Dark Magic (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

Dark Magic (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

So here is my Draco story because he is a sexy beast. I hope you enjoy it and please comment for more.

Chapter 1

Strangers in a Strange Place

Name: Nicolette Aimer
Height: 5 foot 7
Build: Athletic
Hair: straight light brown that falls just below her shoulders
Eyes: Ice blue with a dark blue ring around the outside
About: Just transferred from Beauxbatons because her mom got a new job working for the ministry of magic. Her father was killed by a Death Eater when she was 5. She has a little sister who is going to be a first year.

Chapter 1
The platform is crowded and noisy. I can barely see my mom and sister through the steam billowing out of the train. I am still in my muggle clothes, with my brand-spankin new Hogwarts robes tucked away in my trunk which has already been stowed in a compartment along with my Barn Owl, Archimedes and my Firebolt that my mom bought to try and buy my forgiveness for uprooting my entire life and moving me to a new country. Currently she is talking to my sister, trying to ease her nerves, but before I can slip away and disappear into the crowd, she turns to me and leans in close so I can hear her.
"Nicolette, mon cher (my dear), you must try and enjoy school. We are going to stay in England and you should try and make the best of it, s il vous plait (please). It is your home now," begs my mother in a heavy French accent.
"Non mere (no mother), my home is back in France. But dont worry, I will smile and be friendly and act the part of the perfect, happy daughter. But England will never be my home," I tell her with only a slight accent since I have been speaking English much longer that she has.
"Mon cher, I hope you change your mind. The train is about to leave. Please, take care of your sister and write me as soon as you can. I want to know what your new school is like. Je vous aime ma fille (I love you my daughter)," she says and kisses me and my sister Jacqueline on the cheek. Without a backwards glance I climb aboard the school train and settle into my empty compartment. Jacqueline files in after me and sits in the seat across from me looking nervous.
"Do you really think we cant be happy here Nic?" asks my sister quietly.
"Oh Jacks, dont let my gloominess ruin your fun. I know you will enjoy school. Just think of all the friends you will make," I tell her feeling guilty for being the cause of her worry.
"If you dont want me to like England, I wont Nic, I promise," she tells me and my guilt swells.
"I want you to like England and I want you to like Hogwarts Jacks," I say and she finally begins to relax a bit.
Determined to quit worrying my sister, I turn to stare out the glass compartment door. Kids of all sizes are running up and down the aisles and I am just about to turn my gaze away when I see him. He is the most handsome boy I have ever seen. He has pale blonde hair and a strong, sharp face. I can tell that if I were to stand next to him, he would dwarf me by several inches. He has on a white shirt with a green striped tie and black pants. Just the sight of him makes my heart thunder in my chest. Then my stomach falls as I catch sight of the sneering girl clutching his arm and looking at him like she is already naked in his bed. Then, as if he could sense my gaze, his head turns and his stormy gray eyes lock on me. Heat floods my cheeks but I have never been one to shy away from a challenge so I stare right back at him. After a minute, the girl that is practically fondling him jerks his arm and he slowly turns his attention back to her. I quickly turn my gaze to my sister who is looking at me with a smug look on her face.
"So maybe England does have something to offer huh Nic," she says trying not to laugh.
"Shut up Jacks" I snap and look out the window to watch the gloomy landscape rush by. Soon the countryside gives way to mountains and the sky outside darkens until the lights in the train flicker on.
When we are told that we are only five minutes away from Hogwarts, I pull my robes out of my trunk and pull them on. When the train squeals to a stop outside Hogsmeade station, my sister leaves to cross the lake in a fleet of small boats and I follow the rest of the kids to a group of horseless carriages. I end up in a carriage with three other kids in green ties. They ignore me just as thoroughly as I ignore them and the entire ride is spent in stony silence. When we reach the school and pile out of the carriages, a tall, severe woman with a tight bun pulls me aside and leads me into the castle and into an empty classroom.
"I am Professor McGonagall miss Aimer. I figured you would want to be sorted in private instead of being sorted with the first years," says the woman.
"Yes professor, merci," I say gratefully.
"You simply have to try on this hat and it will sort you into one of the four houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. I am sure you will be an asset to whichever house becomes yours," she says and holds out an old patched and frayed hat. With a shaking hand, I grab the hat and place it on my head. A small voice begins speaking in my ear as soon as the hat falls in place.
