Unexpected Love (HP)

By Me and xBVBx

Chapter 3


It's been four months since Dumbledore's death, and my mother and I were having the same argument, but this time we were heading to 9 3/4's. We were walking from the Leaky Cauldron, the luggage already there waiting where it's concealed, and it wasn't the easiest walk, but we had left quite early.

"Mum, listen to me." I pleaded with her as the Muggle traffic became heavier as 10:00 am settled on us.

"I'm listening, Seamus." mum replied sourly. My shoulders slumped slightly at the hurt in her voice.

"There are reasons why I want to go back to Hogwarts, mum, I have friends to help support and protect. People to help. I have to be there, show that I'm not a coward, I don't run away from my problems like dad did, mum. I have your blood." We arrived at Kings' Cross earlier then we intended. Mum led us into a room that closed off the noise from the hustle and bustle.

"I know, Seamus, I just don't want to lose you like I did your dad." She said, tears threatening as she pulled out some of her home-made Irish bread. I mumbled thanks as I accepted the bread.

"But mum, you won't lose me. I've been covered in soot my whole life, I don't think a tad bit more will hurt." I told her, humor sneaking into my voice. Mum laughed, a merry sound.

"Seamus, you make me laugh." I grinned in pride, knowing how hard it was for mum. Then we realized we had been sitting there for a half hour. We both stood up hurridly and onto platform 9 and 3/4's. Mum had found my luggage and I hauled it on the train, picking my seat, the one in which I sat on my way home last year. I went out to say bye to my mum as the trained whistled.

"I love you, Seamus, behave and try to have fun!" She kissed my forehead and hugged me before leaving. I went back on the train to my seat to see a black owl in my seat.

"Hey little fella." I whisper, ready to throw it out the window when the chance was right.

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