A Female Sirius Black? Crapolla

Name:Chita Mendez
Age:14 (Marauders Era)
Hair:Dark Brown
Eyes:Dark Blue
Animal Form:Tasmanian Devil
Marauder Nickname: Fangs
Secret Crush:Sirius Black
Absolute BFF:Remus Lupin
Other:Half Mexican (Mum), Half American (Dad) Moved to England after Parents died were she now lives with Grandfather. Lives Near Remus Lupin. Female Sirius Black/Female Marauder. Sleeps over at fellow Marauders places alot.
Blood Status:Muggle Born
Attitude:Like Sam Pucket

Chapter 1

The First Female Marauder

by: MelMalfoy
"THAT IS THE LAST TIME I DO THAT!!!" i yelled at the top of my voice to Sirius Black "you always say that and you always keep doing it" he said "NOT ANYMORE AS!!" i yelled and threw a Quaffle (which wed nicked) at him. "What ae you two fighting about now?" James asked as he came into his dorm followed by Peter (Lupin was knocked down on the floor after he tried to hold me back). "I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THIS JERK-OFF USING MY ANIMAGUS CUTENESS TO GET CHICKS!!" i yelled and raised by Beaters Bat trying to run at him. "Why do we hang out with her again?" Peter asked "funny i have the same thinking about you Pettigrew!" i said finally given up once James had picked me up by the ankles and was hanging me a couple incehs off the ground. "Dam my shortness" i murmured (still being hanged) "how many times has she knocked you out this month?" James asked once Remus had woken up "ive lost count" he answered as he sat down at teh end of his own bed. "And if you notice every single time iver been trying to get at Sirius or James" i said and sat down in the middle of hjis bed. "Maybe you should just let me" i said taking a bite out of my piece of Bacon "were do you hide your dang food?" Sirius asked annoyed. "I hide it in my bra" i answered flatly and his eyes widened "seriously? Still with the wide eyes? We both know that i have absolutely no tits" i said "so therefore no bra and i will never tell you were i hide them!" i growled. "Well then youll atleast give us some" James, Remus and SIrius said at teh same time and i got tackled by 3 guys at the same time as they patted me down trying to find my secret stash suddenly Remus disentangled himself from teh small fight and then went to teh ehad of his bed and opened a small door type thing in the wall that didnt seem to be there earleir. "Ahah!" he said then "eureka!" and he took out a box full of bacon, Chocolate, Lollipops, and other such goodies. "Jerk" i said and crossed my arms over mmy chest pouting though i was actually trying to think of other places to hide my Junk Food now (maybe in that hole in James' Nightstand Drawer?). "Come on Grumpy its time for Dinner" James said then slung me over his back and i started to ride Piggy Back on him to the Great Hall. "Yeah!" i said then i dug my ankle into his side "Onwards brave steed!" i said and kept digging my ankle into him until oh dear Lily passed by then he let go of my legs so i fell backwards onto my butt on the floor. "Ouch" i muttered while Sirius and Peter laughed but since me and Remus had been best friends since we were like 9 he had the courtesy to first help me up then start to laugh his as off. "Arse" i muttered as i rubbed my own while James jsut stared after Lily "you share a dorm with her Fangs, couldnt you tell me anything to help me out with her?" he asked me "honestly? Do you not spend every night in your Dorm?" me and the others said at teh same time. "Touche whens the alst time you even slept in your own dorm instead of mine Padfoot or Moony's bed?" he asked and i shrugged then we kept walking to the Great Hall.
"Hey Cheeta" Lockhart called down the hall "Hey Jerk Off" i called back "I heard youve been sleeping with the Marauders!" He said "I am a Marauder, bich!" i said and he looked confused for a moment then he started to think up something else. "Pig" i muttered, Lockhart had been chasing after me since last year but unlike many girls i didnt give him the time of day so he started to make fun of me at times to try and get his chances up or something. "Wanna sit with me at lunch?" he called forwards i started walking backwards facing him "Im a Gryffindor and your a meaning less Huffle Puff so go chase after your own tale and leave me alone" i said while moving my head to the side my hands turned up near my shoulders (it was sassy in my head okay!).
James and Sirius thumped me on the back apreciativly when i turned back and the 4 of them hooted at my sassy remark towards a now dumb founded looking Lockhart. Once we got into the Great Hall we sat down near the end of the table and Sirius and James' fans swarmed around us until McGonagoll did her duties and told them to sit down were theyd originally been so they left us alone.
"So what are you doing for the summer?" Peter asked James and Sirius looking up at them in awe "what we always do" they answered at teh same time "cause meyhem upon London, possibly scare the queen into moving, and obviously hang out with our fellow Marauders" i mimicked them as they spoke. "You say the same every summer last time i checked all you is invite me and Remus over to James' then the 4 of us sit around watching moives with the AC cranked up all that it will go and somehow Peter gets stuck with out Homework even though we rarely ever hang out with him" this time Sirius mimicked me while i talked. I glared.

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