Snape's Daughter: Chapter 24

Sorry if you don't understand the title but you have to think. If you can't then just ask in the comment bow thingy or message me. Bye love. :)

Chapter 1

Two + One = Four

'Finally, I get some time to myself.' I thought. I'm sitting alone near the fountain's edge staring into the crystal clear sky. Dreaming. 'Wow the twins are right. I dream so much. I wonder how I didn't get into Hufflepuff?' "Hm. Oh well." I finally said aloud, shrugging to myself. The sky begins to darken, I open my eyes, and see Voldy standing in front of me. "---" I'm at loss for words "Join me." He says while sliding his index finger at the base of my neck up to my chin. "Someone help." I said helplessly. Anger and rage surge inside of me. I open my mouth to scream, but instead, out comes fire. I scream fire for the longest time, burning him and some of the others. He eventually vanishes with his followers behind him, and I hear clapping to my left and right. I look around and see the whole school clapping and cheering. The clapping quiets down when Herminy steps closer to me. "Cassie." She whispers, sitting next to me. "Calm down, no need to be mad. He's gone. Calm down." She whispers to me. "How do you know I'm still seething?" I spit out. "Well I know you. And your hair and eyes are blood red. It's kind of scary." I grabbed my hair and saw that she's right. 'Of course she's right. She always is.' "Oh shiett" I said to myself, it changed to it's normal black color and my eyes turned back to hazel. "What's going on?" I whispered to myself. Ginny sat on my other side and put her arm around me. "Your very strong and powerful. We've all known that. Why do you think no one messes with you?" "Because Severus is my dad?" I said to myself "Well that's one reason." Pansy says, "But the other is that we see the fire in your eyes." She concludes. "Everyone leave!" Dumbledor says, "So uh how long was I able to do this?" I asked daddy "Since today. Elizabeth was the only one able to do that." He said in his flat monotone voice. "Oh." I say, standing up and going to the common room. As I walk down the halls I still feel like someone is following me. I stop and look all around me, I don't see anything, so I keep walking. As I get closer to the picture of the fat lady, I turn around, "Whoever you are, you better stop following me! Otherwise you will seriously regret it!"
I step into the common room , being welcomed by cheers and applauds. I'm hugged from behind by twelve pairs of arms, I turn around and see Fred, George, Ron, Harry, Ginny, and Herminy giving me a big hug. "......Can't.................breathe.." I say, gasping for air. They all let go and I lay myself down in mine, Fred, and George's couch. "Can we sit down also?" George asks "Nope." I say "It's our couch also." Fred says "So?" I say with my eyes shut. The next thing I know, I'm being picked up and put down again, this time on two laps. "You guys are comfy." I say getting comfortable. Soon I fall asleep. I wake up and I'm still in the common room with Fred and George petting my hair. I look around and see Herminy reading, Ginny staring off into space, Harry and Ron talking while sneaking glances at me, and Percy staring at me or something above my head. I relax and continue to stay on the twins' laps. Soon Herminy and Ginny go upstairs, followed by Harry and Ron. I quickly get off the twins and run upstairs without a word or a backwards glance. When I got into the room, I see Herminy and Ginny are sleeping already. I get dressed, braid my hair and lay down. I look out the window and into the crescent moon thinking, 'I honestly don't mind being alone in the common room with Fred, George, and Percy, it's just, I get a weird feeling from the three boys.'

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