A Big Thank-You to All my Friends :D (therE will be one chapter for each of my MOST awesome friends/the ones I can remember)

Oh man, my friends are awesome!!! I have some of the awesomest friends on Quibblo!!!

Chapter 2

As_You_Wish / In_Your_Arms / PotionsMaster

You r awesome. U r fun 2 chat with, good at writing stories, and all other imaginable things. I think, at first, I sent the friend request because I luved your amazing stories. After you accepted, quibblo was all about reading them. Later, I became bored with quibblo (?!how could I ?!). So I asked you to write a group story with me.

I almost fell out of my seat when you said yes! We immediately began planning for it, and soon I felt that I was more than a fan of your fan-fiction. I was a friend.

So thanx 4 existing, and creating a quibblo account, and accepting my friend request.

U R A great Friend :D

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