The Secret Life of Darth Vader: REBORN!!!

Hey guys, not sure if any of you remember the old 'The Secret Life of Darth Vader' series me and nero made together a while back, but... IT IS NOW REBORN!!!

This story will have all the orginal chapters plus more as time goes by, more chapters are written, blah, blah, blah. :p


Chapter 3

Luke Skypooper

"I see you have forsaken your black armour..." Darth Zombie said as he eyed me up and down, noticing that I looked suspiciously more like Lady Gaga than I did in that suit. "Er yeah... It got uncomfortable" I said.
"Hmph, whatever!" he said "I have contacted you because I have sensed a disturbance in the force... There is a new young jedi called Luke Skypooper and he is causing trouble for our empire!"
"Oh noes! We must stop him!" I yelled. "Not just yet" replied Darth Zombie "there is a group of Lady Gaga haters down on the planet whateveryoucallit. They must be captured at once and brought back to the Death Star to be tortured endlessly! Mwahahahaha!"
"Yes master, you speak words of wisdom." I said "They shall join us or die!" "Excellent!" said Darth Zombie beaming with excitement "Now, would you care to explain why you're still here?"
"Y-yes master!"

I quickly hurried to my armour suit and put it back on before darting out of the room and to the nearest spaceship.
I climbed on board and waited as my storm trooper slave flew the ship down to planet whateveritscalled. As the ship landed on the planet's surface, I disembarked the vessel and was shocked at what I saw! There was a not-so-huge riot going on in the small town we had landed in. There were two people burning Lady Gaga dolls on stakes, holding up banners saying 'DOWN WITH LADY GOOGOO OR WHATEVER HER RETARDED NAME IS!' and they were constantly chanting the words "We hate gaga, we hate gaga!"
I was furious! I walked up to them and grabbed the dude's throat in my hand and lifted him from the ground. The girl just gasped and quickly dropped the banner she was holding. "How dare you form a protest against the magnificence that is Lady Gaga!" I boomed "You will pay dearly for this!!!"

To be continued...

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