Harriot Potter the girl who lived

Hey guys well I had this thought, what if the boy who lived was actually a girl. Who would she fall in love with? How would the plot differ?
Well I plan to find out. If you read my other story you can guess who the love interest will be but other wise enjoy. I plan to do about 5 chapters on each book but maybe more towards the end. Anyway enjoy and Five comments after each chapter for me to make the next one.

Chapter 1

I'm a what?

As Dudley stomped down the stairs he took extra care to stomp on the step which beneath lay Harriot Potter. She was left on her aunt's and uncl's doorstep as a baby and has been mistreated ever since.
She lives a lonely childhood as her guardins refused to pay any attention on her and focus all their money and effort on the only son udley. This was shown so often when Harriot stood next to Dudley it was like a twig standing next to the trunk of a great oak. Harriot's humilation did not stop there. Since she and her cousin attentended the same school she had no friends as Dudley would bully anyone she hung round with. This caused her to become an outcast but she didn't mind. She didn't like the people at school very much.
She also scared people away herself. He jet balck hair was always scruffy and her frindge covered her ratehr strange shaped scar she had ontop of her forehead from her parent's car crash when she was little. Her apperance was also one of dirty due to the fact she wore Dudley's old clothes which were way too big for her and rather old and smelly. She really wish she could have her own wardrobe and one day she begged her aunt and uncle to take her shopping but they just laughed at her and locked her under the stairs. The weirdest thing happened. Her clother all of a sudden were the right size the next day and were not old and smelly but looked as though the desinger had just sewn them yesterday. Her Aunt and Uncle were fuirpus. They didn't believe her when she said she didn't know how it had got there. They thought she had stolen money and brought it herself and locked them away so she couldn't wear them and her Aunt had claimed to have returned them all. That was another reason why people avoided her, strange things happened around Harriot Potter and she had no idea why.
The day in question when Dudley stomped down the staris was in fact Dudley's 11th birthday. Normally Harriot wouldn't want to get up any day but today wasn't any usual day. In fact she dreaded getting up. Her uncle Vernon and Aunt Pertunia were going to be fussing over Duddikins and if the day wasn't perfect they would find a way to make Harriot's life hell.
She emerged from under the stairs and was immediatley faced with uncle Vernon.
"You girl make my breakfast and try not to burn it this morning." He sneered. His face was for once a white shade but when he looked at Harriot the under colout of Scarlet flouted just under neath his cheeks. Harriot turned round to the cooker and was faced with any even more gruesome sight.
Aunt Pertunia was coated any bare skin on Dudley's face with wet sloopy kisses. Harriot had to stop herself from wretching and attended to the bacon.
"How many presents are there?" Dudley roared after he had escaped from Aunt Pertunia's grip.
"36 counted them myself." Uncle Vernon answered. Harriot could tell a grim was stretched across his plumps face.
"36? 36? I had 37 last year!" Dudley yelled. Harriot turned up the temperature and hoped that she could hand out the bacon before Dudley entered full tantrum mode
"Well some are bigger this year."
"Well we'll have to buy you two more at the zoo." Aunt Pertunia had sensed a tantrum as well and quickly intervened. The bacon was done and I quickly hurried to the table. The phone rang at the same time.
"Get the phone girl." Uncle Vernon snapped at me. His face was no longer white but a shade pink that was on the verge of turning blood red. He was obviously disappointed he had not provided for his son.
Harriot fetched the phone to discover Mrs Figg oin the other end. That women. She was obbessed with showing Harriot all the pictures of her cat and her house smeeled like cabbage. She requested to talk to Uncle Vernon and Harriot hoped beyond hope that she wouldn't be able to look after her and she could have the house to herself. She could imagine all the sweetes she would gorge and she wouldn't be able to be told off as she would eat dudley's secret stash and since he wasn't suppose to have it he couldn't rat her out. As she handed the phone over she crossed her fingers in hope.
"Ahh Mrs Figg how can I help......oh i'm sorry to hear.....you can't......are you sure....she won't be much hassle....well I hope you'll be better soon." Unce Vernon hung up the phone and a large vein was throbing on his forehead.
"Who was that Vernon?" Dudley had since started opening his presents.
"Mrs Figg she can't take the girl her leg is broken, tripped over one of her cats." Could this be true was Harriot hearing right?
"Well what are we going to do?" Harriot was used to her Aunt and Uncle pretending she was invisible and rarely using her name.
"Well we'll have to take her with us." What? she would be going to the zoo? This was even better. Her aunt and uncle never her took her any where.
"She's not coing with us!" Dudley demanded. He had finished opening his presents and was looking back and forth between his parents.
"She ha----"
"NOOOOOOO! THIS IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!" Dudley was thrashing around on the floor. Harriot took it as her que to leave.
She was warned by her Uncle of no funny business but she didn't care. She was here at the zoo. When dudley got an ice cream the lady asked what she wanted so the Dursley's were forced to get her one as well.
They had entered the reptile house and Dudley started ramming on a glass window.
"Why isn't it doing anything? Make it move!" Dudley Demaned of his father. Uncle copied his son and started to rap on the window.
"Move!" He shouted.
"MOVE!!!!" Dudley roared. "He's boring."
Dudley and his parents moved on and Harriot was left with the company of the boa constricter.
"Sorry about them bunch of idiots I know. Well at least you haven't got to live with them." The snake lifted it's head and stared staright at Harriot. "Wait, can you understand me?"
The snake lifted it's head up and down and Harriot's eyes rounded in wonder. She looked at the sign:
