The Marauders, Mooney, Padfoot, Prongs, and Cliffs

The story of the Marauders. Without Wormtail. Instead there is a girl named Kylie West, a.k.a Cliffs. Read the story for more info.

Chapter 1


I walked down the long hallway looking for my friends. It was my thrid year in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I knew my friends and enimies. My deep blue eyes flashing I looked around. Smiling to myself I looked too the right to see my best friends. James his arm wrapped around Lily, he would get himself killed if he didn't watch himself. Then there was Sirius, he'd put himself in jail if he wasn't careful. Remus, with his secret... Lily, her amazing eyes that I envied, she would give those to her kids someday. I flipped my sideswept bangs and jogged over to my friends, linking arms between Sirius and Lily. Ever since last year I had felt like we were missing someone, probably because we were. We had ditched Peter, it constantly bothered me, but he was an evil prat and could do with out him.

James pulled out the Marauders Map that we had invented.

"I solemly swear that I am up to no good." James said while holding his wand at the map. Appearing at the top was,

Missers. Mooney, Padfoot, and Prongs
Featuring Miss Cliffs
The Marauders Map.

Smiling at the sight at my nickname the guys had given me, due to my animangs, a mountin lion. Sirius, James and I all became unregistered animanguses because Remus was a werewolf. James a stag, Sirius a bearlike dog, and myself a mountin lion. All of us had to be a large animal so we could control a werewolf. Leaning over James's shoulder, I glanced at the map.

"Crap! Put it up! It's Filch!" I said quickly.

"Mischift managed!" James hissed at the mad, words faded automatically.

"What're you lot up to?" Filch said shooting us a nasty look.

"Nothing, Sir!" Lily squealed to Filch. Lily always was a good girl at school, being good was boring to me.

"Well, don't then! No setting off dungbombs, or making the first years go bald."

"Thanks for the ideas," Sirius said evially. Filch stood for a moment and then ran oddly off.

"Nice one Padfoot!" Remus said while smiling. All of us had nicknames for our animal, Sirius's Padfoot, James's Prongs, Remus's Mooney, and mine Cliffs. Sirius smiled back and hit James on the arm as Lily started to walk away. I nodded my head twords her and he chased after her.

After the last class of the day, Transfiguration with McGonagall, we headed for dinner.

"Catch up with Lilykinz?" Remus asked James, moving his eyebrows upo and down. Glaring, He replied,

"Yes." He wasn't as quick on his feet when it came to Lily.

"At least he has someone to catch up to," I retorted for James. Remus's ears reddened, and I pat him on the shoulder smiling.

"Look who's talkin'!" Sirius said back at me, looking satisfied with himself.

"Says the man eating alone." James replied to Sirius. After we ended up sending dirty looks at each other, we ended up cracking up. That's how dinner usually ended. Saying things that made each other mad, glaring, and laughing at each others expense. Lucious Malfoy walked up to the Gryffindor tab;e, the house we belonged to. He had a particuarily nasty look on his ugly face. A six year with bleach blonde hair, grey eyes, and pale skin who always had two girls following him around like he was some sort of God. There was one girl, with the same bleached hair named Narsissa. The other, my arch nemesis, Bellatrix Black. Twice my year, and I wasn't half way intimidated by her. Bellatrix had the most horrid black, crazy curly hair that stood up all around her head. She was barely taller than me, three times more ugly, and allways looked completely crazed.

"Hello filthy mudbloods." Malfoy said.

"Two things," I began. "One, were all pureblood, not that it matters. Two, why don't you do us all a favor and stick your ugly face back in the hole you came from." Sirius began to laugh and Bellatrix turned her nasty face to look at him.

"I cannot beileve that I am cousins with such a disgraced person to wizardry." She said hatefully.

"Neither can I." Sirius said cooly. Bellatrix looked as though she had been smacked in the face.

"How dare you sp-" Narsissa began.

"Speak to her that way?" James asked her to confirm. "Easy we think the words, move our mouths and tounges and the words just come out."

"I think you should go back to your table now, Sluggy seems like he's looking for you." Remus said pointing at Professor Slughorn. All three turned to see where the teacher was, just to have my place 'Curse Me' signs on their backs.

"He is not, I only came to tell you that I just got a new Cleansweep 1."

"Oh well pin a rose on your nose." I said acting as though he had just made a major accomplishment. Sneering at us, they turned on their heels and marched back to the Slytherin table.

"Ohh," moaned Remus. I could see why, tonight was the full moon. I wasn't exactly looking forward to it. Tonight Remus would be forced into the form of a werewolf, leaving the rest of us having to take the form of our own large animals. I put my arm around his shoulder.

"Hey! It'll be alright! You've got us!" I said while giving a reassuring smile. He smiled back, but still looked weary.

"Think so?" He asked.

"Know so," Sirius answered for me.

"If we're there, you'll be fine." James added.

"Your right," Remus agreed. "Everything will be fine! I mean, it always has before!" Yet I knew myself not everything would be fine. Remus was a werewolf, Mooney. He always would be amd could do nothing about it. Every full moon he would go through a painful transformation, and become a horribly dangerous creature. Though I never voiced it, I was always very frightened of him when he went into his werewolf form. I knew that if we slipped up just a bit, he would run loose out of the Shrieking Shack, where we usually kept him, and kill many people in Hogsmeade. It was a horryifying feeling, thinking that three thriteen year olds were the only thing between control and death.

"Hello James." Lily had just walked up to where we sat at the Gryffindor table. Being a Gryffindor herself, she sat right down next to James while she talked.

"Hey Lil," James said, setting down his pumpkin juice so fast that it popped up in his cup, nearly spilling on him.

"I was wondering if we could break our walk this evening, I forgot that I promised Severouswith his Divination homework tonight." At this James glared.

"Your breaking our date, to help Snivillous?"

"Oh daon't call him that! And yes, he's my friend." Lily said, James frowned. "I'm sorry." She added, avoiding his eyes.

"So am I." James said, doing the same to her.

"Awkward," Sirius said, trying to break the silence between He, Remus, and I. I kicked him under the table and watched LIly sit down by Kelly Lucas, another Gryffindor.

"Kylie West!" I heard McGonagall call from the back of the Great Hall.

"Duty calls!" I said as I got up to walk over to the teacher.

"Miss West, you do realize that-"

"Wait, lemme guess," I intrupted. "I've either got a detention, you found out about my latest prank, or I'm behind on homework."

"All three, and do not speak while I am speaking."

"Yes Professer. When is my detention?"


"I can't!"

"And why is that?" Professor McGonagall asked my while giving a quizzical look.

"I can't tell you," I said in a small voice.

"Unless you can give a very logical explaination, I cannot premit you to skip the detention." I couldn't tell her about Remus! He wanted to keep it a secret, from all teachers, except for Dumbledore of course... But that ewas diffrent... What to do...

"Well, I er, I have too..." I racked my mind for a logical explaintion. There wasn't one though. I had to be there for Remus. "Oh! I have to help a friend."

"Who is that? And for what?"

"James, he needs help with Potions."

"Isn't he better that you? You recieving an A, he an E."

"Yes, but he needs help with a Shrinking Potion." I knew as soon as I finished my sentence that the lie hadn't worked.

"I, Professor, give her permission to skip the detention. She will be assisting me." It was Dumbledore. I let out a breath that I had been holding in.

"Oh, very well then." McGonagall stared at me for a moment, then turned away, walking back to the staff table.

"Thank you, Sir." I said gratefully to Dumbledore, but I turned to see he was gone, sitting at his seat at the table himself. I walked back to rejoin my friends, realizing that I better eat now. I was up for a long night.

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