I'm gonna be a........Mommy?!!

Your Delilah Rae Matthews.Your boyfriend Jason Brent Baker got you pregnant.Your both 17 and are senior's in high school.Now go with it.

Chapter 1

What am I gonna do?

I'm Delilah and I'm standing in my bathroom in shock.On the floor in front of me is a pregnancy test with a + sign on it.I bend down to pick it up and suddenly I'm no longer in shock.I realize that last week's "heated moment" with my boyfriend Jason had bigger consequences than I thought.I have no clue what I'm gonna do.I'm not ready for a baby but I've always been against abortion and I don't think I could handle giving it up for adoption.Good lord how could I be so stupid.Of all people me a good country girl from Barren County,Kentucky.I can't believe this how am I gonna tell Jason? How am I gonna tell my Mom? suddenly all types of questions popped into my head like What if I can't finish high school? What if my mom and dad kick me out? What if Jason doesn't want the baby?.I had to stop thinking about these what-ifs.I knew what what I needed to do.So I picked up my Blackberry and called Jason we decided to meet at Sweet Frogs (frozen yogurt place).I pulled up and went inside and Jason had saved one of the tables for us.We got up and got our yogurt I got strawberry lemonade and chocolate with nerds and strawberries and Jason got cake batter and strawberry cheesecake with chocolate chips.We sat down and ate our yogurt and I told him I had to talk to him and he looked worried.So I just came out with and said "I'm pregnant" and laid on my accent really thick because he said he thinks my accent is cute and I wanted him to think I was adorable right then.He looked shocked at first and then he jumped up and hugged me! I was surprised! He said he was excited and happy! He even said he would step up and live together!.What a relief! So I now know that Jason is on board and now I need my parents to be as understanding.So we got into my car and drove to my house.We walked into the living room and my mom was reading "Home living" and I said I needed to talk.We sat down and I said "I'm pregnant" and............To be continued

Hey this is a new series! I'll be finishing up "My crazy romance" pretty soon so I figured I'd start a new one.Any suggestions would be great! xXComment and rate!xX

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