"Don't worry I never met my parents either." The snake's head was level with Harriots and she looked in to it's lidless eyes. People would look there and see nothing but cold but Harriot could tell that all this poor creature wanted to do was find his mum.
"Dad Mummy look at this." Dudley came over and shoved Harriot out of the way. As she lay on the floor and watched Dudley squish his face up against the glass she was overcome with a feeling of pure anger and then the glass was gone.
Vanished into thin air and Dudley feel straight through. To Harriot's delight the snake slithered over Dudley and his screams echoed throughout the reptile house. The snake slid down thanks it hissed as it left.
As Dudley stood up the step out of the pool with in the snake's previous home he was shocked to find the glass had reappered and had trapped Duddley inside. His screams grew even ore frantic and as Pertunia squashed against the glass, just like dudley had only a few moments ago, Harriot couldn't help but snigger slightly.
Uncle Vernon turned to look straight towards her and Harriot knew exactly this is what he had ment by funny bussiness.
A week had passed since the zoo incident and a consequence was that Dudley now had a irrational fear of inclosed spaces. Another Consequence is that Harriot only saw the light of day in the morning and at noght when she was forced to cook for the Dursley family and if the ffod was any good she would have what ever the Dursley's didn't want. One day as she was collecting the post everything changed.
She saw that a letter had been adressed to her. Well knowing how the Dursley's were already in a foul mood with her so she put the letter in her bedroom (the cupboard under the stairs) and handed the post to the Dursley's. She ended up burning the toast and bacon as she became destracted at the thought of why anyone would want to write to her?
By the time she made it back to her room she was almost sick with anticipation. This was the first ever latter she had ever got. As she enetered her room she didn't relealise that dudley was watching her. He ran up behind her and threw her down. he looked inside her room.
"What's so import--" His beeady eyes had caught sight of my letter and his grubby hands immediatly grabbed for it. Harriot tryed to grab hold of his clothes but his big mouth entered the equation.
"Mum, Dad Harriot's got a letter!"
Uncle Vernon and Aunt Pertunia appereared and Uncle Vernon reached down and grabbed the letter from Dudley. at first his smile was stretched into a smirk but after reading the address and turing over the letter his face turned an instanst shade of wait, white? Was Vernon scared. He showed the letter to Pertunia and her reaction was equally unusual to normal. He sent both Harriot and Dudley to our rooms.
Dudley cried out that he wanted to read it and Harriot cried out that it wasn't fair and that it was her letter. Their protests were ignores and Harriot soon found herself staring at the celing that had she had stared out for hours on end in her supposed bedroom but cell sounded more like an apporiate word.
More and more letters started to arrive for Harriot and owls littered the Dursley's garden. It was one Sunday morning when things turned for the worst. Uncle Vernon had taken to nailing wooden boards across the letter box and a weird frantic smilecrept along his face as he sat down enjoying a biscuit Harriot had just handed to him.
"Sunday, best day of the week in my opinion. And why is that Dudley?" dudley's face was blank as he stuffed several biscuits into his mouth.
"Because there's no post on Sundays" Harriot answered.
"Right you are my girl, right you are." And a weird laugh escaped his lips an someone unkonow to his behaviour would have thought he had escaped a mental home.
A rumble shook the house and a letter zoomed out of the fire place and straight into mr Dursley's face. It was the first of many and soo the house was filled with letters all addressed to Harriot. She did not make it back to her room in time and as Uncle Vernon held her he screamed at the top of his lungs:
ONe minute to midnight. One minute to Harriot's birthday. As she lay on the floor drawing herself a cake in the dust she thougth to her self that she wouldn't be surprised if the Dursley's didn't remember. They never did.
beep beep
"Make a wish" Harriot whispered to herslef and no sooner had she finished blowing but did the door of the light house they were staying in knock down.
A man at least 8ft tall stood. His face hidden by the darkness. Harriot heard Dudley stir and her Aunt and Uncle running down the stairs but she was rooted to the spot.
The giant entered "Sorry about that" His voice seemed light and good hearted and his apperance did not match the personalitly that was present.
"Don't suppose you remember me do you Harriot."
His black eyes rested on Harriot. Those eyes at first reminded her of a spider but once you looked proberly you saw warmth and cormf behing them and Harriot knew this man would not harm her.
"Get out." UNcle Vernon had appereded in a night gown with Pertunia cowering behing him. The gun he had found cough cough was pointed at the stranger.
"Shut your trap Dursley" The man reached out and pointed the barrel upwards. Harriot could not stop herslef from smiling, this man whoever he was had humilated her uncle and she found that one of the best presents she ever had.
" Ohh I almost forgot." He produced a small package form within his coat. "Happy birthday Harriot." Inside the package was a brithday cake saying
He sat on the couch and fire burst out from the end of his umbrella and the fire was lit in the fireplace.
"Thank you but who are you?" Harriot said with a shaky voice. Even though the kidness and warth she had recieved from this man had been heart warming she still had her wits about her and stayed caution to the situation.
"I'm Rebus Hagrid, Grounds Keeper to Hogwarts School of Witch craft and Wizardry, but of course you know about Hogwarts."
"Sorry hogwarts?"She replied.
"Bliemy Harriot." His pause was unberable. "Your a witch Harriot."
"I'm a what?"

Author: hope you like it i know the plot is smiarily to Harry's but the variation will come later on rememebr 5 comments for the next chapter and sorry for any speeling mistakes

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