The Secret Life of Darth Vader: REBORN!!!

Hey guys, not sure if any of you remember the old 'The Secret Life of Darth Vader' series me and nero made together a while back, but... IT IS NOW REBORN!!!

This story will have all the orginal chapters plus more as time goes by, more chapters are written, blah, blah, blah. :p


Chapter 5

The Revenge!

As the two Lady Gaga held their ears and winced around the ground in agony from being forced to endure Lady Gaga's the Remix, they cast their fears aside and they knew they couldn't survive. But then a hero came along, with the strength to carry on!
The girl managed to overcome the pain enough to pounce on Lord Vader from the back while he wasn't looking! "Ugrh!" cried Darth Vader as he fell to the ground and the secret torture device hit the ground and smashed into a billion tiny pieces. "Noooo!" whelped Darth Vader as he held his hand out to the dead torture device. He starting weeping, but of course you would never know because he had that stupid helmet on.
"Quickly, let's kill him!" demanded the wolf boy. "No, not yet" the girl said, smirking "let's torture him first, like he tortured us!"
"Omg, great idea" replied the wolf boy and the pair quickly tied up Lord Vader in rope and glued him to a chair.

"Tell me Darth Vader, what music do you hate?" asked the girl as she grinned at him evily.
"I-I... Umm, Lily Allen?" Darth Vader lied. "Omg, how can you hate Lily Allen?" the wolf boy asked angrily "she is like the best artist ever!"
"Not to me she isn't..." replied Lord Vader. "Okay guys, let's not fight. Let's just force Darth Vader here to listen to Smile 100 times at top volume and hope it tortures him enough to make him scream in pain!" the girl replied, still grinning evily.
"Fine" the wolf boy said, glaring. The girl switched on her iPod and glued the earphones to either side of his helmet, on top of where his ears were... Hopefully. She then put Lily Allen's Smile on play on her iPod, put it on repeat and cranked up the volume to full blast.
"Enjoy!" the girl said, smirking as she and the wolf boy walked away to go to Pizza Hut while Darth Vader 'suffered'
"Now, I have to escape!" Vader whispered to himself.

Darth Vader attempted to wriggle free of the ropes, but to no avail. After about 2 hours, he managed to free his hand enough to grab his lightsaber that was tied to his belt and cut himself free.
"FINALLY!!!" he shouted, glad to be free at long last. He quickly tore the earphones off his helmet and smashed the iPod under his foot. "NOW I really do hate Lily Allen..." he muttered to himself.
Darth Vader ran off to find the girl and wolf boy whom had escaped. He found them in the nearby Pizza hut. Really, how long does it take to eat a pizza? Regardless, he had them now for sure! He smashed through the windows like in some low budget crime movie and held his lightsaber up.
"No body move or I'll cut your pizzas into a million pieces!" he announced. Everyone in pizza hut stared at him in awe. They all thought he must of been some wacko who's escaped from the local asylum. The girl and wolf boy tried to sneak away under the tables...

To be continued...

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