Who Do I Choose My Family Or The One I Love (A Fred & George Love Story)

Its Bellas first year at hogwarts and she already knows she is gonna be in Slytherin but does that start to change when she meets a pair of twins name Fred and George Weasley face to face she has to choose between the one she wants to be with or her family knowing her family hates the Weasleys because they a blood traitors but she see no point on hating people because of their blood why does it matter if they are pure blood half or muggle born as the years go on they get more complicated for her

Chapter 1

info and just an intro really

name:Isabella Malfoy
year:same as Fred and George
hair:longish and has bangs brown with the tips blue(i dyed my hair that why its not blonde)
eyes:brown changes to like a hazelish depending on the light
personality:daddys little girl even though im older than Draco, atheltic, prankster, tomboy, plays quidditch as a chaser the best one thats what everyone says, rude to like everyone but family friends and who i like, smartest in my year, has guys turning their heads when i walk by, flirty, Draco is VERY proctive of me though, and im funny most people i think im as funny of Fred and George and sometimes funnier, im popular even though im in Slytherin, and all of the teachers like me
body type:athletic but has curves

Yes! Im finally leaving this house and going to Hogwarts so I get to be away from Draco who is way to protective over me but Im going to be away from him!at least until he comes to Hogwarts but thats alright I got two years till then. I thought to myself and smiled.Then Draco walked in my room and i toke off the smile as quick as possible so he couldnt tell that I was smiling. "Bella come on mum and dad are waiting for you and you cant miss your train" He said very sadly. "Aw Draco you dont have to be sad that im leaveing and plus you will still get to see me on christmas and you will be going to Hogwarts sooner then you know." I said walking off with my stuff behind.

-----On the train------
I was just sitting in a compartment by myself thinking of all the pranks I can pull when im at Hogwarts and all of the people I will get to meet and everything i will get to do and all the classes I can take.But that got interrupted when I heard the compartment door open then I saw two twins talking then they both noticed me."Oi! Fred you said this was empty"one of the twins said."Well I thought it was since all the other ones are full"said the one whos name is Fred.Then the other twin spoke again but this time to me. "Im sorry but can we seat here cause every where is full." "Of course you can and Im Isabella but everyone calls me Bella" Fred then spoke "Im Fred and this is my twin George its nice to meet you." "Its nice to meet you too so what house do you think you are going to be in?" "Well since all of our family who has been here they all were in Gryffindor so we kinda figured we will be in Gryffindor what about you?"said George "Well I was thinking Slytherin cause my parents were in Slytherin but I think I have a bit of every house in me so I dont know where Im going to be placed." "Sly-slytherin you said?"Fred asked scared "Ya but im not like most Slytherins I can be frankly quite nice and I dont care about other peoples blood types.I just want to go to learn pull pranks and meet people." "Pull pranks?"they both said at the same time "Ya im prankster" I said smiling. "NICE! so are we."they said once again togther and smiling.
----at Hogwarts------
We all walked into the Great Hall me with Fred and George by my sides we are all best friends now on the whole train ride and boat ride we got to know each other better and just talked about each other but I still have no cue whats their last name and who their family is and same with them.Now im kind of hoping I get in the same house as them so we can spend so much time togther.Then proffesor McGonagal started calling everyone up to get sorted into their house.I had a feeling once they heard my last name they would be shocked and confused cause im nothing like family and the next thing I knew I was getting called up to the stool. "Malfoy,Isabella" and with that I walked up to the stol sat down and looked at Fred and George to see their mouths open and their faces showed they were full of shock. "Hmmmm your a Malfoy but why is it so hard to place you in house?" I knew it was the sorting hat talking evn though I wasnt paying attention to the other ones that got sorted I knew cause my dad told me. "You can be in Hufflepuff cause you are sweet,but in Ravenclaw you would do great with brain,in Gryffindor great cause you are brave loyal and will do anything for your friends and family, but Slytherin yes Slytherin were your parents were you are perfect for that house. I know were you belong. SLYTHERIN!" the hat yelled.And with that the hat was taken off my head and the table clapping and cheering the loudest who I assume was Slytherin I walked over there and sat down next to some guys since I dont get along with most girls and they congradulated me on getting into Slytherin and shook my hand and introduced themselves.I already liked this house but I guess cause we are full of pure bloods not that cared but cause we got along.I ingored the rest of the sorting until Fred and George was up there and my heart kinda sank when they both got into Gryffindor I looked at their table and gave them a weak smile and they gave me a weak smile back. Then the feast started and I was kind of happy again and I ate everything I saw and thought I would like and I saw most of the guys faces when they saw me stuffing my mouth. "What?Cant a girl eat?"I asked kind of rude to them. Then one boy answered "No you can its just we never seen a girl eat like you do but yet be so thin" I just rolled my eyes and continue to eat.After the feast was over I followed everyone else thats in Slytherin to the Slytherin common room.The common room was so pretty and you can see the Black Lake since we were right underneath it.I love this place I just wish I could share this experence with Fred and George.
----the next day----
Classes were starting today and at breakfast we got our schedules and all of my classes had Gryffindor in there so maybe I can talk to Fred and George.My first class was Potions with proffesor Snape,the Slytherin Head I guess you can call him he is pretty much in charge of the whole Slytherin so everyone in Slytherin loved him and he loved us.In potions we had us all in a seating arrangement Slytherins with Gryffindors and I was lucky enough to get with Fred and George and it was only three people to a table so we were good.We talked all class about how they didnt expect me to be a Malfoy cause our families hate each other but we are kind of hoping to end that now since we are friends and even though my parents are death eaters.

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