed to be as disgusted saying that as everyone else was hearing it. There was about a 10 minute pause.
"Fine." my brother said it so quietly a dog could barley hear it with his ear to his mouth.
"Meet me here tommorrow at 9 pm. Bring the girl." he exited after waving the phone to them once more.

Then I went blank again and forgot everything.

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