My Dreams

My Dreams

Well my sis told me I should put my dreams on here because they're weird and amuse her. I going to add some older dreams that I've had but some of them might be really short cuz I've kind of forgotten them. And I'll add new dreams as they happen if I think they're good enough to put on. Anyway rate comment enjoy! =)

Chapter 1

The Marriage

So I had a dream where my sister was going to marry Captain Ukitake(from Bleach) so she could kill his best friend, Captain Shunsui. Now some complications occured and Nanao found her out and threw her into a prison. So my sister called me because I was an assassin. I agree to help her for a nice amount of money of course. I also decide I'll need help so I call Captain Toushiro who is like my sidkick of whatever. So we go to the wedding and I free my sister and she beats up Nanao. And then I'm not really sure but I think that something happen when I'm about to kill Shunsui and Mayori rises from the ground and starts blabbing about dolls or something. Anyway he stops me from killing him and ties me up.(And the guests there don't do anything. They just carry on like nothing's wrong.) But then Toushiro comes down from the sky and stabs Shunsui killing him. And I also think one of us might of hurt or killed Ukitake cause he was in the way. Then Toushiro unties me, we get our money from my sister then go eat all the food at the buffet. Yay happy ending! Well for me at least.

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