The Secret Life of Darth Vader: REBORN!!!

Hey guys, not sure if any of you remember the old 'The Secret Life of Darth Vader' series me and nero made together a while back, but... IT IS NOW REBORN!!!

This story will have all the orginal chapters plus more as time goes by, more chapters are written, blah, blah, blah. :p


Chapter 1

Darthy Is Gaga!

Greetings, my name is Darth Vader and this is the auto-bio to my life that not many of you know about... Enjoy!

My name is Darth Vader, I am sure most of you know of me.
Well, anyway. To begin this auto-bio into my secret life, let me start by telling you some secret things about myself.
First of all, I have a crush on that hottie Han Solo.
Secondly, I am always crying when I kill someone, but you can't see me crying because I am wearing a helment. I really hate killing people, I know many people might not believe that, but its true! People are so cute, we shouldn't harm them! D=
And thirdly, I am secretly Lady Gaga, yes you heard me! I am sure you Lady Gaga fans probably know how many people assume that Lady Gaga is actually a dude, well its true! ...Sort of. I am actually both male and female, it all happened when I had this suit put on me. They didn't show it in Episode III, but they were really doing OTHER things to me as well...
So anyway, those are three things you should know about my secret life...

To be continued...

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