U changed everything..(JJLS PART 12)

************************************************JB are awesome***********************************

Chapter 1

The day she will become Mrs.Jonas....

My dad walked me down the aisle, I could see the pride in his eyes, But as I turned my head to look at Joe, he wasn't looking at me anymore, he eyes were fixed on Camilla, then all of a sudden he ran to her, took her n his arms and kissed her. I closed my eyes out of pain and shock, I could hear someone speaking to me, I thought my dad.
"Dans, Dans... hey" he snapped his fingers in my face, I opened my eyes and looked around, I was still at the church door, the wedding hadnt even started yet. I sighed in relife. I had been day dreaming.
"Are you ok love? are you having scond thoughts" He said sounding concerned yet hopefull, I guess no father likes letting go of his little girl.
I smiled "I'm fine and no dad, no second thoughts" I kissed his cheek. Before the doors opened my wedding planner Katherine came to tell us that there was a problem with the dining room and the hotel was compesating us by giving us a beautiful Marquee (Pic in video, and I know random, but tis hapined to my cousin and she wanted me to put it in..so)
The doors opened and just like the dream, I met met with gasps and flashing lights. This time Camilla was in the back row, with no view of Joe. I stated to walk. Jo hadnt noticed me yet. He was fixing his tie, he looked nervous and breathing in and out heavy. I guess he was trying to calm his nerves. Kevin nudged him, Joe looked at him for a brief secnd nthen followed Kevins finger that was pointing at me Joe's jaw dropped, His eyes were wide. He then smiled. As we reached him m dad kissed my cheek and placed my hand in Joe'. I was home.
The ceromony seemed like it went on for hours, but I didnt mind, Joe didnt take his eyes off me for a second. As we said our vows my sister gagged, Dani was kind enough to hit her over head.
We then exchanged rings,mne was a white gold band that had white a pink diamonds, his was just a simple white gold band that was inscribed with "I'll love you forever"
When we kissed the crowed cheered, we were then met with hugs and kisses as we made our way down the aisle.
I was shockedwhen Camila stopped us, she huged me and kissed my cheek,and told me how beautiful I looked. But I could tell she was just sucking up to me. And the hug she gave Joe was a little to close and intimate for me, but who was I to talk, befor we got to the car,my ex Peter caught and hugged me a little slose, and I could tell it got on Joe's nervs. We got in the car, and as we pulled away The relisation that I had really married him hi me, and I couldnt contain my self, I had to kiss him......


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