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Hey guys, I'm going away on wednesday so I won't be able to update till september sorry about that. I'll try and get two more chapters up before I leave also if you like this can you please check out my other story Harriot Potter the girl who lived. Her love interest will take a while to get to but from what I've done so far you have a good chance of guessing who it's going to be. Anyway I hope you like it and please recomend to friends,I want to see if I can get a 100 reads on that story :)

Chapter 1

A not so Merry Christmas

ps Fred's follow's the real storyline better then George's just to make them a bit different

I hadn't spoken to George or Cedric since the lake and in my dream i saw my mother reaching out to me calling for me.I was woken with a start to find Proffor McGonagall staring down on me.
"Veronica come quickly the headmaster needs to talk to you."
I wrapped my dressing gown around and hurried after McGonagall to the headmaster's office. I found Harry in the room with Dumbledore and all the portraits listening in on the conversation. Whatever was being said it was important.
"Ah Veronica take this and you too Harry. Portkus" A keetle infornt of him glowed then returned to it's normal colour. I was confused and tired but I followed his directions and tounched the kettle. Astrange mist seemed to cover Harry's eyes as he looked at Dumbledore and then we were rushed away.
I had left my stomach at hogwarts and my heart somewhere else.
We landed at Grimmauld place greeted by Sirius.
"Harry what's going on?"
His face remained blank and Siruis handed me a butterbeer. No one was telling me anything but my answer came sooner that I would want it to.
Your mum has been hurt badly while on duty for the order. You will follow Mad eye to St Mungo's where your mum now rests. i'm not going to lie but it's touch and go but you have all the support of the order. Sorry I could not tell you more at Hogwarts but we were about to be interupted. Your luggage is on it's way and you will shortly be joined by the Weasley family.
Albus DumbleDore/

I couldn't grasp the words. All that i could read was that my mother was touch and go. The air emptied out of my lungs as I collasped o the nearest arm chair. Now I knew why Harry and Siruis had kept quit but how did Harry know?
Right now though i did't care I wanted to see my mum.
Mad Eye turned up ten minutes later and as soon as he steped inside I ushered him out again. I had founf sme muggle clothes upstairs and even though they were very dusty and too big on me i didn't care.
As I entered St Mungo's and rushed to my mother's bedside. The panic I had been holding back escaped and the flood gated opened. My mum looked so pale and as I held back tears i saw her life barley hanging on by a thread.
The order memebers had final convinced me to leave my mother's bedside and return to Grimmauld PLace to get some rest. At first I wasn't sure but they said that no one would leave her side. She still hadn't regained conscinious. The healer's had said her chances were better than when she came in.
As I entered Grimmuald i was greeted by hugs off both Ginny and Hermonie. followed by Ron and Fred. I noticed both Harry and George were both absent.
Mrs Weaskey chased them all away and left me to sleep.
I dreamt of me and my mum and my dad just having diner together. It wasn't special but it was the only memory of my dad that i had and it got me through a lot of tough times.
I woke up to a delightful smell comingfrom the kitchen. I had just relised the date. christmas eve. Well this sucks.
I walked down stairs to the kitchen to see if i could have some food before I demanded to go see my mum. As i went downstairs i noticed that poeple were avoiding my eye contact. Well all the order was but all the kids seemed pleased to see me. George gave me a half hearted smile which i di not returnted. I still didn't know how to cope with the whole boy thing but I decided it could wait to my mum's better. After a delcious dinner Lupin cam through the door and a grave expression masked his face.
"Vex could I talk to you." Mrs Weasley had tears streaming down her face but no one seemed to notice.
"Sure" I followed him into a room with a massive tree on the wall and sat opposite him. He handed me a letter then left.
And as I sat alone in this room the tears kept rolling down my face.
"Vex will you talk with me?" George appeared behind the door which led to the dinning room and everyone else was behind him.
"Urm not right now George."
"Well if not now when?"
"I don't know but later." I just wanted to be alone in my room and get the picture of both my mum and dad and just sit and watch them.
"Vex you can't keep avoiding me. What would your mum say if she saw you being a coward?" The anger eached his words. I heard a gasp behind him. "Sorry Vex that was low."
I dind't reply with words but just ran ro my room and locked the door.

Narrator POV
As Vex left the room the letter given to her by Lupin landed on the floor and George reached down to pick it up.

