U changed everything...(JJLS part 10)

Hey guys,i'm so so so sorry for the wait -.-
there u go part 10 :)
if u don't remember the last part plz read it again thanks u SO much love u all

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i TOTALLY forget it can be a little dirty sorry,promise it will be the first and the LAST time...promise


chapter 11 is already up 2

Chapter 1

Ugh i hate her...

He held me in his arms and kissed my head, as we sat on the ground and watched the sunrise.
Then he spoke "Dee there's something I need to tell you, it's important,and you might get upset but just know that I love you. I kind of envited someone without telling you"
I already knew who it was bit I needed to hear him say her name, just incase I was mistaken.
"Ok... who is it? I asked
"I envited Camilla" he looked me in the eyes, He was trying to see if I was hurting. And I was big time, I turned my face away from him so he wouldn't see. But he knew me so well, he turned my face back towards him.
"I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I just didn't want to spoil this for yo, but she and I are friends now and the public need to see that."
He kissed my cheek "tell me you understand" he was cradeling my face in his big hands, our faces were inches apart, "Do you know how much I love you" He traced his nose along my jawline sending shivers through my body.
"I know how much I love you" I whispered, I could fee him smile against my skin.
"You don't to be threatened by this, I love you. I need you He whispered. He then looked me deep in the eyes. I loved him so bad it hurt. He then kissed me with a fierce passion, I could feel every nerve in my body come alive. He pushed me down to to the ground and got on top of me without breaking the kiss. I ran my fingers through his hair.
He kissed down to my neck and found my sweet spot. I moaned lightly, he traced my lips with his tongue begging for entry, I opened my mouth an deepened the kiss, I moved my hand down his chest and slid it up inside his hoodie, I traced his abs with my nails. He moaned into my mouth, that sound almost sent me over the edge. he kissed down my chest pulling up my hoodie, the cold morning air stung my bare skin, But as he started to kiss and lick, it stare to feel better, much better. I knew we couldn't go any further, he was still wearing his purity ring. He started to move further down, it was now or never.
"Joe" I said a little breathless. He stopped and moved back.
"We have to stop?" he asked
I nodded and giggled as he pouted.
He pulled me up and we headed back to the castle.. We went through the back door to avoid anyone's attention, we weren't so lucky as the dilevery people had arrived, and were watching us as we walked to the elevators. I looked at my watch it was 6:30 already. We walked hand in hand to the elvator. A delivery man bring flowers breezed past us, but Joe was quick and grabbed a pink rose. The man turned to protest but he recognised us and just carried on. I smelled the rose and it smelled lovely. We got on the elevator and as soon as the doors closed Joe pulled me to him and kissed me.
"I'm sorry I didn't tell about Camilla,I promise I'll never do that again."
"It's ok, reallyJoe, Look I envited my ex and you were ok with it, why shouldn't I " We smiled at eachother.
The doors opened and he walked me to my room.
"So I will see you at the church, I 'll be the one in the beautiful wedding gown" I smiled wide, as dd he.
"I shall see you there Mrs "future" Jonas" he kissed me one more time and walked back to the elevator, I blew him a kiss before I went in my room I walked to the window and looked out,. It was going to be a perfect and beautiful day, little did I know drama was on her way, and her name was Camilla Belle.


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