Him (A Michael Jackson Love Story) Part 19

It seems as if things have taken a new, dark twist........

Chapter 1

A New, Unseen Enemy

Michael walked silently threw the bedroom door. Sunlight poured through the open windowpane, sheering my eyes with light. I didn't know what time it was; but i sure did know that I had slept later than usual. I let out a deep gust of air, and sat up. I saw Michael sitting on the bed beside me, stroking my fingers. I smiled up at him, as he pulled me upright. These were the moments I'd lived for. Suddenly, as I straightened myself, I fell back quickly. I let out a shriek, in clenching pain. I felt my Pelvis explode in what seemed to be a fit of enragement. The feeling was that of fire; a deep, rumbling, explosive fire that had shot off inside of me. Unable to get back to my unsuccessful position, I felt my eyes glaze over. How many hours it had been, I was unsure. Michael, his hand damp with sweat, felt clammy and loose in my tightened fist. He was muttering something to himself, but I could not make the words audible. "Mikey?" I asked, unaware that a doctor was standing next to me. "Where are we?" Michael hesitated, his eyes red and puffy from hysteria. "Lissa," he explained slowly, "We are in the hospital." The truth dawned upon me, but still wasn't quite as clear as I had hoped. "Why?" Fear began to radiate off of his eyes- his perfect eyes. "Honey, it won't be all that bad. Don't worry." I became agitated, after all no one was giving me a complete answer. "Doc," I said turning to the middleaged man. "What is wrong with me?" The doctor sighed, flipping through a small notepad filled with quickly scribbled notes. "You have cancer." My heart sank. How could this be? I had no family history of cancer. All of my family members had died at reasonably old ages. I swallowed my fear-and typhoon of questions- and whispered, "Okay, what kind?" The doctor's eyebrows creased. He walked over to the heart monitor and turned a few knobs. Had he heard me, I thought, becoming anxious. "Alissa," he questioned, his face as serious as they get. "Did you have any of the following symptoms?" He listed many symptoms that became eeriely familiar. I nodded my head yes, and occasionly shook my head, no. He departed the room momentarily, leaving Michael and I alone. His head was lowered in his sweaty palms. He was shaking his head. Then I realized that the fluid on his hands was not sweat, but a monsoon of tears. "Mikey," I said, prodding at his enclosed hands. "Please," I begged, my voice echoed, sounding, in comparison, to a lost puppy. He raised his head, hair battered, and eyes watering consistently. "I love you," he said, engulfing me in a bear hug. Perhaps, at the time, I was in shock, unaware of my potentially declining health. All that concerned me was that I wasn't going to have Mikey there with me, for whatever reason there may be. I returned the gesture, giggling the same laugh I always had. The doctor, interupting our affair, reentered the room, this time, with a small chart. "Your symptoms match one kind of cancer. A deadly one." I frowned, overall unphased. "Alissa, you have Ovarian Cancer." During this moment, my head was lowered towards my chest. My grandmother had died quite young to Ovarian Cancer. I had entirely forgotten, considering that I had never met the woman. Suddenly, the sky did not seem as blue as it had during the early hours of the morning. Nor did the birds cheep as happily. Something in the horizon jerked, and disappeared into the nothingness of the abyss. Dark flashes seized my crowded brain as I resisted. The tears were no longer sustained. I felt them escape my eyelids like a swat team- non-hesitent. "How long do I have," I choked. The doctor seemed unphased, although hearing my questioned, answered calmly, "Perhaps another 3 months. We have found your case far too late." Death was not what scared me, nor was it the reason for my uncontained tears. These emotions were for Michael. What would become of him? His tears were much more obvious and pained than my own. I grabbed his hand and stroked it. Memories flooded back into the front of my mind. The box, our first kiss, the day I fell into the pond. All of it seemed as if it had happened yesterday. Now, I may not have a tomorrow. The doctor left the room once more. I reached out my hand, much further than I should have, and squeezed his hand. Michael looked up, crying harder than I had ever seen. "What i-if I l-l-lose you?" I smiled a sad smile. "Mikey, there is always that sliver of hope. But i will never die." Michael, a confused look on his face, said, "But the doctor s-" "Forget what the doctor said," I interupted, my tone sweet. "I will never die if you don't let me. Remember me, in your heart, and I will live forever." my words seemed to touch him because he began to sob harder. "Mikey, this doesn't need to be sad. You will have a wonderful life. And you will have me forever- whether physically or not. You can always visit me, and I'd love it if you did, wherever I may rest. But just look here, and you will find me." i pointed at his chest. He hopped onto the bed, rocking me back and forth, like a newborn baby. "Lissa I love you so much. I need you." I knew he was telling the truth. His reactions were so sincere, full of raw emotion. I didn't want to see him suffer because of this. "Hey," I whispered, poking his side playfully, "I love you." He smiled, and giggled softly. "I love you more." I jumped onto his back, despite the piercing pain and whispered into his ear, "I love you the most." A few minutes passed, silence, becoming nearly as unbearable as the culprit inside of my body. 'Liss?" Michael asked breaking the silence. "Yes," I answered, relieved by our new conversation. "What do you want to do before...." He cut his sentence short. He was deathly afraid of its ending. I thought carefully, not wanting to open any doors that should remain shut. "Well, Boo bear....I really want only one thing." "What?" I smiled, my eyes becoming wider with emotion, "I truly want to see you happy, a married man." Michael was shocked to hear her answer. "Move the wedding and I iwill die happy." The tears returned, but he smiled. "Anything for you, but won't that cause you more pain?" I shook my head fiercely. "Nothing would please me more than to make peace with your bride." The sky changed swiftly back into the bluey color it had once been. The birds even began to chirp. I was satisfied with Michael's reaction. It really was what I desired; To see Michael smile- his erotic, charming smile, awaiting a beautiful woman that he can call his own. It was everything he had ever dreamed of. I just needed him to be happy- even if it wasn't I in the white dress.


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