Akatsuki Girls

Adventure. Mystery. Action. Romance. None of these things describe the fan fiction you're about to read. ._.
~Ginger with a knife
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Chapter 1

Let the Battles Begin!

Riah and Lucy were walking in a random direction now, not even knowing where they were, or the dangerous territory they were in. There was a light drizzle, threatening to get heavier. The girls had no shelter, and there were no houses for as far as the eye could see.
"Hey, Lucy?"
"Is that a cave?" Riah asked her friend curiously.
"I think so...." Lucy replied.
"Let's go take shelter!" Riah said, estatic to find shelter, due to the fact that their clothes were soaked.
As they approached the cave, they realized a boulder stood in their way of getting in.
"Awww! God dammit!" Riah yelled angirly.
Lucy let out a loud sigh. They sat there and waited for nothing. A few hours later, they could sense people coming. So, in hopes of it being an odd contraption, or maybe something like a secret chamber, they hid in the tree tops.
Little did they know one of the men was incredibly intelligent.
"Jashin! Why did you have to hit me too, you jerk!?"
"It was to kill the-" the taller man stopped in his tracks, the silver-haired man still walking.
"Hey what's the big-"
"Do you sense what I sense? A little birdie...no, two little birdies, in the trees."
"Huh?" the silver-haired man stopped and looked around.
Lucy and Riah exchanged worried glances. Just then, the branches they were perching on broke beneath their weight. They fell to the ground, and luckily enough, Lucy landed on her feet. However, Riah was not so lucky.
"Owwww! My rump!!!!" Riah yelped, holing her butt.
"Huh?" the two men stared at the girls, the girls staring back.
"Hey!!! Who the hell are you!?!?!?!" the silver-haired man asked, rudely.
"Isn't it rude to ask someone's name before giving them yours?" Riah retorted, standing up, still holding her butt.
"Yeah." Lucy agreed.
"Our names," the tall, masked man said, grabbing Riah by the collar of her shirt, "are of no importance to the likes of you. Hidan, kill the other one, I'll handle this one."
"What? Are you serious? Kakuzu, I can't kill innocent women or children, especially little girls like them!!!"
"Hidan! Just drop the whole religious crap and do it!" the masked man yelled to the silver-haired man, grabbing Riah by her throat with a tight grip.
"Kakuzu!" the silver-haired man barked, "Put her down!" he yelled, raising his scythe.
"Fine," the masked man dropped Riah to the ground, leaving her gasping for air.
"Stop!" Lucy yelled as the two men started to walk away.
"Stop being a pest." the tall man replied bluntly, not even looking back.
Riah got to her feet and drew her swords, one in each hand, and flipped them so she could hold them back-handedly and use her quick attacks, which were her forte.
"Yahh!!!" she yelled as she lunged at the tall man.
"Hunh?!" he managed to block one of the swords, but with her amazing speed, the flipped the other sword and struck him with a side-blow.
"H-hey!" the silver-haired man said, grabbing the young girl and temporarily disabling her arms.
"Uggh.... So...you can fight?" The tall man asked, bleeding from the cut Riah had given him.
Just then, Lucy pulled out her kunai and launching them at the silver-haired man, who took all of them to his back.
"Owww!!! Wow, girly. Those kunai went pretty deep." he said admittingly.
"Ahh...so both of you can fight...." the tall man said observingly.
"Hidan, do it now!" the masked man yelled, chopping Lucy on the back of her neck, making her fall unconsious. And the other man doing the same to Riah. Then, they dragged their bodies back to the Akatsuki hideout.

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