Two Of A Kind

Two Of A Kind is a romance about two teenagers who find each other unexpectedly and instantly form a bond that won't soon be broken. (the first few chapters might be kinda short)

Chapter 1

How I Met Her

I remember the first time I met Carter. I was on my way to Rock Garage a local music store on Main Street. It was pretty late and a lot of stores were already closing. It was an eerie night. The kind that would be perfect for a walk on the beach. it was warm yet cold and moist. I decided to walk up Main Street so it would take me a longer time to get there. Many of the buildings had spray paint all over them and looked run down but the town its self was still a good town. on my way to Rock Garage I passed my favorite coffee store, Brew Crew, and a few clothing stores. I decided to cut through an ally between two apartment buildings to get to the music store faster and then I saw her. She was dressed in all black and I wouldn't have seen her if it wasn't for her gorgeous platinum blonde hair or her gunmetal grey eyes. The trash bags were all piled up on either side of the ally and there were no street lights. I heard sobbing all the way at the other end. I quickened my pace to see who it was...but I didn't expect to find the most beautiful girl I have ever seen laying there looking completely lost and broken. She stared up at me with wide eyes and I could tell she was just screaming for help inside. I knew the minute we made eye contact that she couldn't just be left there. I held out my hand which was a little shaky because I was afraid that she wasn't going to accept my help which I ached to give her. But surprisingly she took my hand as if she had known me for years. Her hand felt little and fragile in my hand. It felt like I was going to snap it in half. I pulled her up out of the trash and she half smiled at me. Her eyeliner was smudged and she looked like she had been sleeping in the same spot for nine years so I did what I had to do...I took her to Small Town Burgers to get her something to eat and ask her if she wanted to come home with me. We walked in silence for what seemed like forever. We passed the music store I originally intended to go to and entered the old rundown burger joint. The waitress showed us to our table and we sat down to eat. I ordered onion rings and a milkshake.
" you want anything?," I asked her and she looked at me almost as if she was surprised that I cared if she ate.
"Sure...Can I have a small fry and water?" She seemed scared to ask for food which make me want to hug her. Which I don't normally want to do to random girls but she had a way of making me feel sorry for her. And her small soft voice didn't really help.
"You can have whatever you would like to have," I told her in my most sincere honest voice. The middle aged waitress seemed tired as she stumbled away from our table to get our order leaving me and this strange girl alone to be completely silent once again. She was so beautiful that I had to study her once more. Her light blonde hair was so shiny and soft looking and her bright grey eyes seemed to tell a sad but interesting story. She had flawless skin that was so pale but so pretty at the same time. She really was gorgeous. The waitress came back shuffling to our table with our order and I, as usual, dove right in. But when I looked up the girl was just sitting there staring at her food like she didn't know what to do with it. At last she picked up a fry and popped it into her mouth and took a few sips of her water. I remembered one thing that I must have forgotten when I realized I was so hungry.
"What's you're name?" I asked the girl who seemed to be processing the fact that she was eating fries. The she snapped her head up to look at me and tell me her name.
"Carter...Carter Dillan." She said to me in her tiny, soft yet tough voice. Her face seemed to relax and brighten up at the fact she just told me her name...and what an amazing name it was.

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