Windows to the Heart- Organization XIII Fanfic; Reader Insert

Lol, this is just a fanfic x'D its quite humble, but enjoy. Please if you would like to share ideas, comment or message!!! XD Thanks, and good reading for you. :3 oh, and if you want, suggest the characters the main person is involved with and I might include it ;D

Chapter 1

Revealed Secrets

The sun shines down upon a hot paved courtyard. Your feet can feel the heat through your shoes as you walk to the huge front doors. Awestruck, you take a minute to gaze at the twisted and pipe infested castle. Hollow Bastion. The birthplace of heartless, you remembered.
Reaching out, you grab the door handles and pull them open slowly. Cool musty air fills your nose and a sneeze comes on, but passes. The doors close behind you, and you brace yourself for darkness. Light shines down from stain glass windows surrounding the entry room and brightens everything
A smile pulls at your mouth. The search was on. Ansem's personal journal was scattered around somewhere in the castle, and if you found the rest of the reports your research could progress. Scanning the area, nothing seemed to stick out. Dust covered the stair rails and lay on surfaces like thin, dirty table cloths.
As you walked to and fro, dust twinkled in the window light. In the corner to the left of the staircase, the dust seems thicker and catches your attention. Lightly kicking it with your foot, paper crunches and your heart jumps. A slightly yellowed page peeks out of the pile and you quickly snatch it up. This wasn't the only paper. Underneath was the last five pages you needed as well.
You laughed in triumph and picked up the lot. Dust billowed out of them and you sneeze, finally. The sound echoes and your heart stops for a second. Looking around, you realized you shouldn't be so worried. The heartless that were here probably had left, or were locked in Hollow Bastion's endless underground facilities. Turning, you already begin to read. A sound from the stairs reaches your ears but you ignore it.
"(Your name)...." a smooth voice sounds behind you and you freeze. "Your research is impressive. We have been watching you since you first laid eyes on the, you know more than you should." The voice said without change in the smooth tone. Slowly, you face your visitor and find yourself looking over a hooded man in a black cloak.
"Who are you?" You ask immediately. "I am nobody..." he answered and started to descend the staircase," I have no heart, therefore, I can't be..." "How is that-" He cut you off with a raised hand. "Come with me, girl..and ill show you."
You hesitate but take his black leather gloved hand. "O-okay.." You waited for him to start walking. Suddenly, black shadows form around both of you and you try to pull away your hand. His grip is solid and you can't escape. "Let go!" You shout, but too late. The darkness swallows you whole as you start to scream.
What was this?! You panicked. Your vision was gone, as shadows made you blind. Trying to shout for help you realize you couldn't speak. The sensation of pain on your captive wrist returns and white light fades in. "What took so long?" A voice pierced your newly sensitive ears. Soon, the room faded in. And so would your new fate._________

Lol, next chapter will be longer x'D. Please, post comments! Criticism is much needed, feel free to be gruff. Thanks for reading!!! I swear, this will improve :)

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