Beautifull love. (A Draco malfoy love story, must see!)

Beautifull love. (A Draco malfoy love story, must see!)

Hay, I'm a girl called Aries Carrow. My parents died when I was 5. I live with My Uncle Amycus and my aunt Alecto. They were/are evil death eaters.I'm evil, selfish, cold-hearted and cruel. I bully people for fun. . I just finished the 5 year of hogwarts. I'm in slytherin. My friends are: Pansy,Crabbe and Goyle. My best friend is Draco malfoy. We do everything thogether, we tell eachother everything.I stand by his side no matter what.

Chapter 1

Entering the Malfoy manor.

by: Tatu
It was the end of 5 year of hogwarts. When the train arrived in London I said goodbye to Draco and walked away. This summer I was supposed to stay in a hotel in London. On the way there I saw Narcissa malfoy. We met 3 years ago, she really likes me. When I told her that I'm going to be in a hotel this summer, she suggested that I should stay this summer in their mansion, because we have alot to talk about. I said yes, but only under one condition: they must not pay anything for me . She smiled and taked me to their manor. It was so beautifull. Narcissa showed me my room. Narcissa and lucius were sitting in the livng room, when draco arrived. He wasn't alone. He brought his new girlfriend with him.

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