What i think about tankionline.com

What i think about tankionline.com

Wrote this cause was bored!

Chapter 1


by: dimoha2
Tanki is so cool. The players are so not cool. When i go to the garage. The tanks and weapons are so cool. But some of them are so slow. I like Hornet cause its so fast and cool.Cause my username: is becool.Now its 4million people are registered that is WOW so cool. And now you know why i call myself becool. Railgun is so cool.Because it can shoot long distance. And its fun to shoot with it. Ricochet is cool. It can shoot off the wall. That is so cool. I hate Titan cause its so slow. And so noobish and so not cool. Smoky is so fun to shoot with. But not so strong noobish but still cool. And you like never get bored from playing tanki! Cause tanki is so cool and fun. If some people say that tanki are boring they don,t know what are they talking about. Because there bunch of noobs! Wasp is so fun cause its so small. Its really good when you hide with it. But its noobish.Its still cool. Shaft it turns so slow. Its cool for sniping. But it sucks in close range. Because when other tank is close to you it can destroy you easy. Because before you turn your shaft around at them and it loads they can kill you already! But its still kind of cool.Can,t wait until 2.0 comes out. Can,t wait to try out weapons and tanks diffrently designed. But i think 2.0 will be cool.


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