Hunted - A Modern Avatar Story

A modern version of Avatar the Last Airbender.

Chapter 1

The Shadow

by: M_E_T_A
After receiving a 911 call from a Male citizen from City Block 6, a group of highly trained Human Defense operatives were dispatched to an abandon apartment building just out side Evercraft City. They pulled up in their Military Response vehicle and filed out and lined up at the sides of a steel bolted door at the back of the apartment building. Another team was issued to the front. The leader looked to the other squad just across from him. He gave them a quick signal and the one in front opened the door and he lead his squad inside. The other followed soon after.

They crouched low and kept close to the right wall and made their way at a steady pace down the hall. The Human Defense operatives were heavily armored and were armed with M-16 Assault Rifles. They were dealing with a very dangerous individual and some feared that the armor wasn’t a strong enough defense. But they still managed to keep their cool and continued with their mission.

The two squads ended up at a split. One side of the split was a staircase that headed up to the next floor, the other was another hallway. The leader signaled the other squad to head down the second hallway while his squad took the next floor.

Halfway up the staircase they began to realize the next floor was darker than the one below. Each operative turned on their flashlights that were hooked up to the sides of each squad members helmet. After completing the climb up the stairs, the squad came to a small common room with a couch a couple of chairs and a kitchen top table with ingredients for coffee.

The leader gave a signal to fan out and search the rooms around the common room. The rooms were empty or filled with garbage, and the squad was about to head back down stairs and join the other squad to search the rest of the ground floor. But before they did so, the squad heard a sound coming for a double doored room at the end of a small hall. The noise sounded like a pile of papers falling to the ground. They quickly aimed their rifles toward the door. The leader gave a signal to round up the group to the small hallway. Four operatives got on one wall, three more and the leader got on the other. They slowly approached the door.

Once at the door the leader nodded at the squad member across from them. The other man nodded back. At the same time the leader and the other man stood up and kicked open the double doors leading to the next room. The room was in fact, not empty. In the room was a person. Gender was unknown due the to amount of shadows. They had a candle or some other form of light and quickly put it out.

The squad filed into the room quickly, blocking any chance to escape and aiming their rifles at the shadowed person.

“Don’t move.” The leader commanded.

The shadow turned slightly toward the operatives.

“Put your hands on your head.” The leader said.

They didn’t budge.

“Now!” The leader shouted.

Slowly the shadow raised they hands to their head.

“Get down on your knees.”

The shadow got down on their knees.

An operative moved in to the shadow, pulling out a pair of cuffs. As the operative reached for the shadow persons hand, the shadow grabbed the operatives wrist. The shadow quickly got up and preceded to kick the man in the chest, sending him to the wall.

The leader snapped, “Get ‘em, alive,” signaling the others to get the shadow.

The squad quickly moved toward the person who reacted by grabbing one of the operatives arms and throwing them into another. One member tried to hit the shadow with the butt of their rifle. The shadow quickly took a hold of the gun, pulled the rifleman toward them, grabbed their head and threw it into their knee. One member tried to grab them from behind but the shadow countered it with a elbow to the stomach and a spin kick to the face.

Another threw their gun to the ground and tried to get the person with a punch. The shadow grabbed the operatives hand and brought theirs up to his elbow, breaking the mans arm. The soldier screamed in pain and the shadow kicked him into the seventh operative.

The leader pulled a gun on the shadow. The shadow stopped, standing up straight. The other soldiers raised their guns at the shadow.

The person looked at the squad members and in one swift movement, the shadow created a wave of fire around itself. The operatives backed up, lowering their weapons. They fire began to get brighter and closer to the soldiers. They shielded their eyes. They light vanished.

The operatives looked again and the shadow was gone.

Leader stared at the spot where the shadow once stood.

“Sir,” One of the operatives said.

The leader looked at them, “What?”

“What was that sir?”

“I don’t know... I don’t know.”


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