Cute Ginger Squirrel (Ron Weasley Love Story)

Cute Ginger Squirrel (Ron Weasley Love Story)

Hello Ron Weasley Fans!! I have decided to make one for Ron. 1) he is just so damn cute!!!! 2) He deserves his own story. So here is your character.

House: Gryffindor
Personality: Sweet as a cup of cinnamon in the morning.
Talents: Can tell when people are lying, animagus (white tiger), can send thoughts into other people's heads, metamorphagus.
Appearance: What you look like (aka GORGEOUS!!)

Quibblo does not own this. I do

Chapter 1

The Weasley's and Me

The rain was pouring hard outside. My window was covered with streaks of water. "Becca! RUN!!!" I heard my mothers voice scream. "AVADA KEDAVRA!!" a familiar but distant voice cried. THUD! I grabbed my wand, my owl Lixy and my iPhone. I heard eerie footsteps creeping up the stairs. I hid under my bed and disapparated to the only place I could. The Weasleys House. I ran in the door. "Help. Mother. Dead. Voldemort. Killed. Her. After. Me. Help!!!!!"

"AGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" I woke up screaming. I had tears streaming down my face. Someone charged in the room. "Becca! Are you alright?" I heard Ron's voice. I turned around to see Ron in pj pants, bed-head hair and his wand in his hand. "You had the dream again didn't you?" I nodded my head. He came over, sat on my bed and hugged me. I started sobbing into his chest. My mother had died three years ago, and the night that changed my life kept replaying in my head. Instead of being Becca Corvec, like I should be, im now Becca Chambers, to protect me from You-Know-Who. The night he killed my parents was the night I got my scar. Nothing fabulous like Harry Potter's scar, just a crescent moon shape on my shoulder, where Volde- hit me with the Cruciatus curse as I disapperated. I cried into his chest for I don't know how long, and hour, it seemed. Mrs. Weasley came in and saw me crying. Ron gave her a nod and she left without a word. "Becca, shhh. It's ok. No one will ever hurt you. Us Weasleys know how to put up a fight for the closest family friend we have." I look up and saw Ron's face. He was crying with me. I kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you Ron. You have no idea how much that means to me.". He turned a bright red and I giggled. I knew Ron had a crush on me ever since I met him. Just as we were about to have a moment, Fred and George walked in. "Does Ickle Ronnie-kinz have a girlfriend?" Fred asked mockingly. I stood up, took out my wand and said "Dumbass Jinx" They looked at me funny, and said together. "That jinx doesn't exist!" "I know. I just wanted to see the looks on your faces. What dumbasses!" I laughed. Ron laughed too! The twins grumbled and said "We'll get you back for that." as they left the room. I high-fived Ron. Then I remembered why he was there in the first place. I began sobbing again. The thought that I would never see my parents again made me wish He had killed me that night. Ron pulled me into a hug, and dint let go until I stopped crying. "I need to go pack a few more things. See you at breakfast Becca." Ron said. "Ok." I had been packed for weeks. Did I mention, the Corvec's are very rich, and I have access to the vault? So I give my money to the Weasleys to say thanks for everything. I got changed into a plain red Vneck and ripped jeans with black pumps and did my hair up into a curly ponytail. I ran downstairs. No one was down except for Mrs. Weasley and the twins. "Mornin!" I said, trying to be cheery. Apparently I failed. "We know you are sad, stop trying to hide it." George said, "Tell us, when is Ronnie-poo coming down?" he said in a girly voice. I hated when he did that. Yes, I admit, I had a minor.....major.......huge crush on Ron, but we weren't a thing. My first instinct was to go and slap him, bout I just took out my wand, held it to his throat and said "Pi$$ me off again and your head comes off. Understood?" he nodded quickly and I put him down. Today was not the day to tick me off. We were getting ready for Hogwarts, and I just had another nightmare. I ate in silence. Nobody dared talk to me, except for Ron. "Feeling better?" "Ya, thanks." I gave him a hug, sending warning signals through my mind. They seemed to unsderstand. Not a word came from either of their mouths. He lifted up my chin, and guess what? Yup! He kissed me. A few mocking gasps came from the table, and I sent them warnings saying shut the fvck up or I'm going to kill you. He pulled away and smiled. I smiled back. We finished eating and we departed for the train.

Platform 9 3/4

We boarded the train, Ron and I were hand in hand, and the twins were behind us making kissy noises. 'Back off, or you're next on my crucio list' I sent them. They backed off. Ron took me into a compartment where Harry and hermione where sitting. We did the usual. Harry and I teased each other. "OMG ARE YOU REALLY HARRY POTTER, THE BOY WHO LIVED?" "OMG ARE YOU REALLY BECCA CHAMBERS,THE GIRL WHO ESCAPED." we laughed. We do this every year. Hermione and I talked about our studies and how many books we read over the summer. Again, I won the bet. She read 40 books while I read 106. "You owe me a new free-reading book." I joked. Then I talked about Qudditch with Ron. I seemed to get along with everyone great! Then Malfoy came in. "Ah! Back for another year at Hogwarts?" "Oops! I thought this was the train to Pigfarts(AVPM reference)!" I joked and we all laughed. "Ah, Miss Chambers. I have missed your strange humor. Oh wait, what do we have here? Does Weasley-be have a girlfriend?" "Why yes he does. And for your information" I said, while I had him dangling in the air by his throat,"Diss me or my friends again, and you are definitely next on the Crucio list." I said as I dropped him. He ran away screaming like a little girl. "Nice, Becca!" Harry said. I high-fived all three of them when the train came to a stop.

Sorry about the short chapter. I'll make it longer next time!!! Leave comments, suggestions and constructive criticism.

Question of the day: I need some characters. Who ever can guess three of my four fav colors gets to make one!

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