The Marauders, Mooney, Padfoot, Prongs, and Cliffs

The story of the Marauders. Without Wormtail. Instead there is a girl named Kylie West, a.k.a Cliffs. Read the story for more info.

Chapter 32

Thirty freakin two

I ignored everything. The sirens, the whispers, even James frantically saying 'Dumbledore! Dumbledore!' The only thing that caught my attention was the headmaster clearing his throat.

"Ehem. May I ask, what is going on here?"

"Professor, could we talk about this in your office?" I asked, because I had more to talk about than our breaking of rules. We had a plan to dicuss.


"So there you have it professor," Sirius said after explaining his genious plan.

"Brilliant!" Dumbledore exclaimed, "This could actually work, I hate these old rules."

"We knew you would professor. It's just, we may have some uncooperative students.." I said.

"Kylie, even the Slytherins hate the rules. As long as we don't tell them it was a Gryffindor's idea, they'll go along with it," Dumbledore said as he paced his study.


"I believe that there is a time during the night when all the officials leave Hogwarts and the alarms go down. 11:11 if I'm correct. I'll call down everyone down. The plan has five minunites to be explained and for everyone to agree." Dumbledore was really pacing now.

"Professor," I began.


"You're a bloody genious."

"Why thank you, Miss. Kylie. Now I won't give you a detention for young love. Embrace it! Now, off to your next class! Tell Professor Snape you were in my office. If he questions you just say 'Lemon drops' he wil understand immediately! Go on!" The headmaster ushered us out of his office.

I stood for a moment after we were out of the classroom. "Padfoot?"

"Yes, Cliffs?" Sirius looked at me and smilied.

"You realize, if this doesn't work, the entire school may loose all staff. Or maybe even be shut down."

Sirius looked like he was thinking for a minunite, "Oh please, Cliffs! You and I both know the Ministry wouldn't last one day without Dumbledore!"

"I guess..."

"YOU NEVER BELIEVE IN ME!" He yelled stupidly as he ran a few steps down the hall, arms flailing.

"Shut up!" I said while laughing.

"Dumbledore believes in me." Sirius muttered.

"Ok. I GET IT. I was wrong."

"Really? And old Padfoot was... Right?"

"Get a life, Padfoot. One that doesn't involve torturing me. 'Kay?" He muttered something that I couldn't understand, but it didn't matter. Because standing before us was our (very unhappy) Potions Master.

"May I ask why you think it was okay to just skip three fourths of my class?" I's always hated the way he talked. Drawing out his words and biting off the end of the last one with a sneer. I'd never seen the man smile. Ever.

"We were with Dumbledore, professor." I said.

"Oh really?"

"Lemon drops." Sirius said.

"Very well. Now get to your seats, immediately."

It was all I could do to not die laughing right there.

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