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This is where I'll be posting all of the SK oneshots I write for people or just for fun.
Soooo enjoy :)

Chapter 3

We Can Work It Out (A Joe Walker Oneshot) for JulianaFearless

Try to see it my way

"Good Jules!" Darren calls from his place on stage. Team StarKid is performing AVPT and Juliana Rider has just finished her first run through of the show's accompaniment.
"You're a life saver," Matt tells Jules as he passes. "I thought we were gonna die without AJ."
"Yeah, yeah, go Rider!" Joe Walker says sarcastically, rolling his eyes. He's Juliana's main source of torment, but then again she's also the one who picks on him so it all evens out.
"You're just mad because I ride and you walk," Jules says with a grin, shutting her book with the score in it. She loves pointing out to Walker that according to their names she's superior. Of course then Walker always makes some snide little comment that aggravates her.
"You two!" Lily Marks exclaims, shaking her head. "You're like cats and dogs!"
"Oil and water!" Joey offers.
"Peaches and chocolate!" Nick yells. Everyone turns and looks at him in confusion. "Well that sounds like it wouldn't go well together...."
All the StarKids can't argue with that. They all nod in agreement before going back to moving the set around and putting the props back in order.
"Hey, are you coming tonight?" Walker asks Jules a while later.
"Where?" she asks, stuffing her play book and water bottle into her bag.
"The Manor?"
She smirks. "Do I have to walk? If that's a yes then no. I'm not coming."
Walker growls at her and Juliana laughs, hurrying away before he can come up with a come back to her lame but still irritating joke.
Lily's right, Jules thinks to herself, Walker and I are horrible.
And it's true. Ever since freshman year at the University of Michigan together they have been at odds. One is always either mad or annoyed when it comes to how they feel about the other person. They argue constantly and only agree on a few things like: Disney movies are awesome and Dumb Men should become a real TV show.
A few StarKids, like Darren and Lauren, always like to joke about how opposites attract and how they must be perfect for each other. Of course Lauren stopped teasing Jules about that after one time when she pointed out that Walker was tall and Lauren was short. "And those are opposites. And opposites attract, right Lopez?" Juliana had said. She'd won that battle.
But still there was something there, under the animosity. Possibly even affection?
Not that Jules would ever admit that, especially not to Walker. He'd laugh in her face. They may both hate each other, but they sure as hell don't love each other.

Do I have to keep on talking
Till I can't go on?

"Jules is here!" Joey yells from his place hiding behind the coat-hanger.
Jules jumps in surprise and bumps into someone. "Whoa there!" they yell.
"Sorry," Juliana says, turning her blue eyes up at whoever it is. They narrow when she sees who she pushed. "Sorry your drink didn't spill I mean."
Walker gives her a glare of his own. "Like this?" He tips his cup and it's contents spill onto Juliana's clothes. "Okay," she says, trying to stay calm. "Come here Walker." She lunges at him and manages to take him down. Her wet clothes soak him as well. "Ha!"
Walker easily pushes her off and gets up. But Brolden isn't very happy about his carpet. "Guys! Again?! How many messes are you going to make?"
"At least one per party!" Lauren answers for them.
"Well why don't you two just, like, make-out already so we can be done with this childish stuff?" Brolden suggests, throwing a few towels at them so they can mop up the floor.
"Well if you hadn't dumped it on me..."
"If you hadn't bumped into me..."
"If you hadn't...."
"Shut up!" Joey commands. "You two fight like an old married couple in a nursing home!"
"Yeah except if never marry that. Let alone date it," Walker spits out, motioning towards Jules.
For some reason this upsets her. She flings her towel at him. "Clean up the mess yourself Walker. I'm going home."
"What? Jules... Juliana wait!" Walker calls. Despite his pleading, she leaves the house, slamming the door on her way out.

Think of what you're saying
You can get it wrong and still
You think that it's all right

The next day Jules ignores Joe as much as possible. He has insulted her for the last time. That's what she was upset about, right? The constant teasing and bickering. Not because he said he'd never marry her. Of course that isn't it! She hates him! So why would that make her so angry?
Because... maybe... she does care for Joe Walker? Maybe just a little tiny bit?
Juliana shakes her head to clear it and plays the opening bars for their first act. It doesn't matter how she feels anyways, Walker would never return the feeling.
"Gotta get back to Hogwarts!" Darren sings, dancing around the stage with Joey and Bonnie. Jules smiles slightly at their antics, momentarily distracted from all of her worries.
At least until Joe shows up in front of the piano, tapping his finger on the top of it in time to the music. A wave of emotion crashes down on her as she takes in his physique.
"Hey Rider, you gonna keep playing or do I need to take over?" Walker asks her.
Jules blushes as she realizes she has stopped playing and is just staring at Joe. "Like you could play this. It's no twinkle twinkle little star," she shoots back, picking up where she left off.
Juliana's cheeks are still burning as Walker turns away. Get a grip girl.

While you see it your way
There's a chance that we might
Fall apart before too long

Juliana collapses on her bed. She's exhausted, so why can't she sleep?
Because of that darn Joe Walker. Even when he isn't here he manages to annoy her.
With a sigh, she rolls over and stares out her window. How long is this going to go on? Is she always going to be stuck pretending to hate Joe and pining after him? Will she stand up at his wedding and give a speech about how terrible and annoying he is and then run to the bathroom and cry because she lost him? How pathetic would that be?
And yet, it seems like that's what's going to happen.
Unless.... could she tell him?
No. No way. She'd never hear the end of that one.
But maybe he feels the same way...
He doesn't.
But he might. Maybe tomorrow she could talk to him after rehearsal and just see.
The worst he can do is say no. Right?

Think of what I'm saying
We can work it out and
Get it straight or say good night

"Walker! Walk over here a minute," Jules says the next day.
"Ha ha ha, you're so funny Rider," Walker says with a glare. "What?"
"Can I... talk to you for a second?"
"One," Walker smirks. "Okay it's been a second. Bye now..."
" Walker please!" This was a bad idea. He's going to make a complete fool out of her. "I need to talk to you."
"Okay, go on." He leans on the piano and looks down at Juliana's blushing face. "You're red."
"Yeah okay. So..."
"Red is one of my favorite colors."
She gives him exasperated look. "That's great Joe. Now..."
"You called me Joe!" Walker gasps. He's grinning like an idiot. "I can't believe this! You called me by my name! And you're still red!"
"Never mind, alright?" Jules says exasperatedly. She shoulders her bag and heads towards the door.
"Aw Rider! Jules wait! Don't run off again!"
Juliana whips around. "Well what else am I supposed to do Joe? You drive me crazy! And I like you! I really like you but you're just so damn difficult that I ca..." Her rant is momentarily cut off by a kiss from her number one tormentor.
He pulls away quickly. "Sorry, I..."
She grabs his head and pulls his face to hers. He laughs and kisses her again, slower this time. They pull apart and stay standing together, their noses touching. Walker reaches up and tucks a strand of her brown hair behind her ear. "Well you know what they say," he whispers.
Jules smiles, "What?"
"Opposites attract."

Life is very short
And there's no time
For fussing and fighting, my friend

"I hate him!" Juliana's daughter exclaims as she stomps inside after school.
Joe glances up from his computer, "Who?"
"This guy at school. He's so... frustrating!" she explains. "I just want to..."
"Maul him?" Jules suggests.
"Maim him?" Joe offers.
"Yes!" their daughter agrees.
Jules gives her a knowing smile. "Well opposites attract."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
Joe laughs and pecks his wife on the lips before answering, "You'll figure it out."

lyrics are from 'We Can Work It Out' by the Beatles

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