My Dream Journal♥

Hey everyone, well I always have dreams and I figured i'll write about them. comment and tell me what you think about them? oh and please let me know which dream you're commenting about?

Chapter 1

The World is on Fire. -I had this dream when i was four or five and I lived in Allentown.

I'm laying in bed sleeping, then all of a sudden I smell smoke.. Why do I smell smoke? I sat right up in my bed and there was smoke pouring in from my window that was open because it was a hot summer night. I try looking out my window and I see that my backyard is on fire! "MOM...DAD!!!!" I screamed but they didn't come. I ran to their room and woke them up. I had them look out the window but they seemed completley oblivious to what is going on. Are you stupid?! I thought. I pulled them to the front porch trying to get out of the house. But when i got there all infront of me was Chaos. People were running all over the place, stealing cars, shooting one another and up through every crack of the street fire was shooting up, the sky was black and red. I ran next door to try to get my grandparents out(they lived next to us at the time) I ran in there but I could not find them. All of a sudden I heard laughter.. and all of a sudden the whole house collapsed and I woke up in my room perfectly normal...

That dream was so real, I remember it as if it were yesterday. It didn't even scare me.. But for the longest time I thought it happened. Me and my dad fought for ages because I always told him it was real and I wouldn't listen to him when he told me it wasn't.. That was the first nightmare I can remember,

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