The 13 Seats of Immortality

Alexis Dukas is a 16 year old girl living with her father, an architect. She was found on the door step as a child with a note proclaiming the baby to be her father's child. What she doesn't know is that her mother is a major Greek goddess, specifically Athena. Lex has gone through 16 schools already. She currently lives in Washington state.
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Chapter 1


That was the last sound I heard before knowing I was going to be expelled for Washington High. Honestly, it wasn't my fault... it was bound to happen to him anyways.
"Mr. Dukas, I am sorry to inform you that I have chosen to expel your daughter." I had my head held down, but when she said that I looked up and saw that my father and Principal Yeates were glaring at me with concern.
"May I know why Mrs.Yeates?"
"She murdered a student"
I start to explain, "It wasn't my fault! We were in gym and we were practicing how to shoot a bow at a target and James was making fun of my best friend, Michelle. I got really upset and pointed at James threatening to shoot. I wasn't going to but a kid behind me accidently bumped my arm and I shot him in the heart. It's not my fault that I'm a natural at archery, you can even ask Mr. Harrison. I never miss the bulls-eye."
"Even if this is true you are still expelled from this school. You are lucky that we are not speaking of this to the police. If I were you Alexis, I would leave quietly"
"She is right Lex. Let's just go."
I sat down at the dining table and started eating my mac and cheese.
"Alexis, how much more high schools do I have to put you in. This is the 17th high school so far. You will eventually go to college so you need to grow up and stop fooling around." I pushed some of my macaroni around waiting for my dad to continue but he didn't.
"Will you at least look at me?" I glance up at my dad and set my fork down.
"You know Dad, I don't plan for this to happen. Do you think I purposely get kicked out of every school I go to? I have better things to do."
"Honey, you are very lucky I am patient and self-employed or I would've gone crazy with all the moving I put up with. I am thinking that this time we should move out of the country and not just the state. I am working on a project involving columns, so I am thinking Greece. What do you think Lex?"
"Wow... really? That is so cool! When will we be leaving?"
"We can leave tommorow if you want. Just promise me that you will try not to get expelled from whatever school I will enter you into, okay?"
"I do try dad."
"Well, try harder because I really am looking foward to living in Greece for a while."
That was the last time we spoke before leaving to Athens.

This story was made with help from my little sister.

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