The Lonely Peanut

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Peanut's Narrative

This is me, the peanut; A very lonely peanut. Let me tell you about my story...

I can't remember how I was born, all I remember was waking up in some weird place. I looked around me and was horrified to see many other peanuts stacked around me. I heard some of them talking amongst each other. The only words I could make out were 'peanut' and 'butter'. I didn't know what butter was, but it sounded awful. Being a peanut, I was unable to move, but I was determined to get away from this morbid place!

As I tried to think of a way of escape, I suddenly heard something loud, it was sort of a grinding sound. I looked up and gasped; there was some silver looking thing pressing down towards us! It was flat and it was definitely going to crush us.

"This is it..." I thought to myself "I'm going to die before I've even lived, why did God create peanuts? Why did he want us to suffer?" As I closed my non-existent eyes to brace myself for death, something snatched me! I opened my ears, but there was only darkness. Suddenly, light flooded me from all directions. I looked around in panic and suddenly saw some weird ape-like creature staring at me.

"This peanut looks rotten..." it said as I suddenly felt myself being flung from the creature's hand. I screamed and then it was a blackout. I don't know what happened after that, because I was unconscious, but when I woke up, I appeared to be in a garbage heap. I looked around in despair, I was most definitely in a garbage heap because there was some Justin Bieber dolls around me. They must of been thrown away after their teenage girls blasted at their parents "I HATE JUSTIN BEAVER!!! WHAT THE FBEEP DID YOU GET ME THIS FOR MY BIRTHDAY FOR!??!"

I was about to weep myself when I saw one of the Bieber dolls crying. "Oh baby, baby, baby oooh..." he sobbed. I was shocked to see that he was moving his head, lips, eyes, and HANDS!!! Wtf? I had just walked into Toy Story...?

To be continued if this 1st chapter doesn't turn out to be a total flop at the box office...


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