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This is where I'll be posting all of the SK oneshots I write for people or just for fun.
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Chapter 21

Hit The Lights (A Joe Walker Oneshot) for ravenclaw4ever

It's the boy you never told I like you
It's the girl you let get away

Laila Berkley sighs and tries to calm down the mess on top of her head that some would call hair. It just never cooperates, ever. A few paintbrushes spill out of her bag and she hurries to snatch them up, glancing around the L train to make sure no one's noticed. Her eyes meet those of a tall man wearing a baseball cap.
Embarassed, Laila returns to her seat. But something keeps pulling her towards that guy. She continues stealing glances at him the rest of the ride, and catches him looking back at her more than once. As the L pulls to a stop, both of them move to exit. Laila hestiates, almost asks for his number, but then races off.
Better to be safe than sorry.

It's the one you saw that day on the train
But you freaked out and walked away

Joe Walker shakes his head, trying to clear it. There's just... there's something about that girl. The one with the paintbrushes. Her curly head was what had drawn him in at first. He'd spotted her when she came walking onto the L and it had been hard to keep his eyes off of her for the ten minute ride. Then she'd dropped her brushes. He'd stooped down and snatched one up with the intent of giving it back to her. But she'd caught him looking and hurried to sit back down, leaving him in an awkward position. What now? Give it back and look weird? Or keep it and look weird?
Great options.
The girl makes up his mind for him when the L stops. She stops and looks, almost expectantly, at Walker. He smiles and moves to meet her but she rushes away before he has the chance. The paintbrush in his pocket jabs into his thigh, almost mocking him. There goes his chance... She's gone.
Joe shakes his head and follows the crowd off of the train and towards the theatre where StarKid is preparing for their latest musical, his fingers brushing over the painbrush he still has.
"Joe!" Matt calls as soon as he walks in. "We need someone tall to get Lauren's hat for her. Somehow it ended up on the top shelf again... I have no idea how I mean she's so sho... You okay?"
Joe nods, snapping out of the blur he's sunken into. "Oh yeah. Fine, fine."
Matt gives him a look before nodding. "Alright. Anyways, can you grab that for her?"
"Sure thing," Walker says with a smile, heading over to the shelf. The chaos that follows gives him barely any time to think. The curly headed girl slips from his mind and the paintbrush is forgotten.

It's the fight you had when you didn't make up
It's the past that you're dying to change

The next day Laila sits before her easel, smiling to herself as she starts a sketch of the subject she wants to paint next. A picture of her brother that she'll give to her parents for Christmas.
Her hand moves in long strokes to start, tightening up as she draws the slight smirk. It's not until she moves on to the eyes that Laila realizes she isn't drawing the person she thought she was. It's that boy from the train.
"What's wrong with me?" she sighs, sitting back. This is ridiculous. She fell asleep thinking of him last night, and now she's drawing him?! "I don't even know his name. I'm never going to see him again. And.... even if I did..." Laila's voice trails off as she realizes how strange she must sound, talking to herself. Even if she did, it's not like she'd act on her feelings. Laila doesn't really have the best track record when it comes to relationships, and it's taught her to deal with her heart carefully. That is, guard it no matter what and not let any men near it.
So why is she still dwelling on this stranger?
Angry with herself, she takes the sketch off of the easel and sets it in the corner before starting with a new canvas. This time she'd get it right.

It's all the dreams that never came true
Cause you're too damn scared to try

"I give up!" Laila excalims to her friend a few days after the sketching incident.
Carly leans back on Laila's couch and shakes her head. "It's obvious."
"What is?!"
"You have to find him!"
She rolls her eyes. "Oh yeah. That will be so easy. Not like we're in a big city or anything."
"Oh come on Laila! You're obviously obsessed with the guy!" Carly motions towards the sketch that's still sitting off to the side. Laila blushes. She'd forgotten about her drawing of him....
"Shut up Carly. I just draw what I'm thinking about at the time..."
"See? Obsessed. You were thinking about him."
"Oh God," Laila buries her head in her hands. "This is crazy."
"/You're/ crazy. About this mysterious train guy. Go find him!"
Laila looks up at Carly. "You make that sound easy. Must I remind you what's happened before?"
"You've got to quit blaming other guys for your love problems. If you quit looking for flaws in your relationships you may actually be happy. Look, I gotta go. You go... walk around and search for a Red Sox hat or something," Carly orders, heading towards the door.
"No promises," Laila shoots back as her friend shuts the door.
She sits in the silence before her eyes come to rest on the sketch once again. Newly invigorated, she stands and heads towards the exit. Why not just go for a walk? It's not like she'll see him anyways.

