Diary of a 6 year old boy {contest entry} :D

haha now it's my turn to enter a contest! I'm gonna try to be a 6 year old boy, so... This will be interesting... XD sorry if you are a six year old boy and you are offended by anything in here! :P btw, this six year old has abnormal spelling abilities (for my sake) I can't stand spelling stuff wrong on purpose...

Chapter 1

Day #1

Dear book,

Can you seriously read this?? O: you must be a magical book!!! I'll name you Steve.

Okay Steve, Mommy said that I was supposed to write down my feelings and thoughts into you for...umm...what was that word again? Analee sis? Oh well, my mommy is a scientist, so it makes sense that she would know big words like that. You're a book, so do you know words like Analee sis? I guess not, because you're blank... Dumb book. No offense.

Hey! Steve! Guess what Steve?? Today I started Kinder-Garden! The name makes no sense to me, 'Cause there are no plants or flowers involved — not that i was looking forward to them or anything... but that's not the point!! There are tons of other kids there, and even a big lady who bosses us around all day. I don't like her very much, she makes us sing dumb songs and acts like we're little kids! But I'm a big boy! >:( I got in trouble today because a was talking to one of my new friends. Sorry for being bored while she read us a story with 2 words a page!
And the worst thing is that there are a lot of girls there. One of them even tried to hold my hand today! I swear, I had to wash them for a hundred years before all the cooties came off!
OH NO!!! THERE'S STILL ONE MORE!!! I have to go wash my hands, Steve. I'll write to you again tomorrow okay? Bye bye!

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