Story Contest!!!!!

Chapter 1

Rules (ah i know the boring stuff but please read!)

by: 188his
Your Story can only be about something random, a true story, or a fiction story not based on anything else. Ok please no fanfic's or like a love story based on a character in a book because I know lots of people write fanfic's about like Harry Potter but believe it or not I have never read it. Ok only 1 story per person please. It can be a story you have already written or started. So your story must have at least 3 chapters and please dont enter anything with like 3 sentences per chapter I want a real story or your story will not be entered. So if you would like to enter please send me a message that looks like this:

Subject: Story Contest

I would like to enter my story,_______ in your contest the link is _________.

- your username/nickname

*Ok the deadline is AUGUST 20, 2011.


1st Place: I will take 10 of your quizzes/stories rate and comment them, recommend you to my friends and we can write or make a quiz or story together.

2nd Place: I will take 5 of your quizzes/stories rate and comment them and reccomend you to my friends.

3rd Place: I will take 1 of your quizzes/stories rate and comment them and I will dedicate a quiz I made to you.

*Ok so I have enough judges but if you really want to be one I might be able to squeeze you in so if you would like to judge message me but you may not enter a story if you are a judge. I will send you the details if you would like to be one.

If you have any questions message me!!!

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