/Dear Veronica (fill in surname)
We are sad to inform you that at 3:17 your mother Samatha (fill in surname) past away. The attack of her wonds and the posion were too much. We will blah blah blah
St Mungos Hospital/

All George took in were the first few sentances what had he done? He apparted straight into Vex's room and saw her for the first time ever crying. He didn't know what to say but the actions he took said more than words could. He sat next next to her and put his arm around her shoulder and she reasted her head on his shoulder.
And as they sat there with Vex crying and George holding here Veronica's mum and dad knew that Vex was in good hands.

It was couple of days before the Chirstmas holidays and I was sat in the commen catching up on the homework I hadn't completed because of the detentions with Umbridge. At a guess I would say it was about 3 o'clock in the morning and I could feel my eye lids slowly slipping down to cover my eyes. i would give anything to fall asleep but i had to finish this essay fro Snape on whyand how a bozar is an antidote to most posions.
However I could not concentrate. i kept thinking back to Fred and what he said about liking someone else. I hadn't been able to talk to him as I had a detention and when i wasn't in detention I was busy doing homework. i really wanted to talk to him. I had chickened out at the qudditch matchand didn't tell him how I realy felt. But i was spending christmas with him. To be fair it was with his whole family but just the fac that he was going to be there made my belly do flips.
I thought to myslef that there was no point writing this essay with other things on my mind so I started to pack my things away. As I got up and left the chair I saw Neville run past me with a fightened look on his face. I headed up to the fifth year boys dormitory to see what the fuss was about and i found Ron, Seamus and Dean surrounding Harry who looked scared out of his wits; pale as sir headless nick and a damp sweat covered his body. The smel of sick was overwhelming and it looked like Harry was going to be sick again.
I pushed past Ron and Dean and knealt next to harry. I conjured a bucket and within 10 seconds he was sick again. I got rid of the sick on the floor and in the bucket I then conjured a glass.
"Aguamenti" I used my tie and dipped it in the water. "Harry you need to lie down." I press the damp tie to his forehead his temperature was dangerously high. "I assume Neville's gone to get McGonagall."
"Mr Weasley's hurt.' Harry kept saying.
"Over here professor."I heard Neville say behind me.
"What is is Potter? where does it hurt?" I could tll McGonagall was stood right behind me and the anxiousness in her voice sounded as though she was worried.
"It's Ron's dad." Harry seemed somewhat relieved as he sat up against my protests. "He's been attacked by a snake and it's serious, i saw it happen."
An awkard silence followed. "I'm not lying and i'm not mad!" Harry shouted. "I tell you, i saw it happen."
"I bleiev you Potter" McGonagall replied curtly. "Put on your dressing gown-we're going to see the head master. Weasley you had better come too. Veronica 10 points for impressive spell work and thinking on the spot but you should all now head to beed." With that she harry and Ron left.
I ran up another flight of stairs and burts into the 7th year boys dormitory. If the twins dad was hurt they need to know about it.
I burst into the room to find them all sleeping soundly. As I approach Fred's beed I can;t help but notice how cute and calme he looks and I don't want to disturb him. What am I saying? Who watchs people when they sleep and the person doesn't realise that is creepy? (twilight jab for you there)
"Fred George wake up!" I was shaking the both quite roughly. "You need to get up. Your dad might be hurt." At this the twins shot up and looked straight at me. "I can't explain in here." I could here other people stiring. "Meet me in the common room I'm going to get Ginny."
I left them looking slightly taken a back and I approached Ginny's room. For some bizarre reason she was still awake just lying on her bed thinking. We were both down before the twins and she sat nervously by the fire.
When the twins joined us I explained about what Harry was saying and it might not be true but he's gone to the headmaster. All three Weasley's faces looked scared. i wanted nothing more than just to hold Fred and tell him it's alright. As i was about to sit down next to Fred Mcgonagall entered the room again.
"Ahh Veronica what did I say? Oh well Weasley's you are to come with me Veronica this time please return to bed."
I watched them all leave and i gave one last look to Fred before I went upstairs.
Me and Hermonie were sat on the night bus on our way to Grimmauld PLace. Both she and I were extremely nervous. None of the teachers could give us any details about what was going on as Umbridge was furious Harry and the Weasley's had left. if you mentioned their names she seemed to apper around the nearest coroner and asked what you knew.
