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Chapter 2

My Best Friend (A Brian Rosenthal Oneshot) for JoeyRitcherIsTotallySexy

There is no other one who can take your place
I feel happy inside when I see your face

"You're... you're what?!" seven year old Marti Herle asks in disbelief. Her best friend since the beginning of time, Brian Rosenthal, has just said he was moving.
"I'm moving. I don't know why. I dont want to." He looks down and shuffles his feet.
"You can't!" Marti says stubbornly, stomping her foot. "We've lived next to each other forever! What if someone new comes here? What if they bring my family daisies because they don't know I'm allergic?!"
Brian looks upset at this thought, "They'd better not. But look! I got you something! Well, my mom did. Here wait!" He races inside, leaving Marti to stare across the street at her own house from the Rosenthal's porch. Brian got her something, so shouldn't she return the favor?
Her eyes land on a small squirrel statue sitting in their garden. Her mom always said she hated it, and Brian likes squirrels...
By the time Brian emerges from the house Marti has retrieved the squirrel statue. Brian laughs delightedly as they swap parting gifts. Marti's is a small box. Not too exciting. But then she opens it.
"Oh it's so pretty!" It's a silver chain with a studded B on it.
"B for Brian!" Brian tells her. "So you don't forget!"
"But the squirrel doesn't have an M," Mart says worriedly. "How will you remember?"
She glances down at her paper clip necklace and takes it off. Together, the two fashion an M necklace for the squirrel and hang it on the statue's neck. "There," Marti says proudly, surveying their work.
"As long as we have these we'll be friends."
"Best friends!"
"Promise?" Brian asks, looking serious.
Marti links her finger with his. "Pinky promise."

I hope you believe me, cuz I speak sincerely
And I mean it when I tell you that I need you

"Marti! Lets go!" one of her friends yells. Marti sighs and snatches up her brush, quickly running it through her thick, brown hair. She had slept through her alarm that morning because of a dream she'd been having about her old friend Brian. I wonder what happened to him. He's probably forgotten all about me, she muses, checking to make sure she has everything.
"I coming!" she yells, hurrying down the stairs. She bursts out of the door and hurries to the waiting car, a small letter B shining in the sun from around her neck.

When everything is wrong, I'll come talk to you
You make things alright when I'm feeling blue

"Oh my God," Marti gasps, laughing so hard tears fill her eyes. "That was...."
"Totally awesome?" her friend suggests.
Marti laughs and nods. "Yes. Totally awesome. The Quirrell and Voldemort were just..."
"Totally awesome?"
"Yeah. Who were they?"
"Watch the credits at the end stupid. Hey, you going to Chuck's party tonight?"
"No. I have to study."
"Study? What is this, college?"
"Uh... yes?"
"Right. Okay bye!" her friend hangs up the phone and Marti does the same. She re-watches the last video, laughing again at the Quirrelmort reunion scene, and then watched the credits.
Wait, was that...? It was!
Brian Rosenthal was Quirrell.
Could it be her Brian? Marti's hand goes instinctively to her B pendant still hanging from her neck. As long as they kept their things they'd be friends. Best friends.
Was that really her Brian? It did look a little bit like him. He has the same eyes. Marti finds herself pausing the video to get a longer look. Yes, that has to be her Brian! Those eyes, that smile, who else could it be?!
Instead of studying, Marti re-watches the musical. Twice.
The next day Marti comes back to her apartment in a rage. That professor had no right to treat her like that! So she'd gotten one answer wrong. What about all of the ones she got right? Didn't those count?!
Her eyes land on her laptop. If anyone could put her in a better mood right now, it would be Brian Rosenthal.
And he did. At least until the scene where he's talking to the Voldemort guy about being friends. That was her friend. Or... ex-friend? They hadn't talked since they were seven. Brian probably had no idea who she was. He probably stuck the squirrel statue in storage and forgot all about his childhood buddy.
All of a sudden Marti is angry all over again. She shuts her laptop and glares at it, as if this is all it's fault. "He pinky promised me!" she yells at it.
Marti seizes her necklace and makes up her mind to just rip it off, throw it away, and get on with her life.
She can't bring herself to do it.

