The Marauders, Mooney, Padfoot, Prongs, and Cliffs

The story of the Marauders. Without Wormtail. Instead there is a girl named Kylie West, a.k.a Cliffs. Read the story for more info.

Chapter 3

Who's to Blame?

McGonagall's lesson consisted of many failures by me (I just could not get that stupid mouse into a cup!), James getting a detention, and Sirius smacked in the back od the head several times. McGonagall was a good teacher, just strict. She was one of my favorites, but the work was hard.

Glad Remus's next 'time' was a month away, I decided to relax. With a bit of pranking. By the end of the day I scored Bellatrix's hair falling out, and a detention to match. If I knew one thing I was good at, it was pranking. Someday, young people would find the Marauder's Map and use it, to prank. Someday, I would be the hero to young people. They would say, 'We owe everything to Mooney, Padfoot, Prongs, and Cliffs.' I couldn't wait for that. I wouldn't see it, but it would happen.

"Hey! Cliffs!" I turned to see Sirius jogging to catch up with me. I slow my pace and wait for him to rest his arm on my shoulder. Sirius was barely taller than me, but over the summer he grows and uses me in the beginning of the school year as an arm rest. I'm usually caught up with him by now, but not this week. Odd.

"Yeah?" I relpy shrugging my shoulder to get his arm off me.

"Free period?" He asked. In reply, I nod and he leads us out to the tree that we love sitting at. Today its not for homework, its to hang out. I lean against the tall, hard tree and he plops down next to me.

"So, whats next?" By this I mean prank wise.

"We feed Malfoy to the squid." I turn my eyes to see some brave second years poking it with a stick.

"Nah," I say, "too easy." Sirius laughs and picks up his piece of mirror. James has the other. It was a special two way mirror that allowed James and Sirius to communicate with each other during seperate detentions.

I see Jame's face appear. "Prongs!" Sirius says.

"Yeah? Wait, are you up by the old tree?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Easy target." My stomach flips. He means Snape. Snivillious. I hate him for making me feel bad for him. James and Snape are enimies of the worst sort. James the bully, Snape the target. Lily hates it too. Snape and her were great friends, until James started dating her.

"James!" I say into the mirror before he can put it up.



"Don't what?" I see the screen of the mirror get covered by his hand as he messes up his hair.

"Don't, mess with him."

"What? Oh nevermind I'm almost there." The mirror goes blank, and I close my eyes and lean back into the tree. James has never really had me disagree with him, for anything. I usually just act quiet with Remus when he bullys him. Today would be diffrent.

It got out of hand. Too fast, too easily. One second James is just calling him names, and the next...

He had Snape dangling in the air. I did something unforgivable in James's mind. I stopped him. I took down his popularity level. I might have even broken up he and Lily...

The crowd that had formed was chanting 'Snivillios! Snivillous!' As he hung in the air, he could do nothing. So, I stopped it.

"James! STOP IT!" I yelled at him. Snape was seconds before hitting the ground when I grabbed his arm. Forgetting that I was a wizard of course, I never thought to use a counter curse.

"Cliffs! What do you think you are doing?!" James was furious, I could see it in his eyes. He was inches from my face. James seemed as though he would jinx me with his wand still out.

"Stopping you!" I pushed him. James fell on to the ground laying right next to Snape.

"Let me through! Oh, MOVE IT!" I heard a girls voice, not just any girls, Lily's. James jumped up, probably out of fear that he thought Lily might think of him as wimp-like. Getting pushed to the ground by a girl.

"Lily," James said in a soft voice that was almost pleading.

"Oh don't Lily me James! How could you! JERK!" The crowd started to dissolve, but I could see many were watching us from afar.

"Back off! I was just having a bit of fun."

"FUN?!" That had done it. Lily was very, very mad. "How could you think tha was fun?!" She walked over to me and mocked James. "Oh Cliffs lets go have a bit of fun and bully Severous! Oh lets go hurt him! LETS CAUSE HIM PAIN!" Snape stood up and looked ashamed and mad.

"I'd never want help from a mudblood." Tears streaked from Lily's eyes.

"Mudblood. Thats what you think? I'll bet the same for you right?! RIGHT?" Lily was sobbing now. I was about to confert her, but decided that she was on a war path.

"I would never, ever call you a - that!" James looked upset. He knew what was coming, as did I.

"Oh save it! WE'RE FINISHED!" Lily stormed off. That was that. I knew what would happen for me too. James rounded on me.

"YOU!" He yelled at me, "THIS WAS YOUR FAULT!"

"My fault?! MY FAULT? I was helping him! If you didn't start on him, none of this would've happened!" He knew I was right, but didn't say it.

"If it weren't for Mooney needing you, you'd be done! FINISHED!"

"Oh Mooney!" I said looking at Remus. "You must not need me that bad! You must want to side with James anyways! Right? Same for you Sirius!" I knew that Sirius was with James, however Remus? I hadn't a clue.

"Remus?" James must have been thinking the same thing.

"Guys! I'm not choosing!"

"It's either loose Sirius and I, or her." James said threateningly.

"Cliffs, I can't loose two versus-"

"I know," I said cutting him off. "You can take my name off the stupid parchment too." I grabbed my books and school bag, cursed at them, and left my best friends.

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