Original stories contest! [READ CHAPTER 2!!!!]

I know a lot of people have done contests and are doing them right now, but this one is only for ORIGINAL stories. You came up with the whole thing yourself, it's not based on a book, or a movie or show. :P

Chapter 1

contest rules an instructions.

okay, this contest is for people who write an original story only!! they made up their own characters and storyline without help from a book movie or show. (inspiration from music is okay though)

There are 6 categories:

• Romance/Drama

• Adventure/sci fi

• Fantasy

• Realistic fiction

• non fiction

• or other, if your story fits into none of these

If your story fits into more than one category, just choose one that you like better, and list it as that one. ^_^

To enter: leave your username and nickname, along with a link to your story and the category it's in.
All people who wish to enter must have written at least 2 chapters to their story and entered it down in the comments by the 16 of August. Then I'll know who's competing.
All people who have entered their original stories at that point, must get up to at least 5 chapters written by September 5th in order to be judged. That gives you a month to finish.
(Note, this should be a new or new-er story, without too many chapters already, just to make things fair.)
I will announce the winner and the top 3 when I've finished judging all of them, and then I'll tell you the prizes. (which basically means I haven't thought of them yet... :P)
These can be group stories if you want to write it with another person. :)

Good luck! I can't wait to read them!!


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