Adventures of Alice Rose Jedilhien

this is an original story and ideaps the main characters name is mine jumbled and if there are any as wisth a dashy thing above them they are either an apostrophe or a quotaion mark sorry bout that my computer is jacked up. And please comment i mean it serioul comment, so hey stop reading this and got on with reading the story. And the name with the hyphen at the top is who is telling the story I hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1

Could it be Love?

by: Harper_
I awoke in an unusually cheerful mood. Now it just seems like someones sick twisted idea of a joke. But before i continue on and on, let me catch you up to speed.
It was an average Tuesday morning. Both my parents were already at work so my alarm awoke me. I rolled out of bed and onto a pile of pillows strategically placed there to cushion my fall. I lifted myself off the ground and started getting ready for school. Though I despised my school uniform, I must admit it made me look good. It was a simple brown cardigan over a button up white t-shirt, with a pair of khaki's and whichever pair of closed toe shoes I had on hand. The color brown always makes my blue-gray eyes explode with color. I wiped on a quick layer of pale pink lip gloss, I worked my honey-gold shade of blonde hair pulled back into a messy side braid, put on my signature owl necklace and then I was dressed for school.
I then hurried into the kitchen and grabbed a quick bit of toast and a swig of cranberry juice and I hefted my old white and blue plaid sling bag onto my shoulder and I was off like a horse at the races. I ran as fast as I could to make it to the bus stop. My bus driver was notorious for leaving a few minutes early and that caused everyone who wasn't on the bus to run to school or hitch a ride with their parents.
I arrived at the bus with literally seconds to spare. I had to pound n the door a few times before Mel grudgingly opened the door. I shot him a death stare. I do think he was used to them by now. I speedily walked back to my seat in the 4th to last row. I slunk down into my seat and took a sigh of relief. I then had one of those hilarious double take moments you see on TV that rarely ever happen in real life. There was someone else in my seat. On most buses this wouldn't be uncommon but o mine it is quite rare because it is one person to a seat and we have assigned seats. To add weird on to an already odd situation, I had no idea who this person was.
"Umm who in the world are you?" I asked in my oh-so polite way, which isn't really that polite. I stared at him, while waiting on his answer. He wasn’t half-bad looking. He had a fairly strong jaw line and pretty long eye lashes that brushed his cheeks when he blinked. His eyes were just as pretty as his eyelashes. They were a melted- chocolate brown that pulled you in and made you want to stay, gazing in them forever. Once I freed myself of their gravitational pull, I studied the rest of his face. He had a somewhat crooked nose that was kind of cute in an off kilter way. He had a rusty shade of brown hair, it was a little shaggy an occasionally when he tilted his head it would fall into his eyes. I also realized he had perfectly straight and white teeth. Okay so I admit I thought he was incredibly hot. As I was studying him, I notice I missed what he had said.
"Sorry, will you repeat that." I asked. I felt my cheeks becoming rosy red as heat spread across my face. He laughed. I felt my face get even redder. “" said I am Nick and I asked who you were." Nick repeated for the second time. I felt a bit calmer as I grew used to his presence. "Oh hi Nick, I am Alice, yes I know very good and well it makes me sound like someone's grandmother and why are you in my seat?" I asked getting somewhat irritated that this devastatingly good looking guy had the window seat.
"Matt or whatever his name is told me to pick a seat somewhere back here." Nick motioned around the 14 back seats. I nodded my head in understanding. All the kids in 7th and 8th grade had to sit back here. Nick continued. "All the other seats, were filled so I sat here. Oh and you don’t sound like someone's grandmother." That comment made me blush all over again. As a few minutes passed I began to lower my guard and feel relaxed again.
"So are you new to the district?" I asked him. I figured he was new or had switched buses, but I felt it was more likely moved, because he wasn't wearing a uniform. "Yeah, I am new here, I moved from California." I should’ve realized he was from somewhere sunny; he had a golden, godlike tan. "You’re a long way from the west coast, what brings you to Indiana, the beautiful scenery." I motioned out the window sarcastically. It was cornfield after cornfield, and the occasional pole barn. He peered out the window and nodded in agreement. "Yes the scenery is incredible. But I moved out here because my mom's job. So how long is this bus ride anyway?" Nick shifted in his seat uncomfortably. "It's a grand total of 30 minutes and it's been about 15 minutes, so around 15 why? Is the window making you bus-sick?" I asked innocently. Nick laughed again. He had the most spectacular laugh.
"I see you are a natural born lawyer, and no, I'm just nervous. I have gone to the same school my entire life, until now that is." He responded woefully. I felt really bad for him. I knew what it was like, being uprooted from your home and dragged to another. "Sorry, but at least you know me and I can show you around, if I can pull a few strings." I told him, a devious look spreading across my face. He looked back at me and grinned his fantastic smile that made my heart flutter. "Dear God, you have an evil genius look on your face." He said to me. "Now how could you pull that?" I smiled even wider.
"Well at George Washington Academy, the welcoming committee normally leads around new students that move in the middle of the school year, and the person is drawn at random, but as I am the head of the committee I can probably show you around. If you want me to." I quickly added that to the end of the sentence. "I would be my honor to have such a lovely lady lead me around." Nick said jokingly. I blushed anyway though. "It shall be my pleasure." I replied, playing along. When Nick turned back to the window, I hastily pulled out my cell phone. I pulled up messaging and sent a message to my best friend Misty.
Me-OMG you so wont bleve this
Misty bff- Whaaat??????
Me- Hottest guy evr nxt 2 me on bus!!!!!!!!!
Misty bff- Ur soooo lyin :P
Me- Dead serious OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Misty bff- whts he look like???
Misty bff- he new?
Me-yeah im leadin him around :P hahaa
Misty bff- NO WAY!!!!!!!!
Me- YES WAY!!!!!!!!!!!
Misty bff- lucky
Me-ik ps I call him
Misty bff- NO FAIR!
Me- yes fair I g2g he looking
Misty bff- loser.
"What are you doing?" Nick asked me. I casually slid my phone back into my bag. "Oh nothing." I said I then said quickly "Hey we're here!" Nick looked over to the window. I exhaled the breath I didn’t even know I was holding.

And we were here. George Washington Academy is a massive brick building with huge entryways and stone sidewalks. It was once a courthouse and is now the very prison that confines me. Everyone started slowly shuffling off the bus. When I was able to cut into the line I stood up an motioned for Nick to follow. He warily stood up and followed my lead. As soon as I stepped foot onto solid ground I was ambushed by Misty. She ran into me and spun me over to the side for a minute.
"Ohmygosh, you were right, he is delicious too bad you have dibs." Nick soon spotted me and walked over to Misty and me. Misty ran up to him "Hello, I am Misty the yin to Ali's yang the sun to her moon the peanut butter to to her jelly." Misty announced dramatically. I shoved her. "As you probably gathered this-"I motioned to my friend "- is Misty, my insane best friend." I explained to Nick as we started walking in towards the school. As we entered the huge brick building I spread my arms and said to him, "Welcome to my personal hell"

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