It's a mad, mad world
Gonna make it escape

"Walker, what's with the paintbrush? And who's Laila?"
"Laila?!" Joe whispers, walking towards Darren. He sees his friend holding the paintbrush he'd picked up a week or so ago on the train. He'd thought of the girl from time to time since them, but he'd completely forgotten about the brush!
Darren nods. "Yeah Laila. It's the name engraved on here."
"Her name is Laila," Joe whispers.
His friend gives him a slightly worried look. "Walker, snap out of it. What's going on?"
"This girl... on the L... and..."
"Say no more. Joe, I may not have played the Heart but I know a bit about love," Darren says, slinging his arm around Joe's shoulder. "And let me tell you, you're in it."
"You think?" Walker asks, taking the brush from Darren. "I never got to return this...."
"Well find her and give it back," Darren instructs.
Of course! Why didn't he think of that? "Yeah! But wow, how? And even if I do... she'll think I'm such a weirdo for keeping it and all."
"Oh come on Walker, take a chance."
Joe nods, turning the paintbrush over in his hands. "Alright. I'm gonna go for a walk. Gotta start somewhere, right?"

Hit the lights

This is stupid. She's never going to find him anyways.
Laila shakes her head and sits down on the park bench. It started snowing a while ago and the light is dimming. Soon enough it will be dark and freezing. A breeze stirs her hair and she stands. She doesn't want to be caught alone in the park at night.
As Laila turns to leave, something keeps her rooted to the spot. Someone's walking towards her and they look.... familiar somehow. Could it really be....? A smile breaks out onto the man's face when he spots her and he waves.
"Wow, we just keep running into each other, huh?" he says. His voice is warm, and it washes pleasantly over Laila. She smiles before backing up a bit. He could totally be a stalker. The man seems to realize what she's thinking and shakes his head. "I'm sorry. I was just walking and I saw you and.... God I sound so stupid. I wanted to talk to you on the train. I saw you and... you just... Wow can I just have your number? Please?"
Laila smiles shyly. "Sure. But... wow did you follow me here?" Why is she just as un-eloquent as him all of a sudden?
The guy laughs. "No way. Like I said, just walking. Fate must be throwing us together or something. I mean, what are the chances of us running into each other again? I'm Joe by the way. Joe Walker."
Laila shakes his hand happily, holding onto it for perhaps a bit too long, but he doesn't seem to mind. "I'm Laila Berkley. Nice to meet you. Properly I mean."
Joe laughs. "I know! Hey, forget the number okay? I have a better idea."
Laila knows she shouldn't be following a stranger off into the city as the sun sets, but she can't help herself. Even though they've just met she feels such a connection and she realizes with a small thrill that she'd trust him with her life.
Apparently love at first sight is very real.

Let the music move you

"This is great!" Laila yells over the music. Joe had escorted her to a club after buying them both burgers for dinner. Joe smiles and hip-bumps her playfully.
"Hey!" Laila scowls. "Watch it mister. We just met. No funny business."
Joe grins, so happy to be in her presence. "No worries. I won't be trying anything. I'm a gentleman."
"Sure. A gentleman who picks up women and drags them to bars," Laila shoots back. He looks taken aback but she laughs. "Just kidding. Settle down."
"You're not very nice," Joe says with a scowl.
Laila shrugs. "Sorry."
"You don't sound sorry," Joe observes as the song changes. The music slows down and soon enough the pair is surrounded by swaying couples. Joe offers his hand to Laila and she takes it with a blush. The move effortlessly across the floor, almost as if they're one being instead of two. "We must dance together more often," Joe says, "you're the best partner I've ever had."
Laila smiles and leans in close to his face. "You're not too bad yourself."

Come alive
Let the moment take you

"Joe! I finished it!" Laila calls to her boyfriend a few months later.
Walker peeks his head into the living room. "Finished what?" he teases, knowing exactly what she means.
"Wow I wonder. I've only been obsessively working on it for weeks on end," Laila says, rolling her eyes. "Come on, look!"
Joe enters the room, pulling a shirt on over his head in the process. His hair is still wet from the shower and as he hugs Laila little drops fall down onto her shoulder. "Alright, let's see it."
Laila produces the painting with flourish and Joe smiles at the sight of himself in paint. "Hmmm, who is that handsome fellow?"
"No one I know, that's for sure," Laila teases, pulling Joe in for another hug.
"Well whoever it is sure is lucky to be painted by such a talented artist," Joe responds, wrapping his arms around her.
Laila smiles. "Well that talented artist must thank her muse for returning that paintbrush to her so very long ago."
"Not that long. Just, what? Five months? Six?"
It's crazy. How could it only be that long? It seems as though they've been a part of each other's lives forever. "No. It has to be longer than that."
Joe smiles. "Don't you worry. We'll have a lot longer than six months together. I promise."
"Promise?" Laila echoes.
Joe nods and kisses her lightly. "Forever."

lyrics from "Hit the Lights" by Selena Gomez

Oh my God I finished one. Oh my God. Sorry for the horrendous wait! Hopefully the next one will be up sooner :)

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