The Secret Life of Darth Vader: REBORN!!!

Hey guys, not sure if any of you remember the old 'The Secret Life of Darth Vader' series me and nero made together a while back, but... IT IS NOW REBORN!!!

This story will have all the orginal chapters plus more as time goes by, more chapters are written, blah, blah, blah. :p


Chapter 2

The Lady Gaga Haters

I looked out my space view window, fantasizing about how hot Han Solo looked when one of my storm troopers walked in.
“My lord.” he said “We have detected another group of Lady GaGa haters down in Malo-whateveryoucallit.” I twitched angrily “My lord?” he asked.
“FIND THEM!!!” I screamed “But do not kill them. I want them alive for torture.” The trooper saluted me and went off to retrieve the horrible, retarded, mentally handicapped, snot dribbling, faceless sons of-
Darth_pwanage: VADER!!! That isn’t very nice >=(
Vader: Sorry.
Anyway, he went to get the evil Lady GaGa haters. I turned to my computer and checked all the security cameras. The cost was clear. I sighed with relief. Now was time for my meditation...

I slowly began to strip away the cheesy black armor crap I was wearing, revealing a disturbingly showy puke worthy out fit that looked like I’d designed it while on some unknown alien drug (which between you and me is know in a galaxy far, far away.) I let my fake wig tumble down my shoulders. I was once more the magnificent Lady GaGa. I took a deep breath.
“Hit it boys." Out of nowhere my back up dancers who looked like I'd picked them up from Chip and Dale’s appeared and began to dance as I sung Just dance.
Then, without warning, the 60 inch plasma screen T.V. turned on, revealing my zombie, burn victim looking master, Darth Sidious. I squeaked and shooed all my back up Chip and Dale workers away and turned back to Darth zombie burn victim, bowing.
“What is thy biding my master?"

To be continued…

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