George Weasley and Fred Weasley Love story 8

Hey guys last update before I go on holiday so I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

Surprising helping hands

It had been a month since Christmas and everyday i missed my mum like hell. But everyday I knew that by carrying on I was doing her proud. Christmas was slightly awkward but overall the love and friendship I felt at Grimmuald did my mum's memeory justice.
At first i cried then I panicked. Where would I stay during the holidays? How could I go back to Hogwarts? i had already lost the most important thing in my life i didn't want to lose the second most important.
The order were there for me. Mrs and Mr Weasley have invited me to live with them during summer and it turns out the Minstry had a health insurance and that I got paid compensation for my mum but none of it mattered. I didn't want to deal with that so McGonagall said she would sort it out. They was also the fact of the funeral. Mrs Weasley said she would sort it out. I didn't think I could handle in myself son on January the 6th I lay my mother to rest next to my father.
I didn't think as many eople would turn up but aparently my mother wa spopular and I always knew this my I didn't realise how many people heart's my mother had touched with her kindness. But through all the crowd there was one person that was the most important: George.
He just held me and that's what I needed just someone to talk to and keep me going. We still hadn't talked about what happened but he didn't seem to mind. He had slowly regained my trust but i wasn't sure whether i was ready to deal with a boyfriend. But truth be told I wanted to be ready soon because everyday i was with George we grew closer and closer and I wanted to be more. but like I said I needed time to relax and grieve my mum. It was nice not having to worry about anything and just remember my mum but then i got back to Hogwarts.
When I returned to school news had obviously spread about my mum and the whispers started. Then the looks some full of pity some full of worry and some just ignorant and just wanted to see the new orphan at Hogwarts. It still hadn't been released about how my mum had died just that she died at St Mungos on christmas eve.
fred and George became protective of me though. If anyone gave me a dirty look they would find themselves mysteriously vomiting or fainting. Thank you WeasleyWizard Wheezes. The twins never left me alone apart from when i went to bed. But I was grateful because when i was alone I remembered my mum and being alone was the hardest time.
ONe person I ddi not ant to be in the company was Cedric. Or did I? He had sent some really nice flowers when he heard about my mother and he had come to the funeral. He tried to talk to me after but when he saw George he avoided me.
The problem was I couldn't avoid him next as I had herbology with him next. For the whole month back at school he gave me apologetic smiles but that was it. This lesson was different because I didn't have George of Fred with me and today he decided to sit next to me.
"Hey Vex."
"Hey Ced."
"Ced, I see you've calmed down."
"Yeah well I just thought my problems were petty compared to my mum--" My throat turned dry and I had to try my hardest not to cry. I looked down and started to feterliser my dragon plant. Cedric copyied me and for the rest of the lesson we sat in silence.
After lesson finished I was walking up to Gryffindor Common as I had a free next and i wanted to do Professor sprout's essay while he information was fresh in my mind. Cedric followed me and while we were talking I couldn't help but smile at his pathetic jokes. We reached the grand staircase and I turned round to face him.
"Ced thanks for the laughs and I'm not going to lie i missed this, but I have to go." I turned to go but he pulled my wrist and turned round for me to face him.
"Vex I miss you too. I know you don't trust me yet which I completely understand but go to Hogsmeade with me this weekend. You need a laugh and it will us chance to catch up and you I can prove to you that it's only you that I want." His eyes bore into my mine. They were a hazel brown and as I looked into them i thought that I did miss him but he had his chance.
"Cedric I said I would go with the twins and lee Jordon. And Cedric even if I did go with you to hogsmeade it would be as friends and nothing more. I've moved on and so should you." His face dropped instantly and I could see he was holding back tears.
"Well at least let me give you your christmas present." He took out a navy blue box out of his rooms and gave it to me. Before i opened it he had walked away and had already dissappereaded to the Hufflepuff common room.
I open the box and inside was a silver braclet with a charm of a badger. It was beautiful. I had it on my wrist before i had got back to the common room. He may have broken my heart but he gave the two best years of my life and I owed it to him to wear it.
I found George in the common room with Lee and Fred on the couch. i walked up behind him and flicked him in the ear.
"Ow what was that for?" he asked as I sat next to him.
"I saw you easdropping on me and Cedric. I can see red a mile off you know that."
"Well I was checking he wasn't harressing you, what did he want?" I looked up to see Fred and Lee with smirks on their faces but when they saw me looking they returned to their homework.
"he asked me if I want to go Hogsmeade with him." I got out my parchment and my quill and strated to write. George I could tell was nervousand he held it in or almost ten seconds.
"What did you say?"
"That I'm going with you three." I didn't look up from my essay.
"oh okay and George had a smile on his face for the rest of the day.
********************************************************************************************* It was the day of the Hogsmeade trip and I was surprisingly looking forward to it. I looked at my mum and dad's photo on the side of my bed and gave them a smile and they smiled back.
I got u and got dressed and headed down to breakfast. I could see that I was late and the hall was basically empty apart from George and and a bunch of first years surrongding him.
I sat on the bench opposite him and he soon shooed the first years off.
"I see bussiness is going well." I said as I was putting jam on my toast. "You know soon you should be able to rent a place on Diagonal Alley."
"Ahh vex we already have an invester." He gave me a cheecky wink and I knew he wasn't going to tell me who the investor was.
By the time I had finished breakfast the school was empty apart from the first and second years milling around the grounds.
"urm where are Fred and Lee?" I asked as me and Goerge headed to Hogsmeade. It had only occured to me that we were alone. I didn't mind because I was having a good time. George kept making me laugh and I had laughed that hard in ages.
"They're ill."
"George I know you're lying but in all honesty I don't care." He blushed slightly but before he could do anything I threw a snowball at his face.
"Right your in for it now vex."He chased me and we had a mini snowball fight while walking to hogsmeade.
Today had been the most enjoyable experince that I had in a while. i laughed lots which I needed and me and Goerge had also erased any awkwardness between us. I missed this. We got some items from Zonko's but both me and Goerge knew that his and Fred's products was better ut we needed supplies. After a butterbeer in the three broomsticks me and George walked to the clearing by the shrieking shack. Everyone thoguht it wa shaunted but me and George knew the truth. All the howls were actually Lupin when he was at Hogwarts and had to change the full moon.
It was a good place for peace and quiet and to be alone. I didn't release that me and Goerge were holding hands as we walked there but I didn't mind. it felt right and he didn't object.
I conjured a bench for us to sit on and he put his arm around my shoulder.
"How are you so clever?"
"No i just pay attention in class." I heard him laugh and I put m head on his shoulder. We sat like this for well I don't know i just enjoyed. But then i felt his body tense up.
"I can't avoid it anymore Vex." My body too tensed up and i felt my breathe catch in my throat. "That kiss we shared was amazing and I've liked you in that way for years. I know what I did was stupid but I didn't like what that jerk Diggory was doing, please will you forgive me."
I looked up and we sat face to face. I could see that he looked close to tears. So I kissed him.
It was even better than the last time which I didn't think was possible.
"i'll take that as a yes." George said as we broke apart.
"Ohh just shut up and kiss me!"
My hands were in his hair and his were on my waist. He pulled me onto his lap and I fit perfectly. His tounge pressed agianst my lip and i opened my mouth and soon we were into a full make out session. I eventually pulled away for air and I looked at him and we both had massive smiles on our face.
"Veronica, will you be my girlfriend?"
"I thought you would never ask." I stood up and offered him my hand which he took but I quickly jumped on top of him and hugged him. He hugged me back and a warm feeling spread in the pit of my belly while at the same doing back flips.
We broke apart and we walked back to the castle hand in hand as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Fred POV
I was up in the owerly delievering the owl post order service. Soon me and George could blow this joint and start our business at diagon Alley. But I didn't know if I could leave Vex. But she didn't like me otherwise she would have said yes and been my girlfriend. I sound so childish. But she wasn't right I never liked Angelina in that way so I didn't need time to think. I watched the last owl dissapear into the sunset before I noticed that I wasn't the only one in the Owerly.
I turned round to face Cedric. for the past year I had hated this man with a passion but now I felt nothing.
"Hey Fred." He said with a half-hearted smile on his face.
"What's up Cedric?"
"Why haven't you asked Vex out yet?" He wa blunt and to the point.
"What? What makes you think that I want to ask Vex out?" I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks.
"Look I know you fancied her ever since we started going out." I could see that he hadn't come to post anything so he was here just to see me.
"Why do you care? And besides she doesn't fancy me back." For some reason I confided in him but it was nice to talk. He started to move towards me.
"Yes she does becasue that's the reason we broke up. Because she liked you." My eyes lifted up and my heart skipped a beat. She left Cedric for me but why didn't she tell me? Of course Angelina.
"Why are you doing this?" I asked.
"Because I want to see Vex happy." He turned towards the door then turned round to face me. "But watch it. If you make a mistake then i'll be there because god help me I still love her." And he left.
The hatred i had felt towards this man came flooding back but he had given me a chance and I had to go find Vex.