"Hmm, a difficult one. I always enjoy a challenge. Where shall you go?" says the hat and for some reason, I think about the beautiful boy from the train. "Ah, I see. I have decided. You will be in SLYTHERIN" says the hat with the last word being said aloud to the almost empty room.
"Very good. We will return to the Great Hall and you will join the Slytherin table," says Professor McGonagall and without pause she turns and leaves. I hurry to catch up. When we walk into the Great Hall I cant surpress my awed gasp. It is amazing. I can see straight through the ceiling to the clear night sky. Floating in midair above the four long tables packed with kids are lit candles. Professor McGonagall points to the table on the far left and I hurry over and slip onto the end of the bench next to a girl with curly black hair. When I turn to watch the new students be sorted, I catch sight of the blonde boy and his gaze isnt on the first years, its on me. Ignoring him, I watch as each of the first years tries on the hat and then joins a table. Jacqueline is the third student to be sorted and I wait anxiously for the verdict. After just a few seconds, the hat shouts loud and clear so the whole school can hear... GRYFFINDOR!
Smiling from ear to ear, she hops off the stool and heads over to the table across the room. After that I tune out and only half way listen as the headmaster goes over the rules. Mounds of food appear on the empty plates and I scoop some of it onto my plate. After dinner comes the dessert and then we are finally dismissed. As the hall is filled with talking and the sound of benches scraping across the floor, the curly haired girl turns to me and smiles.
"I take it your new. I am Olyvia Spencer," she says.
"Im Nicolette Aimer. Its nice to meet you," I say.
"Follow me, I will show you where our common room is," she offers and I obey. She leads me through the doors and down a staircase into the dungeons. We stop in front of a blank wall and I look at her confused.
"Parsletongue," she says to the wall and it disappears to reveal a green tinged room full of armchairs and tables. A green fire is blazing in the fireplace and kids are milling around the room, swapping summer stories. Once again I catch sight of the handsome boy. He is sitting next to the fire with two large boys and the girl from earlier. She is sitting next to him and has her hand clamped on his leg.
"This is our common room. What year are you?" asks Olyvia, drawing my attention back to her.
"I am a sixth year," I answer.
"Me too, but since my dorm is full, I am assuming you are in the empty dorm, lucky. I would kill to get out of sharing a dorm with Parkinson," says Olyvia and she nods in the direction of the blonde boy and his dark haired girlfriend.
"The girl?" I ask.
"Yeah, that is Pansy Parkinson, a witch in the worst sense of the word. That blonde boy she is practically groping is Draco Malfoy and the two boys he is talking to are Crabb and Goyle. They are all in our year," she says, but only one part of her explination registers.
"Draco Malfoy," I say quietly. His head snaps up and he turns to look at me again, making me wonder if he heard me. His gaze doesnt leave mine as my companion keeps talking, though I dont catch much of it. Eventually, the room around us empties until we are the only two left. I dont see Draco Malfoy leave but the next time I peek in his direction, he is gone.
"We should go to bed I guess," says Olyvia.
"Alright, thanks for the tour," I say and head for my empty dorm that she pointed out earlier. She disappears quickly but before I can follow her example and head to my dorm, a soft voice behind me stops me in my tracks.
"So, you are the new girl." I spin and find Draco Malfoy leaning against the fireplace. He is watching me and his face is bathed in green light from the fire. He has undone his tie and unbuttoned the top of his shirt, exposing the smooth pale skin of his chest.
"Apparently," I say, glad that none of my nervousness has seeped into my voice.
"Congratulations on making it into Slytherin," he says shoving off the mantle and striding confidently towards me.
"Well judging by most of the other students, I would say Slytherin doesnt exactly have high standards, but thanks," I say.
"Nice accent, very sexy. I am guessing you are French," he says and stops less than a foot away from me.
"Oui, I am French. Perhaps I can teach your girlfriend a few phrases," I say and step back, uncomfortable with the look in his eyes and the heat of his body burning my skin. I figure a reminder of his girlfriend is the best way to end the conversation.
"She isnt my girlfriend," he sneers, closing the space between us.
"It sure looked that way to me," I counter.
"So you were watching," he says with a smug smile.
"Yeah well I slipped in a puddle of her drool and figured I had better be on the lookout for more," I say and take another step back towards my dorm.
"She wishes she was my girlfriend, but she isnt my type. I have a more... foreign taste," he says smoothly.
"Well maybe you should order in some chineese. I really should get to bed. Goodnight Malfoy," I say and slip into the safety of my dorm. Right before I close my door, I hear a soft whisper.
"Goodnight Nicolette."

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