Harry Potter: The Part No One Ever Really Talks About

Two best friends, Kitty Rogers and Cynic Mason, transfer to Hogwarts School for Witches and Wizards and endure the differences and segregation of houses. They both find love, but their loves have none for each other. Can Kitty and Cynic overcome the secrets and rumors flying around Hogwarts? Or while they have to turn to more desperate measures?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Stupefy!' I mutter, aiming my wand for the dark ceiling.
“Hey! New girl!” Someone shouts from the crowd.
Unthinking, I flick my wand toward the voice, and Seamus Finnegan flinches backward. Gosh, can’t British people ever learn? You don’t mock the girl with a magical branch! The bird that I stunned near the ceiling of the Charms classroom landed with a thud at my feet.
“What, Seamus?” I snap. I didn’t mean to sound so harsh, and he flinches again.
“Nothin’. Jus’ wondrin’ if you’ve been sorted yet.” I could hardly understand the Gryffindor’s accent, (don’t judge, the only British person I had ever spoken to before coming to Hogwarts was my best friend, Cynic Mason, but I’ll dwell into her later) but I knew what he was saying. I had moved here from Colorado and my wizardry school there, because my mom had gotten a job with a Ministry of Magic, whatever that was. With all the ‘escaped prisoners from Azkaban in Hogwarts’ business around the castle, no one had had time to sort me and my best friend into our houses. But we already knew what houses we were going into. I was going into Ravenclaw, and she was going into Hufflepuff.
See we’d already been adopted by the houses, and we were staying in their common rooms. Even the teachers sorted us into their houses when we were in class. I loved everyone in Ravenclaw, and Luna Lovegood was like my sister. All the transferred students (aka: me and Cynic) were getting sorted with the first years who had to have their sorting postponed a week due to the chaos.
“Rogers!” My name vibrated around the classroom. Professor Snape strode through the students, who parted like the red sea. He hated me like no other, and I was glad I wasn’t in Slytherin. No one likes them anyway. Draco Malfoy sneered from across the room as Snape’s beady black eyes honed in on me. Cynic winced from across the room, but she had nothing to wince for. She was sitting next to the hottest boy in the whole grade, Cedric Diggory, who was gazing at her dreamily. Cynic wasn’t totally gorgeous (no offense, Cy!) but she was so sweet and kind and down-to-earth any guy would be lucky to have her.
ME, on the other hand, I can’t be down-to-earth if my life depended on it. I’m kind of snotty (according to my muggle brother) and wisecrack to anyone and everyone. I have straight black hair, chalk-white skin, and lavender eyes. Isn’t that so dumb? Who has purple eyes? It’s also funny why two powerful wizards adopted a boy, before having their wizard daughter.
Cynic is a full-blood, too, but she never acts like it.
Anyway, continuing with Snape storming toward me with murder in his eyes. I had no idea what I had done wrong, until he held up the tattered remains of a cloak. Seamus’s cloak. I saw him go pale next to me. Okay, remember when I said Snape hated me? He would rather kiss me on the mouth then teach Seamus. My Irish friend had a tendency to . . . explode. Especially in potions class.
Last night, Seamus and Dean Thomas had gone up to the highest tower at Hogwarts and planned to set off a ton of fireworks over the lake to celebrate Dean’s birthday, but then it stormed. Seamus had used his cloak to cover up the supplies, but then one went off. Seamus and Dean escaped with no harm done, but the same couldn’t be said for Seamus’s cloak. The teacher’s didn’t know who had done it, and this was the only proof they had.
Now you might be wondering why he had said my name, and not Seamus’s. Yesterday, Luna had taken my cloak and hidden it as a brain puzzle, but it was freezing yesterday. Seamus never get’s cold, so he lent me his cloak, and everyone saw e wearing it. Especially Snape. But no one say me give it back.
So now I was the prime suspect.
“Roger.” Snape hissed. “Did you set off those fireworks last night?” I saw Seamus close his eyes, waiting for me to rat on him. Everyone looked like they were expecting it too. I sighed.
“Yes Professor.” Seamus’s eyes flew open and he started to open his mouth. Kicking him under the table, I continued. “I wanted to wish Dean happy birthday, because he’s been so nice to me here.” He narrowed his eyes and smiled cruelly.
“100 points from-” I bit my lip to keep from laughing. I had no house to take points from. Snape looked frazzled. “Come with me.” I got up and left Charms with my head held high and the Devil on my heels.

I got off with minor detention and a wink from Dumbledore. Somehow, I think he knew it wasn’t me. Cynic and I were scheduled to be sorted tomorrow, instead of next week.

Unfortunately, the Great Hall was packed full of students, so Cynic and I had to go up and get sorted in front of EVERYONE. We stood in the back of the first years who tittered excitedly. I felt tall and gangly next to them, but no one was watching us. They were staring at a brown weathered hat that Professor McGonagall had carried out and placed on a stool. She unrolled a huge scroll, and started listing out names. The first little girl, Ashley, walked up and but the hat on her head. It was so big it slid down to her nose, but she stayed still. Finally, a slit in the hat opened wider and wider.
“RAVENCLAW.” It shouted, and I jumped. Even if I was a wizard, I had never seen a talking hat before.
The list went on and on, sometimes the hat took more then a minute to decide, or the second it touched their heads, it would scream out their house.
“Rogers, Kitty.” McGonagall called out. My stomach was like ice as I placed the hat on my head. The Great Hall looked bigger when everyone was staring at you.
“Hello, Kitty.” I jumped as the voice sounded in my head. I definitely wasn’t expecting it to talk to me! I heard laughter, and realized that I had jumped higher then I thought. “Yes, I know your name.” It continued. “I also know your heart and mind. And I also know where you belong. In-” I waited to hear Ravenclaw called out, but the pause was long. Finally it spoke. But it was nothing that I expected to hear.

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