Chicken Soup for the soul No.3

Chicken Soup for the soul No.3

I'm back with more!!!!!

Chapter 1

Five minutes

It was 7:05 Five minutes late.... 300 seconds too late The line at KfC for chicken. Waiting. Chicken. Five minutes. We arrived at 7:05 with a two-liter bottle of pop and soggy bags from the heat of the chicken.We were late. Searching the parking lot for an empty space. Going in circles. we were five minutes ate. Three sisters late and unwarned. we were two steps away from her room when a nurse greeted us with a smile and pleasant conversation. There we stood, two steps away in theat hallway, smiling until the nurse realized who we were and who the chicken and soda were for. She took an awkward breath and asked if our aunt had called us. we told her no. Then shw began to say sorry, but the throbbing in my throught deadened my hearing, and the thoughts inside me began to destroy my mind. It was not true. It couldn't be. we were only five minutes late. I knew what was coming. Before she could finish, the soda had thudded to the floor along with the food, causing a flook of mashed potatoes and gravy beneath our feet. Realeasing it all and grabbing hold of me, my sister was a s unsteady as my grandmother the day she drank too many eers. There I stood in that endless hallway wiht loss-stricken voices echoing off everyclosed door. I stood wiht my sisters, but feeling so alone; reality caught me off guard and convinced me that I was motherless. I felt the change, but it did not hange me. She was still my mother; I was still her daughter, just five minutes late. Set the timer for five minutes, and in that five minutes, see what it does to you. Loss at 6:59 was nothing more than losing a quarter. as I stood there in that hallway at 7:05, loss was at the core of my world. Time had the upper hand.

Jill Telford


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