The bus finally stopped and me and Hermonie exited. we waiting beofre it was around the coroner befor e we went to wehere number 12 Grimmmauld place should be. When we enetered the place looked completely different. Even frienly. Then mrs Black's scrrams erupted throughout the house and we headed upstairs to see if we could spot any one. We soon found Ron on the first floor and he filled us in on what had happened. How they had over heard them talking and how Harry avoided contact with anyone. I was friendly with Harry but by the sound of it he needed his best firends to talk to not me. So i dumped by ags and went looking for Fred and George (well Fred in particular).
I found them in a room where a large tree was spread across the wall. They were in hushed whispers. They obviously didn't want to be disturbed. Remember the three Ds Vex.
"Boys!" I apparated right behind them and both jumped higher than I had ever seen. i couldn't help but laugh.
"Vex you know we're trying to hide from our mother." George wailed.
"Yes I know why do you think I jumped on you." They bith started to chase me around the room but with a flickof my wand Fred tripped and George tumbled over them. Unfortunetly I wasn't far enough ahead and sure enough I got tangled in the mass of body parts. We all looked at each other and burst out laughing. I hadn't laughed this hard all school year. It was a nice feeling and by the look on the twins face when I walked in, it looked like they needed a laugh too.
By the time our laughter had subsisded I heard Mrs Black screaming thorugh oout the house. This caused us to start laughing all over again as we heard Mrs Weasley shouting back. By the time that laughing fit ended we were all scarlet red in the face.
It then dawned on us why we were all at Grimmauld Place and not the burrow. Mrs Weasley called us down for tea and we all went downstairs.
We visted the St Mungo's the next day and I was pleased to see that Mr Weasley was alright. As we returnted to the Grimmauld i noticed the change in mood of both Sirius and Harry bioth seemed Jollier than before and the atmoshphere in the place couldn't even be brought down by Kreacher.
"Hey Vex." It was George and we were alone in the twins bedroom.
"Hey George." I sat on Fred's bed and he sat on his. "What do want to ask me?"
"How did you know I want to ask you something?"
"I can see it in your face."
"Oh well listen. do you like Fred?" He looked at me with aphrension. Did he know? Well he must the bluntness of the question showed he knew something.
"Why do you ask?" i avoided answering the question and George noticed.
"Listen yes or no because I think you do and to be honest Fred likes you in return and I'm sick of you to being too afraid to go for it." He looked straight at me.
"Hey George, Vex, secret meeting going on with out me." His grin was stretched across his face and I was reminded of why i like him in more than a brother way.
"Nothing. Mum needs me I leave you two alone." Now his face reflected Fred's and a grin was also on his face. If I hadn't know better I thought I saw George wink and Fred's face light up but then punch him on the way out. Once George had left Fred came and sat next to me. He smelled so good and Ilooked up to his face and i just wanted to reach out and touch it.
"'How are you, feels like ages since we talked."' Fred asked.
"I know me spending all my time with Cedric and you spending all your time with Angelina." An awkward silence followed.
"Listen" We both said at the same time.
"You first."
"No you first" I insisted.
"OKay well listen Vex, i don't know if you were listening when me and Angelina broke up but I said i liked someone else."
"I heard I just didn't want to look like I was listening."
"Well I wanted to tell you who that someone is." I couldn't help it his face was mere inches from mine.
I kissed him.
At first it was innnocent but then it turned into something else and i could feel his hands in my hair and mine were in his.
"Sorry I didn't mean." We broke apart. "I just...well....i thought....I'm such an---"
Fred cut me off by continuing to kiss me and after a good 5 minut make out I looked up at him.
"i like you." He said with a smile so wide he was simiarliar to a chershire cat.
"I kinda of guessed." He took my hand and looked straight into my eyes.
"Veronica, will you be my girlfriend?" It sent chills up my spine when he siad my name and the warmt eminating from him touching my hand.
I wanted more than anything in the world to sya yes. Then i thought that I'm just a rebound. He was with Angelina a week ago he needs time to think.
"Fred you just broke up with Angelina and your father's in hospital." I took my hand out of his. "I want nothing more in the world to say yes but I think you need to think about proerties because the last thing you need right now is a girlfriend to distract you from what's important. like getting your bussiness off the ground and the stress and worry about your father is more important than me. But don't worrry I'll be waiting for you when you're ready."
i could feel the tears in the back of my eyes and I kissed him on the cheek before I ran out the room.

sorry I know sad endings all around but it gets better in the next chapter


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