Normal POV
I sat by the lake throwing stones in while trying to think of a good prank to pull on George and Lee. they had got me bakc for the drinks by getting Ron to give me a canary cream. I was still spitting feathers. I saw someone coming towards me and he had bright red hair that refelcted the sunlight. It took me a while to see it was Fred. We had talked in the two weeks since we kissed but it was awkward and very short conversations because i always broke them off. He tore me in two everytime I was with him. Half of me wanted to be with him and the other half knew he needed time.
"Hey Vex." He sat next to me and an electric current rippeled in the air where my arm touched his.
"Hey fred" We sat watching the sunset for about five minutes before I turned to him. " Well night Fred." i got up but he stood up too and turned me round to face him.
"Is it ture that you left Cedric for me?" I felt my face turn scarlet.
"urm, where did--"
"Just answer." I waited for a minute before I answered.
"Yes." Then his lips were against mine.
I dropped my books I was holding and put my hands behind his head. My arms reasted on his shoulder and his hands went through my hair sending shocking currents through my scalp.
"Vex I've liked you for 2 years now. that thing with Angelina was only to make you jealous. All I want is you." I kissed him again. My mind was racing. My heart pounded in my chest. He never liked Angelina. I should be annoyed but instead i was relieved and slightly happy that he had done that just to get me.
After a good five minutes kissing we broke apart. We knew we had to head back to the common room but instead we sat back down and watched the sin set fully. His hand in mine and my head on his shoulder.
"I guess that means we're boyfriend/girlfriend" I heard him laugh.
"Yeah i guess so." And he kissed me my forehead.


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