I'm here beside you
I will never leave you
And I feel the pain you feel when you start crying

Marti collapses onto a bench and chokes back tears. How could she have been so stupid? She fingers her necklace and glances around the park that she has just been dumped in.
And she came all the way to Chicago for that guy! The ungrateful little....
"Squirrel!" a voice shouts.
A tall, lanky man wearing a hat and sunglasses runs into view in pursuit of a furry animal that's sprinting it's little heart out. The guy abruptly stops running and begins bouncing, a bit like a frog. He sees Marti watching and abandons the squirrel, hopping towards her instead.
"Hey you alright? You look sad," the guy observes, taking her in. Marti hastily tucks the necklace under her shirt. She hates it when people ask questions about it, because it reminds her of the best friend she'll never see again.
"I'm fine."
The guy grins, "Did you see that little guy?" He motions to the tree the squirrel ran up. "He was fast."
Marti can't help but laugh. "Yeah. Yeah he was."
"Seriously, what wrong?" The man sits on the bench and looks into her hazel eyes. It feels like he sees right through her. Maybe it's because of his glasses or something.
Marti isn't sure what it is about the guy, but she feels really comfortable with him. So she spills her guts. She tells this stranger all about her boyfriend that she followed to Chicago and how he had just dumped her. The man seems very sympathetic. "I'm sorry. Hey, I know what'll cheer you up. You like Italian food?"
She nods, "Yeah."
"Well then let's ride!"

You're my best friend
And I love you, and I love you
Yes I do

Against her better judgement Marti goes with the guy. He seems really nice and somehow familiar, but she can't place where she's seen him. Maybe if he took of those shades. It's not even that sunny out!
They arrive at a restaurant and the man opens her door for her. It strikes Marti as odd that she doesn't even know this guy's name and he's getting her food.
Once she sees the tables Marti groans. "I can't eat here."
"Why not? It's nice," the guy says. And it is, super fancy and pretty. So fancy in fact that they have live flowers as the centerpieces. Daisies to be exact.
"I'm allergic to the flowers. I'll sneeze so much I won't be able to eat."
The guy tilts his head, like he's considering something. "Alright... Plan B!"
He takes her to his house. "Wow, it's so big," Marti says, admiring the grandiose place before her.
"Yeah well some of my friends live here too but I think they're all gone."
Marti follows the man inside without a second thought. If the guy was going to try anything he already would have. As she's walking into the living room, Marti trips over her shoelace. She bends down to tie it and her necklace slips out of her shirt.
"What's that?" the guy asks, eyeing it as she stands back up.
Marti sees that he finally took his glasses off. Instead of answering she just stares, wide eyed, into her old best friend's eyes. Brian, unaware of this, is still looking at the necklace. Then, all of a sudden, he exclaims, "Daisies!"
Marti smiles as their eyes meet. "Brian?"
"Marti?" he says back, grinning and holding his arms open.
Marti rushes to hug him and they embrace each other tightly. "I can't believe this!" Marti squeals.
"I can't believe you still have this. And that you're wearing it," Brian says, picking her necklace up and tugging on it.
Marti pulls away, "Hey!"
"Sorry. Here, follow me, I wanna show you something."
Brian grabs her hand with the same ease that he did in Kindergarten. Marti allows herself to be led upstairs and into a room. "What?"
"Look!" Brian points to a shelf. Sitting on top of it is his squirrel statue, the paperclip necklace still intact. "It's my most prized possession."
Brian laughs and sits on the bed. "Yeah. But how'd you recognize me? I wasn't wearing my gift around my neck like you."
Marti blushes. "I saw your musical. The Potter one? And your eyes... they're... the same."
Brian smiles and leans in so their noses are touching. "Really. The exact same?"
"Well maybe a little bigger but.." She's cut off by Brian's lips crashing into hers.

You are such a blessing, and I won't be messing
With the one thing that brings light to all of my darkness

"And do you, Marti Hamerle, take Brian Rosenthal to be your lawfully wedded husband?"
"I do," Marti answes, grinning as big as she ever has.
"You may now kiss the bride."
Marti can't stop smiling and she notices Brian's grinning too. "Promise?" Brian whispers to her, reaching up and fixing her necklace.
"Pinky promise," Marti answers. They link pinkies and Brian leans in to kiss his new wife.
"Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Mr. And Mrs. Brian Rosenthal."

Yes I do
Yes I do

Lyrics from 'My Best Friend' by Weezer

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